Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 213, The Birth of A New God


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Editor: Snorri


What did Schrodinger mean regarding re-entering the mundane world? After becoming a god, one can enjoy eternal life and live in the eternal divine realm, there is no longer any need to train, and many gods do not even have to care about the matters on earth anymore. If they return to earth and get involved in a fight, even the eternal gods can also fall or get hurt by accident, which is something not worthy and meaningless. But there are also gods who seek higher realms, either because they have unfulfilled wishes before becoming gods, or because they are involved in certain events and have to face them, so they expect to have higher achievements.


The gods also have a high or low level of power, but the breakthrough of the realms cannot rely on practice and meditation alone like mortal practitioners. The means of training for gods are beyond the comprehension of mortals, and they have to face unbelievably great tests. The achievement of being a Maker allows one to create something out of nothing, to open up a world that belongs only to himself. This requires one’s soul to contain the perception and insight of all things, the need for long years of accumulation, to verify all things on earth, and it will not always be successful.


The Olympus divine clan started after the Anunnaki divine clan and the Ennead divine clan, and the relationship between the various cities in its divine realm is relatively distant, and the relationship between the gods in the divine realm is also relatively distant. Other than complying with the oath to maintain the divine clan, most of the time all the Olympus gods would go their own way. Just as the scholars of Hellas like to travel around the continent, so do the gods of Olympus like to study and learn from the insights of the gods of other divine clans and incorporate them into their own philosophies.


Artemis decided to be born as a new being in the Ejyptian Empire, to see, feel, and testify to everything on earth as an ordinary being.


Some may wonder why this goddess would choose to be reborn as a cat, but the gods’ choices are different from those of mortals; what she really needed was to imprint the different perspectives of all things. And the gods possess the amazing ability of change, something that is not the earthly magic of shape-shifting or the illusions of message magic, but a real kind of change. In order to obtain this change, one has to train by experiencing the mundane world. However many times one experiences life, however many means of change one would have, and the world created after becoming a Maker would also be richer.


Artemis re-entered the mundane world as a newborn cat. This was not the same as the falling of a deity, but a way to higher achievements for the true gods. The newborn cat is a real cat, it is not aware that it is Artemis the goddess, growing and experiencing the world in the way a cat does. If its short life ended, Artemis would naturally return to the divine realm of Olympus and obtain the imprint of this life’s soul again.


Artemis had undergone more than one such life experience training, but this one as a cat was very special. The cat activated its spiritual wisdom, and surprisingly accepted Osiris’ guidance to become a divine emissary in the Ennead divine clan. It may be that Osiris simply did not see the special identity of the cat, or maybe he did see it but still did it deliberately.


In the end, Artemis was trapped in the mundane world for hundreds of years, as she was not able to be released from the sealing of her soul as Schrodinger. Fortunately, Schrodinger finally met Amon, who helped her and guided her to make her final choice, so Schrodinger was finally freed and she left the mortal world, which was equivalent to Artemis returning to the divine realm.


Then it all became clear. Artemis had Schrodinger’s spiritual imprint and centuries of insight, but because Schrodinger did not achieve transcendent immortality, Artemis did not obtain the magic power that Schrodinger had grown over the centuries. However, she had one of the greatest gains – the achievement of becoming a Maker, a realm which many gods struggled for years and failed to achieve.


In the Olympus divine clan, when gods that comprehended the achievement of a Maker created a world, it would not be a closed world of their own, but rather it would integrate the knowledge of all things in their souls into the divine realm, and enrich the divine realm shared by all the gods in the divine clan. This divine realm created by Zeus would only continue to grow as more and more gods of Olympus achieved the realm of Maker. This was because when they joined Olympus, all of them had made a vow to integrate the worlds they create as Makers, which would then be shared by the divine clan.


Artemis did not rush to do this after achieving the realm of the Maker, but continued training and consolidated her power in the divine realm while keeping an eye on Amon’s situation. It was not easy for her to go to see Amon, as there was also an agreement between the Olympus divine clan, the Ennead divine clan, and the Anunnaki divine clan, and Zeus had received help from Isis and Enlil in his early years when he was fighting for the position of king. A god could not just enter the divine realm of other divine systems, let alone meddle easily in the affairs there.


But Artemis did not have to wait long for the opportunity to repay Amon, for Amon passed the final test and became one of the most notable gods on the continent. After leaving the mortal world, Amon did not go to any divine realm, and Artemis was able to find him and offer him help.


So Artemis created a space-time in the immortal eternity, which was not the Maker’s world, but a temporary space-time, supported by Artemis’ magical power, and when Artemis withdrew her magical power or left, this space-time would disappear, with the purpose of restoring Amon’s power and taking the opportunity to instruct him on some things after he became a god.


