Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 212, I will guard your peace


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Such an attack was the most frightening because Amon was still fighting against that black lightning. Once the soul is disturbed and unable to react properly, it cannot exert its maximum power and one could even lose control of the body. Fortunately, this attack was not too strong for Amon, and there were countless others whose sincere faith dissolved the resentment in the gray vortex. Amon was also able to keep his soul absolutely awake and always in a powerful fighting state.


The kind of power that can dissolve the spiritual attack in the gray vortex, part of it comes from one’s divine realm, which is the same power that could repair the soul, and it is formed by the devout and focused desires of the believers. And another part of this positive power surprisingly came from the Ejyptian Empire and all over the continent, which is the reverence and gratitude of countless people to Amon.


Experiencing this test firsthand, Amon was able to appreciate how tenacious Enkidu’s will was back then. It was not that Enkidu was not strong enough, but the test he faced was too fierce. The test Amon went through was not nearly as terrible as the situation Enkidu faced, but it was also the toughest battle he had ever faced.


When Amon realized that a clear and serene soul was his last protection, he simply stopped wielding his battle axe and kept the Edge of Order into his body and mind, while taking out a Gods’ Tear in his hand and raising it to the sky.


He did not want to destroy the Gods’ Tear left behind by Maria here and used another one that had been refined by the past generations of Adoratrices over the ages. In the gray vortex, black lightning entwined, Amon raised a golden parangon. A faint golden glow enveloped his figure, and lightning continued to fall through the golden glow on his body.


Amon concentrated all of his strength to perform only one magic, not the blessing of Isis that he was the most familiar with, but the magic secretly passed down the generations of Adoratrices, which he had learned by secretly reading the records in the archives – the protection of Isis. Actually, it didn’t matter what it was called, but using this parangon to perform this magic, which has the most miraculous effect of repairing wounds and soothing the soul, it was as if the past generations of Adoratrices were the ones chanting the spell.


Under the silent lightning strikes, Amon could even hear the ethereal chanting sound. The scorpion-shell armor on his body had completely shattered, and his skin emitted flashes of red, white, silver, and gray, and even instantly became translucent, with the outline of flesh and bone vaguely visible. That constant damage in the golden light quickly soothed and healed, and right now, it was only a competition of whether the spell was stronger or the lightning damaged him faster!


After an unknown amount of time, the golden light gradually dimmed, and the Gods’ Tear turned into golden droplets before being absorbed into the body of Amon, and then Amon’s form also turned into hazy golden light. The gray vortex slowly disappeared, rotating and closing to the infinite depths, but with a powerful attraction, that golden light was also slowly sucked into the vortex.


The riverbank was back to clear skies as if nothing had happened, but Amon had disappeared!


The place where Amon went through the test was in the Underworld, and Osiris only moved him out of the divine space, but he could still sense what had happened. Osiris sat in the Underworld and muttered in his soul: “He actually succeeded, there is another god on the continent who truly transcends eternal life! No matter which divine clan he joins, in time, he will be as powerful as Marduc, or even more powerful than Marduc.


But he has not yet joined any divine clan, so even though he was badly wounded in the test, he can not go to any divine realm to heal. Nothing will change while he is still in Nel, and if he goes back to the mortal world he will still be a badly wounded god. If Seth wants to destroy him, or if there are other gods who do not want to see his appearance, this would be the best opportunity to strike.


Who will come? Poor Amon, you don’t know yet that the really difficult test to pass is when you become a god and return to the mortal world. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but this test came too soon!”




Where was Amon? He has left this world and cannot even tell whether he has passed the test of the judgment of fate, nor does he know whether he is dead or alive. His body has completely disappeared, and his soul is not a consciousness attached to the body as it was before, but an abstract and independent existence.


There is no time and space, no light and darkness, no life and death, no color, smell, taste, sound, touch, and other perceptions, just a purely mind-only state, absolute clarity, and absolute chaos, in this immortal and boundless eternity that is Nel. Words were insufficient to describe this state. What most suitable here was something he once had heard from Amitabha – “The past is gone, the future is yet to come, the present is non-lasting. Eternity is not about arising or ceasing.”


Is this the transcendence in the eternal life that the various divine clans are talking about? Amon was now just a wisp of isolated thoughts, and the world no longer exists for him as a person. A little spark suddenly appeared in the boundless silence, and where it shone cleaved a metaphysical existence, so there was time and space.


A young girl appeared in his senses, and it was because of her appearance that Amon had the relative concept of up and down and left and right. Was she Maria? Amon was in a trance and thought she was, but when the sense became clear, he realized she was not. He had never seen this girl, but there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity as if there was an imprint in his soul that had been summoned.


She had a wonderful figure, brown curly hair down to the waist, and she wore a silver robe with short sleeves, exposing her arms and her fair and smooth skin. Her robe shone with a faint silver light like moonlight, her left shoulder was draped with a green shawl, and her bare right arm wore a silver glittering wrist guard.


