Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 217, Enlil, don’t run!


Translator: adomman

Editor: Snorri


Amon had just stepped out from Nel, and his body was locked on by Faust’s powerful magic. Enlil had predicted that he could not avoid this arrow before making such an arrangement. If Amon had not yet recovered from his serious injuries after the judgment of fate, being caught off guard at this time might really result in his demise on the spot. And even if he survived, this arrow was enough to make him unable to recover even after a very long time.


If he were to be shot down by this arrow or flee in disarray, the morale of the Salem Legion would be completely destroyed and the war would become a one-sided massacre, so his reaction at this moment decided the fate of thousands of people.


Amon heard a cry from the distant sky in the direction of Salem, and it was the voice of Mourrin. A cold laugh was heard from the Syah Plateau, the voice of Enlil. A long time ago, Amon met Enlil outside the town of Somer, and when he became a god, all the experiences of his life had become clear, and he could recall who that person was with this laugh.


Along with the cold laugh, Enlil also imprinted a message into Amon’s soul: “Congratulations on becoming a transcendent and eternal god, I will now keep my promise and agreement with Goddess Mourrin, so right here and right now I will give you a chance to choose. You can join the Anunnaki divine clan and make a vow to me. If you make this choice, you will no longer be a solitary god in Nel and will be guided into the divine kingdom of Anunnaki.”


Enlil actually said such words at this time, and it was a most deadly interference. If Amon was ignorant of everything that came with becoming a god and had received this message suddenly just as he stepped out of Nel, his soul would certainly be deeply shaken. But the arrow that was enough to make him perish had already been shot, this was a war on earth, and Faust and Naqia were not divine emissaries of the Anunnaki divine clan.


If Amon was someone who liked to curse and swear, he would certainly unleash a torrent of the world’s most foul language in an angry roar, but at the moment he had no mind to pay attention to any of these. The message from Enlil only slightly disturbed Amon’s soul, and at the same time, Amon waved his hand and a silver light cut forward.


No matter how powerful Amon was, he did not want to take the arrow head-on with his divine body, otherwise, he would definitely be injured. Fortunately, he still carried a divine artifact with him, the Edge of Order. The battle axe turned into a crescent moon in the air, and the moon spun into an arc of light, before accurately cutting the incoming arrow from a hundred feet away.


There was a silent impact in the air, but the people on the ground felt their heads splitting in two in an instant as the long arrow was cut into two from the middle, causing it to fly off in the left and right directions. Before the Salem Legion could applaud this feat, they heard another earth-shattering explosion from high in the sky.


People’s usual concept of the explosion was an outward scattering, but the scene in the sky was a sharp contraction of that concept. The two cut halves of the giant arrow traced a curved arc before coming together once again to restore its original appearance as if it was never cut in half. The engravings of the magic formation on the arrow emitted a blinding black light as the arrow reached Amon’s body.


The Edge of Order did not really cut the arrow in half, but only opened a spatial rift, but the energy contained in the arrow was so amazing that it passed through the spatial rift and closed again. Amon gently waved a hand in his gigantic form, brushing the huge arrow shot to one side, as if swatting away a tiny bug.


The giant arrow hit his fingertips, and there was a brief freeze before it burst into countless pieces with a bang. What an amazing collision it was for that specially crafted magical arrow that was stronger than fine steel to be smashed by the wave of a hand! Each of the fragments scattered could penetrate tough armor to kill strong warriors, but on the ground, they looked like a harmless ripple.


Amon’s movement seemed effortless, but it took more effort than swinging a punch at full force. Although he had simply waved his hand to shatter the giant arrow, his body also felt a violent impact, with continuous waves of tremors after the impact, and it nearly beat his gigantic form back into his original appearance. The Guardianship of Isis was also interrupted, but Amon did not show any abnormalities, and the soft golden light continued to fall.


The theurgy was no longer cast on the whole legion, but Amon then used a very simple illusion to maintain the scene of showering the whole sky with golden light. The warriors who were in an exhilarated state did not notice the subtle difference, but let out an excited cheer in unison!


The flying fragments stirred and scattered, but did not fall to the ground. One arrow turned into countless arrows hovering in the air, poised to shoot back again. Faust and Naqia’s aim was not only to shoot down God Amon, and even if they couldn’t make this god perish on the spot, they had to force him to show him struggling wretchedly to deal with the arrow for the troops of the Salem Legion to see with their own eyes.