After this complicated spiritual communication, Amon finally heard the whole story of Schrodinger, and could not help but sigh at the complexity and difficulty of the path of divinity. For example, Schrodinger back then was in an amazing status. The cat, if still alive, was a sealed living being, but if it died, it would instead return to the divine realm to become the goddess Artemis. But if it had perished accidentally rather than having made its own choice, Artemis might not have been able to become a Maker.


Is Schrodinger the cat a living mortal or an unceasing deity, and should it choose life or death? No one can really tell. 



In terms of earthly years, Amon stayed in the space-time temporarily opened by Artemis for two years. During these two years, there was no Amon or God Amon in the world, and the wheel of history was still being pulled by the convergence of forces. There was nothing in that space-time except Amon and Artemis, but Amon preferred to call her Schrodinger, and only he would call her that.


Shortly after Amon had passed the judgment of fate, a god stepped out of the void and into the clouds above the mouth of the Nile River, and it was none other than Seth. He looked at the river bank where Amon had disappeared and waved his hand, and a broken scorpion-shell armor with a gray scroll in it flew up into the sky before being grasped by Seth in his hand.


Seth showed an indignant look, before suddenly and viciously throwing the scroll. The gray scroll unfolded in the air, a terrifying aura erupted, but there was no magical attack, and it then dissipated into nothing.


He cursed in his heart: “Indeed! It was you who gave the scroll of Tiamat’s Wrath to Maria and exchanged it for the half-finished product of the Shrine of Isis. Amon, it was you who made me a joke in the eyes of the gods! Since you have not joined any divine clan, I will wait for you, who is badly injured, to return to earth. I’m afraid you will never expect this ultimate fate!”


At that moment, Seth suddenly turned his head towards the sea in the north and said: “Enlil, why are you here too?”


On the distant clouds, the figure of another god appeared, and it was the shepherd outside the town of Arcade that Amon had seen. Enlil looked at Seth and said with a smirk: “Don’t look at me like that. As a mighty king, you were wounded by a priest in your divine realm and only managed to recover seventy to eighty percent of your power today. I thought you had already fallen, but you actually managed to survive. This place is the northern border of the Ennead divine realm, and I am not violating anything by standing outside the border.”


Seth asked again: “Why did you leave your own divine realm? I heard that you have recently pushed Marduc back, are you confident that you have already won the battle and have the leisure to come here to see the fun?”


Enlil laughed. “I don’t need you to worry about my affairs, I know you are waiting for Amon, I came here to help. If your power is not restored and you can’t clean him up, maybe I can step in.”


Seth snorted coldly: “I have the same achievement of Maker as you, why would I fear a god who has just passed the judgment of fate and has not yet recovered his power? I don’t need your help.”


Enlil still looked as if he was smiling, gently shaking his head as he said: “You can’t be sure of that, Amon has performed too many miracles. Even if he is not a match for you, there may be a way for him to escape. If he wants to escape, he will naturally flee in my direction, and I may be able to help stop it. If that happens, you will owe me a favor.”


Just then, the voice of another goddess came from the clouds in the east: “Great king, don’t forget our bet. If Amon didn’t challenge you, you can’t take the initiative to hurt him.” With these words, the figure of Mourrin also appeared.


Enlil turned around and looked at Mourrin and said, “My dear goddess, I knew you would come. Yes, you and I did have a bet, and as long as he did not take the initiative to challenge me, I would not harm him. If he was still a mortal, I would naturally abide by this bet, but the situation today is different. Amon has passed the judgment of fate and becomes a true god.”


Mourrin reminded again: “Gods have their own covenants as well, don’t forget that the Anunnaki divine clan has promised to receive Amon.”


Enlil nodded and said: “Of course I will not forget, so if Amon escapes from Seth, I intend to stop him and give him a choice. His shrine is built in my divine realm, and if he makes a vow to me to join the Anunnaki divine clan, I will save him. If he refuses, I will stop him and have Seth deal with him.”


Mourrin’s face changed, and she slowly pulled out her ivy scepter from the void. The scepter’s emerald green leaves shone with a sword-like harsh luster, and apparently, this goddess was extremely angry right now. She stared at Enlil and said: “If that’s the case, I can also attack, as it does not violate the oath I made to the divine clan.”


From afar, Seth suddenly laughed. “Enlil, what’s going on here? Did the gods forget how to respect you, the king, after Marduc broke up with you? Since you are willing to help me, then I am also willing to help you. If Mourrin dares to offend you, the king, I will not stand by and do nothing.”


With these words, Seth’s body floated forward and left the boundary of the Ennead, standing in the sky and forming a triangle with Mourrin and Enlil, and also turned to face Mourrin. Looking at his stance, if Mourrin dared to make a move on Enlil, he would also make a move to help Enlil.