She wore a ring on the middle finger of her left hand, with an encrusted gem that looked like a ruby, with a blood-red luster. On her brow, there was a mark of a curved crescent moon, and her eyes were deep and full of spirit, her eyelashes were long and dense, while her small lips were as delicate as rose petals and carried a seductive curve. Her slender waist and long legs were so beautiful, but they could not hide a slightly wild aura.


The young lady spoke: “My name is Artemis, and in my training to re-enter the human world I have seen you. Back then, I even asked you sadly if we would ever see each other again. Only after returning to my divine realm did I realize that this was so! Amon, congratulations on becoming a true god, you have the imprint I left in your soul, so I can find you here. If you haven’t forgotten me, you should be able to recognize me.”


Amon wanted to speak but could not move his lips. He wanted to take a step but could not walk over, for he was only a wisp of thoughts, certainly without a mouth or legs. At that moment Artemis spoke again, imprinting a message directly into Amon’s soul –


“The divinity and the form of a god are as one, unlike the existence of mortals. In fact, every god who has transcended eternity has created a deitifact, which is himself. It is thus possible to create a body in Nel, which is also himself. I think therefore I am. The natural manifestation of your existence will be the body and mind.”


Fortunately, Artemis used some means to temporarily open up this piece of space-time to find and wake up Amon, otherwise, he would have remained a wisp of thoughts in this eternal silence. He would probably need to return to the human world before he could regain his form.


Receiving this message in his soul, Amon’s mind pondered and he understood it thoroughly. In no time, he appeared in front of Artemis, and with a surprised voice cried out: “Schrodinger!”


He recognized her and couldn’t help but open his arms to embrace Artemis as he had once embraced Schrodinger, but only to hold a soft ray of moonlight with a warm and familiar feeling. When he released his arms, there was still a beautiful goddess in front of him, blushing slightly and standing there with her eyes downcast. She accepted his embrace but turned into a ray of moonlight.


For some reason, the atmosphere became a little awkward, and the two gods did not speak for a while. Finally, it was Amon who spoke first: “Schrodinger was once you, but you are not Schrodinger, can you tell me what this is all about? I just came from the Underworld of Osiris, I thought I already knew the new life you had chosen, so I might be able to recognize you when we reunite in the vast world of people, but I never expected a reunion in Nel. You had faced the test of becoming a god and failed, and after you gave up and left you became a goddess.”


“I was originally the goddess Artemis, and before I became Schrodinger, I was already a goddess who transcended eternal life. I returned to earth in a wish to experience it in a different way, and it was a way to transcend myself once again. With a new life, I was to verify things that can only be verified in the mundane world. I did not know any of these until I fulfilled my wish within the mundane world.


Unless Schrodinger became a goddess or reached the end of life, she could not recover the identity of Goddess Artemis. I am Schrodinger, but not exactly Schrodinger. You can call me by that name, as it is only used by you. No one else will call me that.” — Artemis bowed her head and replied in an indirect way.


Amon blinked and said: “Then I’ll call you Schrodinger because Schrodinger is how I’ll see you and recognize you.”


Artemis raised her head and suddenly laughed as she said: “After all, you just became a god, why do you still look so wretched?”


When Amon looked down, he realized that although he had revealed his form, his appearance was still the same from that last moment on earth. The clothes were long gone, and the skin all over his body was blue, purple, red, and black, and in some places carried deep scars, even revealing miserable white flesh and bone. This was the appearance of him when he disappeared in the world, looking wretched and miserable, and very indecent.


When he realized it, Amon instantly changed his appearance on the spot. Even though the appearance remained the same, he now looked very neat. Amon was originally a lowly miner, although later had a noble and incomparable identity, he did not have any preference for luxuries. His divine manifestation and state of mind were the same, wearing a linen robe, plain and unpatterned, This was the kind of clothing which Duc miners most often wore, the most sturdy and durable clothing, and the one on his body was very clean, without a speck of dust.


This was also a habit of Amon since his childhood. Back then, when Aristotle wanted to find a servant for Maria, Amon was the only child in town with no ash in his hair and no mud under the fingernails. After becoming a god, his image remained as such. But now, God Amon was no longer a child. He was young and handsome, with dark brown, slightly curly hair, a deep and firm gaze, and looking ahead inquisitively with a slight smile.


Artemis witnessed the manifestation of God Amon and nodded somewhat playfully: “You were badly traumatized during the test, but managed to refine the divine form. The wounds of the gods are invisible, and if you return to earth now, you will be far less powerful than usual, and there is no better time to try to destroy you. I’m afraid that Enlil, Seth, and even Marduc are waiting for this moment, and even Mourrin can’t stop it.”


If Amon did not pass the final test, nothing more needed to be said, but even if he passed the test and became a god, he could not recover from the wounds he suffered in Nel. The three kings of Ennead and Anunnaki might even be waiting for him, and Amon really could not return to earth at this time.


