Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 210, The world of Osiris


Translator: adomman

Editor: Snorri


Amon gently raised a hand, pointed toward the void, and said: “Do you remember the appearance of Sir Nietzsche?”


A cloud of light and shadow appeared in the void, and the figure of Nietzsche appeared in the light and shadow. Crazy’Ole of Duc had disheveled hair and his messy beard covered with furnace ash, but his wrinkled eyes were clear and sharp, his lonely arrogance partly teasing, partly mocking, and partly cynical.


When Seagull saw the figure of Crazy’Ole, he immediately prostrated on the ground and kissed the sand on the shore. The robe he wore was very strange, as it did not get wet at all in the waves. As Seagull prostrated, he asked, “You must be the man I’m waiting for, how is Sir Nietzsche?”


Amon wanted to stop him from prostrating, but in the end, he didn’t move. He just nodded and said: “Yes, I am the person you are waiting for. I am Nietzsche’s student, and following his last wish, I am exploring the power of the origin. Finally, we meet!”


As he spoke, he imprinted a message into Seagull’s soul, confiding in Crazy’Ole’s last encounter. Seagull froze, kneeling on the shore to straighten up his body, but after a long time had passed, he suddenly opened his mouth and bawled loudly like a child!


Although Seagull had a shy appearance, the sound of his cries resembled a thunderstorm, the sea was sent into turmoil as strong winds blew, and countless water droplets were created as waves crashed onto the rocks, before they were transformed into sharp arrows in the wind as they scattered. If Amon did not have the ability to protect himself, he might even be injured accidentally.


Hearing the sad news of Crazy’Ole, Seagull cried so sadly. Amon went over and wanted to console him, but as soon as his hand patted Seagull’s shoulder, his special sensing ability could feel the mourning in Seagull’s heart, involuntarily creating a strong resonance in his soul. Amon found it difficult to restrain and did not want to suppress it either, so he ended up embracing Seagull and crying together.


Amon was not without tears, but after the test of endless arising and ceasing cycle, he was no longer so emotional. Witnessing the departure of Maria, he had howled like his heart was torn apart and left the Garden of Eden while spurting blood from his mouth. However, he still did not shed a tear. Like the thunder suppressed in the heart containing a rainstorm that has not yet fallen, this suppressed feelings of sadness ended up being released completely by Seagull.


Amon was not only crying for Crazy’Ole, not only crying for his father and the fallen Ducians but also mourning the loss of Maria. Not far away, Gabriel did not stop him, and as she stood in the fierce storm, her eyes also became wet. After a long time had passed, Seagull who had stopped grieving first patted Amon’s shoulder and said: “Don’t be too sad!”


After the wind and waves had calmed down, it was already sunset. Amon helped Seagull to stand up and he said: “Thank you, I did not expect to be able to cry out in pain! When people called me God Amon, I thought I would never shed tears again! Tears of the gods, Gods’ Tear, no wonder the gods have tears too! …By the way, you’ve lived on this island for so many years, haven’t you ever seen anyone other than Sir Nietzsche?”


Seagull dried his tears and replied: “Yes, just before Sir Nietzsche came, two ships docked and a group of people with weapons drove a group of people to the island. Then Sir Nietzsche came down from the sky, and with a wave of his cane, he killed all those people with weapons and then sent the people on the island back to the ship. The ship sailed away, but Sir Nietzsche stayed behind. I later learned that those with weapons were pirates, and they had robbed someone else’s ship. To think that there were such terrible people in the world, which I saw with my own eyes, so when he later cautioned me about the world outside, I was really scared.”


Amon had intended to leave the island on this day to return to Ejypt, but since he accidentally learned of Nietzsche’s story with Seagull, he did not leave that day. Instead, he had a long talk with Seagull. The next day at sunrise, Gabriel set off with Seagull, where they were to return to the Plains of Duc. Seagull had accepted Amon’s guidance, and so, the Garden of Eden had a new divine emissary.


Gabriel and Seagull flew away in the light of the sunrise, and they turned back to wave goodbye to Amon on the clouds. At that time, Gabriel was not aware that this was their last meeting before Amon became a true god.




Amon crossed the sea again, landing quietly between Rosetta and Buto city, and traveled southward west of the delta of the Nile River towards the city of Memphis. Upon his return to Ejypt, he heard about the latest decree issued by Pharaoh Merneptah, which gave him the official title of “Satan”.


Pharaoh already knew his identity, but he made the announcement in such a way that no one knew that Satan was Amon. Interestingly, in order to explain why Satan committed that series of crimes, the decree of the Ejyptian Empire also claimed that the demon that Maria had heavily wounded was Satan. No one could say whether it was to let Amon take the blame for Seth or to claim that Seth was the demon.


Horus had told Amon that An-Ra had sent down an oracle, the gods of the Ennead would no longer interfere in the matter, and that the Ejyptian Empire had ended the state of emergency in the cities. But this did not mean that the discovery of Satan would be ignored. If there was a chance to catch him they would still do it, so Amon was still very cautious.