Mourrin was definitely not a match for the two kings, even with the addition of Amon, who would be returning with severe injuries. She looked at these two gods who already had the achievement of Maker, and just stood there holding her scepter without saying a word, as if waiting for something, resulting in a strange stalemate in the clouds.


Ten days passed, and Amon did not return to earth. A month passed, but the clouds were still so quiet through the days and nights, and finally, half a year passed, but Amon still did not show up. Enlil’s expression gradually revealed a hint of anxiety, Seth’s expression gradually showed impatience, while Mourrin’s expression was vaguely filled with worry.


Half a year later, the Mourrin was the first to break the silence: “The two of you here, if you are willing to wait, then continue to wait here for Amon whom nobody knows when he will return. Since Amon has not returned for such a long time, he may make you wait for thousands of years. The great war in the Plains of Duc is at a critical juncture, so I will not accompany you.” After saying these words she put away her scepter and turned to leave the place.


Enlil looked at Seth and asked: “Is Amon sure to show up here?”


Seth mused: “You should also be aware, he has just become a god, and does not have any divine realm to receive him, so who knows how long he would take to regain his consciousness in Nel. Therefore, it is indeed possible for us to wait a long time. But because of this, when he returns to earth, he will still appear in this place just as he left it.”


Enlil narrowed his eyes and added: “You are recovering from your injuries very slowly, and compared to six months ago, not much power has been restored.”


Seth was a bit dissatisfied with Enlil’s prying, but he could not be angry, so he said hatefully: “In the end, this is all because of Amon. He destroyed my statues in the main shrines of the cities, and also shook my position in the belief of the people of Ejypt, causing me to lose a large portion of the source of power from the divine realm, and could only recuperate and heal like a mortal practitioner. With the wounds suffered by the gods, it is estimated that it will take another three to five years before I can fully recover my power.”


Enlil could not help but ask again: “Are you so sure that Amon must appear here when he returns to earth?”


Seth still said with hatred: “That is certain, you and I both understand that the first return of the gods to earth from Nel is the exact place where they left, which is known as the birth of a new god!”


Enlil glanced at the direction in which Mourrin disappeared, and suddenly said: “I’m not so sure about this, gods have their own divine means! It is very surprising to me that Mourrin had been the first to leave, but you can continue to stay here, I also have to go now.” After saying these words he stepped into the void and vanished.


But looking in his direction with the eyes of a god, Enlil had left a shadow on the clouds. This shadow was equivalent to Enlil leaving his perception there, continuing to observe the things happening at this location. If Amon returned and tried to escape from this direction, his shadow still had the power to block Amon’s magic, although it was nowhere as powerful as the god himself.


Just like that, Enlil left. Looking at the shadow he left behind, Seth could not help but also frown, and he continued to wait alone. The seasons changed, and yet another year or so passed, but Amon never returned to earth, leaving Seth alone in the clouds.




After two human years, Amon finally recovered. His magical power did not grow much, but his divine form had already become another kind of existence. As a god, he still carried certain habits of mortals, and as he opened his eyes, he took a long breath. In fact, in this lonely time and space, it did not matter if he opened or closed his eyes or breathed.


Artemis had created a space-time to guard Amon, but she did not teach him any divine training techniques. Instead, she gave him important instructions on how to adapt to the change in the way of existence. Seeing Amon move, she softly asked: “Have you fully recovered?”


Amon nodded and said: “Yes, thank you for spending so much effort like this for me!”


Artemis smiled: “Compared to what you once did for me, this is nothing. There is one question I can ask now, what do you think of the Olympus divine clan which I am a part of and the divine realm created by Zeus?”


Amon replied: “The kings of the Anunnaki and the Ennead are making a lot of noise, but they don’t know that the distant Olympus Gods have quietly come to the fore. It seems to me that the Olympus divine clan is inclusive and gives better guidance to the gods that join it, and the divine realm of Zeus is bound to become even more powerful in the future.”


Artemis blinked and said: “Since you say so, I have a suggestion. You can join the Olympus divine clan and let me act as your guide, in which case we can also…”


Before she finished her words, both of them suddenly changed their expressions at the same time. This lonely space-time was disturbed by some kind of power, and the source of this power was actually Amon! Amon sensed an irresistible call, pulling him out of Nel, directly breaking through the void to make him appear on earth.


After passing the judgment of fate, he returned to earth for the first time from Nel. He had become a completely different being, appearing as a god for the first time. This was the true birth of God Amon, no longer a half-truth and half-joke in the cavemen tribes years ago.


If he had not been guided by any divine clans into some divine realm, the first time he returned to earth from Nel, he would have appeared in the place where he disappeared, where Seth was waiting. But surprisingly, Amon did not appear there. The birth of God Amon had descended directly on the Plains of Duc, and he appeared over the battlefield where armies of thousands were facing each other.



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