Only then did he realize that his body was not the original one, and the “fake” Tiamat’s Wrath that he had been carrying with him had been left on the river bank and could not be taken out of the mortal world. He looked up and asked: “If you can find me, you must be able to tell me what to do.”


Artemis looked at him with interest and smiled again: “I should not dwell on Schrodinger’s experience, but I cannot give up Schrodinger’s experience either, that training has been integrated into my achievements. The person who I should repay the most is you, and now is my repayment. I have temporarily opened up this space-time, you can recuperate and recover here until you are sure that you can return to earth in peace, I will guard your peace.”


Amon looked at this lonely space-time surrounded by Nel and suddenly understood and said: “You already possess the achievement of the Maker?”


Artemis, with a smile in the corner of her eyes, nodded and said: “Yes, after returning to my divine realm, I have finally verified the achievement of the Maker. This is not something that can be said in a sentence or two, so sit down and let me tell you slowly.”


There was no chair here, and it did not matter standing or sitting. Artemis asked Amon to sit down, which was nothing but a gesture of relaxed communication, and then they communicated directly in their souls, just like Amon once read Schrodinger’s spiritual imprint, and he learned many unheard-of things –


The Anunnaki and Ennead were the oldest divine clans on the continent, and Anu and Ra were the two oldest Creators, but that did not mean that there weren’t other gods in the world. On the other side of the sea to the north of Ejypt and far away from each other across the strait to the west of the Hittite kingdom, there was a kingdom called the States of Hellas, consisting of various cities distributed along the coastline, and the gods they believed in were the gods of Olympus, and that divine clan was also called the Olympus divine clan.


The Olympus divine clan appeared later than the Ennead divine clan, and when Osiris established the Ejyptian Empire, the States of Hellas was still in a barbaric state, but it was now in a prosperous state, and Aristotle, a distant sage whom Amon knew, came from there.


The sages of Hellas liked to travel around and learn, especially to countries with long-established civilizations such as Ejypt and Bablon, learning all kinds of knowledge. Because the States of Hellas appeared very late, the relationship between the various cities was relatively loose. It was also located in a remote area far from the center of the continent and was separated by the ocean, so the countries of the continent did not know much about it, and people did not pay much attention to the situation there.


Artemis was one of the Olympus gods, and her guide was called Zeus, who is both the king of the Olympus divine clan and the Creator of that divine clan currently.


When this information was mentioned in the soul exchange, Amon interjected in disbelief: “Why do you use the words ‘the Creator of today’? Isn’t the Creator unique and irreplaceable? Is there a difference between the past and present versions?”


Artemis asked in return: “Before you became a god, did you already understand the accomplishments and differences between the ‘Creator’ and the ‘Creator’?”


Amon replied: “Yes, I met Horus. He tried to pull me in against Seth and told me all about the birth and composition of a divine clan, and also about the higher achievements of training after becoming a god.”


Artemis said with a contemptuous tone: “So it was that trash Horus! What qualifications does he have to talk to you about cooperation? Isis is no more, Osiris has trapped himself in the Underworld, and Horus is nothing after he lost his position as the king. But this is good, you have learned a lot about the situation so I can explain to you more clearly.”


The Olympus divine clan was initially no different from the Ennead or the Anunnaki divine clan, and the Creator was called Unos. Later, the Olympus divine clan also had a war of the gods, where the leader of the new generation of gods, Zeus, not only seized the king position, but also beat down Unos, and seized the position of the Creator.


The Creator is irreplaceable, and if the Creator falls, it means the collapse and disappearance of the divine realm, and also losing the very essence of the existence of a divine clan, but Zeus did it! He encompassed the soul insight of Unos and created up a new divine realm, called Olympus, based on the divine realm of Unos.


Artemis also introduced to Amon the battle between Zeus and Unos. For gods who already had the achievement of creation, the duel between them and the mortal way of fighting was very different –


One thing that Horus did not yet understand was that when a god in a divine clan possessed the achievements of a Creator and created a world of its own depending on the divine realm, it was equivalent to integrating its spiritual imprint and all insights into the soul of the Creator who created the divine realm.


Zeus did the same thing, but he created another world shared by the gods with higher achievements and greater power, and instead absorbed the spiritual imprint and insight of Unos. What Zeus did was equivalent to devouring the divine realm of Unos with the world he created, and he was not only a Creator but also directly replaced the former Creator.”


The divine realm of Olympus created by Zeus was different from the divine realm of Ra of the Ennead divine clan and the divine realm of Anu of the Anunnaki divine clan. After the divine emissaries who receive guidance become gods, they can build their own paradise and palace as long as they are willing to integrate their souls into the divine realm. And Zeus did not have to stay in the divine realm like Ra. As long as he has not fallen, no matter where he goes, even if he re-enters the human world, his divine realm would not disappear or become sealed.


What Isis had wished for but had not achieved, Zeus had succeeded in achieving!



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