During Amon’s raid on the main shrines of the cities of Ejypt, there was one thing that had deeply shocked Gabriel, and that was Amon’s use of the stealth magic art, which was simply unbelievable. Gabriel had never seen any mage that could use magical power like that, and even the other divine emissaries in the world probably could not think of it either.


On the way from one city to another, Amon only ran on foot and did not fly, climbing over the mountains and water, but always used stealth magic to hide his tracks, and also summoned the power of the elements to hide the tracks of Gabriel who was accompanying him. Whether Gabriel was also using stealth magic or not, whether the path was hidden or not, whether there were people around or not, whether there may be experts flying through the sky or not.


This was not something that only required a little bit of magical power, but continuous use of magical power throughout the day and night. It seemed simple, but to do it to the extent that Amon did was nothing short of astonishing. Gabriel, however, did not know that Amon had passed through the test of endless arising and ceasing cycle by walking across the Syah desert, a method that was almost never tried before.


Amon quietly arrived at the territory of Memphis and found that the great magical formation enveloping the city walls had returned to its usual state. However, he did not enter the city but instead took a detour around the city to the Nile River. Continuing to hide his form in the dead of night while walking on water to the middle of the river, he slowly marched downstream.


The Underworld of the Ennead was located at the mouth of the Nile River, a spatial structure that is beyond human comprehension. However, its portal was far away from Memphis, and could only be entered by going along with the waves of the Nile River. After walking dozens of kilometers on the waves, Amon had entered the delta, where the river widened and many fan-shaped tributaries spread out, between which were patches of mudflats that were seasonally flooded.


Amon waved the rib of Osiris in a tributary that did not look very wide, but with steep shoals on both sides and extremely deep water. The rib transformed into a crescent-shaped spatial boat, and Amon boarded the boat, seemingly guided by an invisible force, following the current in the darkness toward a strange space.


The long and slender spatial boat floated with the waves, before suddenly stopping completely in the center of the river. The boat did not move, but the river was still flowing. At this time Amon raised his hand in the boat and knocked forward into the air. The boat slowly started moving again, and beginning from the bow, it began to disappear bit by bit, as if it was sailing into an invisible world.


The scene seen on earth was like so, but for Amon, it was very different. He suddenly entered another world, and while there was still a river under his feet, the river was now flowing backward. It felt very strange, and he was momentarily surprised before he got used to it.


It was not that the river was flowing backward, but the boat staying still, while the banks and the river beneath his feet felt like a silent picture, slowly moving towards him, like the irresistible journey from life to death. This was a three-dimensional picture, coming towards him before going backward after passing him. In this world, no matter how one turned, one could not turn back, and wherever one looked towards, the scene would shift together so that one always saw the same scene.


When Amon entered Kur, the Underworld of Anunnaki, he only had the fifth level power of two sides, so he was unable to see this. Now that he had the ninth-level power of the origin, he could clearly sense the magical spatial structure of Duat, the Underworld of Ennead, and it was different from Kur.


The still boat gradually traveled further and further in the silent picture, and eventually, the river split into two, one towards the left and one towards the right, while directly in the middle was a piece of land. The boat shook gently, and the silent image seemed to come alive again, becoming a spatial world, and the senses returned to “normal”. Amon turned the boat back into a bone, held it in his hand, and stepped onto the land.


“Who are you? How dare you trespass through the portal of the Underworld?” A majestic voice suddenly came, and three huge golden dogs appeared in front of Amon. On closer inspection, it was not three dogs but a single dog with three heads, and it was as tall as a lofty palace, while all the hair on the body shone like gold.


Amon stood in front of this dog, looking so small. A terrifying breath emitted from the dog’s huge mouths, and it seemed as though it could bite Amon into pieces just by lowering his head. However, Amon looked up fearlessly and replied: “Typhon, my name is Amon, and I am here to see the god of the underworld.”


This three-headed golden dog was the gatekeeper of the Underworld, Typhon, and what Amon saw was not himself, but the incarnation from his statue standing here. Typhon glared at Amon and said: “Come back when you are dead!”


After saying these words, Typhon wagged his tail to close the portal, but the three heads suddenly froze. It was because Amon had already raised the rib in his hand, a power of shifting space locking it in place as he commanded: “Look carefully, this is the rib of Osiris, and I wish to return it to Osiris himself!”


Typhon was startled, and his body started rapidly shrinking, eventually turning into a large dog as tall as Amon’s shoulder. Although it was still huge and terrifying, it was no longer as intimidating. The rib of Osiris was also a staff, and Amon had already cast magic to prevent Typhon from closing the portal of the Underworld. If Typhon refused to let him through, he was ready to go through by force.


Typhon saw clearly what Amon was holding and roared in dismay: “Isn’t this the Boat of the Underworld left by the God of the Underworld, how did it get into your hands?”


Amon replied: “Goddess Isis is no longer around, I got this rib from Bastet, and now I’ve come to return it to Osiris.”


When Typhon heard Bastet’s name, his tone became noticeably softer: “Bastet! Do you know her? She’s back, where is she now?”


Amon sighed. “She is gone too.” At the same time, a message was imprinted into Typhon’s mind, explaining what had happened to Schrodinger.


Typhon froze, the concept of time in the underworld seemed to stand still, it could be a moment or a long time. Typhon finally let out a long sigh and said: “How could this happen? Why didn’t she come back? Why did Osiris do this to her?”


Amon shook his head. “I’m not sure about that, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask Osiris face to face.”


Typhon: “Even if you do not have the Boat of the Underworld, I would still let you go over for the sake of Bastet, but as for whether the Lord of the Underworld will see you, it is another matter. …You should continue to take the Boat of the Underworld, it will take you directly to the Lord of the Underworld, otherwise, it is easy to lose your way in the Underworld.”


Typhon slowly disappeared after he finished speaking, like a golden light fading away, and the surrounding scenery became a silent three-dimensional picture again. Amon threw the rib into mid-air and it transformed into a large boat once again. Then he jumped onto the boat, which resembled a separate space opened up in the Underworld, and the picture began to move again.


Amon stood on the boat, suspended in mid-air and drifted forward, and suddenly passed through an invisible portal into darkness. Perhaps it was not darkness, just a void without light, and from far away he saw a point of light in the void gradually expanding, gradually approaching, like the rising sun from afar.


There were no flames in the “sun”, but an active scene of a cat fighting a snake. In the mythology of the ancient Egyptians, the cat represents light and the snake represents darkness. The invisible boat sailed directly into the “sun”, just like entering the light from the darkness. Amon then realized that the dead souls had entered the Underworld through this road to see the God of the Underworld. The scene in front of him should be the history of the Ennead divine clan, presented in a way that people could understand.


The appearance of the “sun” in the darkness symbolizes the creation of An-Ra and the creation of the world, and the establishment of the Ennead. An-Ra’s divine kingdom was created in Nel, and he guided the gods to enter this divine kingdom.


The ship entered the “sun”, where there was another world, and at this moment, a message was imprinted into Amon’s mind: “The horizon, which could only ever be seen, finally came underfoot.”


Next, he entered another invisible portal. The horizon is only a concept, people can see the landscape on the horizon, and when they really walk there, the horizon is still farther away and can never be reached. The moral of the phrase is that the journey of the mortal has come to an end, and in Ejyptian mythology, the soul will awaken when it passes through this portal and will await the judgment of the God of the Underworld.


Further ahead, a lotus flower appeared on the horizon of the wilderness. When the boat crossed over the lotus flower, the horizon disappeared, and there was soft light everywhere, with no sky or earth in sight. The wind from the lotus blows in the air and turns into dew and water. The lotus symbolizes An-Ra, and the wind and water symbolize the two gods “Shu” and “Fu” whom An-Ra first guided.


The wind blew the water and turned it into a haze, then heaven and earth were separated, and the next two gods in the Ennead were Geb, the god of the earth, and Nut, the god of the sky, which was also a mythological symbol. Then the stars appeared in the sky, and various living beings and earthly cities appeared on the earth, that is, the place where each of the dead lived before they were born.


Amon thus passed through a portal, and the horizon appeared again in the distance. Sun was rising on the horizon, and the Boat of the Underworld sailed through the sun, and another message was imprinted in Amon’s mind: “Leave the shining light of Horus to enter the Underworld, and offer your eyes and heart.”


This paragraph sounded quite frightening, but its meaning naturally made sense, as the so-called eyes and heart, referred to all that is seen and felt in a lifetime. This had been the last portal of the underworld, and although Horus was no longer the king, Osiris did not change the structure of the Underworld. This place symbolized the arrival from the earth ruled by Horus to the Underworld ruled by Osiris.


The sunlight in front went out, and Amon entered a space where only the consciousness of the soul existed. If the one who entered the Underworld was the deceased’s spirit, all the experiences from birth to death would be clearly recalled at this time. Ksitigarbha had once shown Amon the Underworld that he had opened up, and this was the beginning of the middle yin realm of light.


Amon had already passed the test of endless arising and ceasing cycle and was standing in the space of the Boat of the Underworld, so naturally, he did not have to experience all this again. As he walked forward, he closed his eyes and saw in his soul a “person” walking towards him, none other than himself, Amon. With a turn of his thoughts, Amon cast the magic of manifestation, transforming the imagery in his soul into a concrete spatial image, and surprisingly, he saw a huge scale again.


He stood at one end of the scale, and indescribable feelings rose up from his heart. Across from him stood not only another Amon, but the experience of his life was divided into two parts, one for himself and the other for the world outside his body. Everything he did in this life was reflected as is, without a need to distinguish between good and evil, and all he needed to do was to bear it by himself!


This was not a battle, but facing an almost irresistible opponent. It turned out that in the deepest part of the Underworld, Osiris used a divine artifact to create a space, much like a scale, and it is the so-called judgment of the God of the Underworld. This was very similar to the “judgment of fate”, but it was not a substantive power, just a reflection of feelings, forcing people to face the real truth of their lives.


Some people do some things in fear that the world will not know, and they do other things in fear that the world will know, and they pray to the gods in the same way. But in the world of Osiris, the God of the Underworld, this mentality becomes so laughable.



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