In the blink of an eye, the force of that impact coalesced again. It was impossible for Amon to look effortless in dealing with the countless arrow fragments. However, he did not need to block the attack himself this time, as a sword light soared into the sky, and with a force of annihilation it split out into a fan of countless sword lights, striking down all the arrow fragments. Gabriel rushed to the sky in front of Amon to protect him, which was the fastest reaction she could make.


Naqia stood on the stone platform, the hard boulder beneath her feet already covered with cracks, so one could only imagine how powerful the force used to shoot that arrow had been. Behind her, the Giant Legion chief priest Lucien had laid a magical formation to assist her, while in front, she had Faust cooperating with her attack. At this time, the second arrow had just left the bow, piercing the sky with a whistling sound and heading towards Gabriel.


If Gabriel was shot down from in front of God Amon, it could also have the same shocking effect!


Could Gabriel have blocked this arrow in her haste? No one could know the answer, because the moment the huge arrow was fired, Faust let out a cry of surprise and pressed his staff forward. The sand and dust in front of the two armies carried with it various flashing lights and sparks, but in an instant, Faust’s body vanished. The arrow cut a strange arc, and it actually did not fly into the sky but into the oncoming smoke and dust.


Faust and Naqia cooperated with each other perfectly, where Naqia would simply shoot a giant arrow with full strength while Faust would use spatial magic to lock onto the target. However, between the two armies, experts who were masters of archery were not limited to Naqia. The moment Gabriel flew towards the sky, Metatro had already leaped down his horse to draw his bow. These two disciples of Amon also worked very well together, and when Gabriel flew to the sky to block the attack, Metatro stood on the ground and shot an arrow at Faust.


The distance between the two armies was beyond the range of the stone-throwers, and even the strongest giant warriors with heavy crossbows could not shoot so far. Metatro used the divine bow given to Amon by Gilgamesh, made with two fangs and a string of Humbaba, and he shot a heavy arrow made of Damasc iron engraved with the pattern of a magic formation and plated with silver.


As he shot the arrow, the thunderous roar of thousands of wild bulls echoed in the wilderness around the battlefield. There was no need for Faust to be so alarmed, as he should have been able to block it from such a distance, but it wasn’t the arrow that Metatro shot that threw the Sage Advisor off guard.


At the front of Salem Legion were a chariot formation, each of which was manned by a driver, a spear-thrower with a shield, and an archer with a sword. At the same time that Metatro shot a terrifying arrow, an archer on a chariot on the left side of the battle formation drew his bow and shot an ordinary arrow issued by the legion, with his lips pursed and his face expressionless.


He suddenly drew his bow and nocked an arrow amidst the deafening cheers of the soldiers, and the spear thrower beside him was startled since it was impossible to hit any target at all from this distance. The spear-thrower thought he had forgotten to follow orders due to nervousness and was about to reprimand the archer, but in the next moment, his body was frozen as if in a daze. This ordinary warrior unleashed a powerful aura as he drew his bow, and it suddenly felt as if he was as untouchable as a god.


His arrow was shot after Metatro’s, and by now smoke and fire had erupted in front of the two armies. When Metatro’s arrow entered the smoke and dust, a series of exploding sounds were heard, and the smoke and dust became thicker. However, when the warrior shot his arrow, there was just a subtle echo of his bowstring that lasted for a long time, while the arrow that flew off was silent. Everywhere the arrow passed, the smoke and dust would be driven back to the ground by a strange force.


Even Amon had detected this powerful aura in the sky, and when he involuntarily glanced at this archer, he was surprised!


Everyone’s impression of Gilgamesh was one of nobility and luxury! He always traveled in the most luxurious and comfortable carriage on the continent, with a golden umbrella, purple cloak, surrounded by distinctively armored guards. Even when he entered the capital of Bablon to meet the king, he also went in this manner.


But at this time Gilgamesh was wearing half-used linen clothes with a chest armor on top, while on his right shoulder was a worn-out leather shoulder protector, and he held an ordinary longbow in his left hand, as well as a quiver of arrows on his back, looking exactly like an ordinary warrior of Salem Legions. If he hadn’t shot such an arrow, even Amon wouldn’t have noticed or even recognized him.


It was said that after the death of Enkidu, Gilgamesh passed the position of the city lord to his distant nephew, and then he left Uruk City without telling anyone where he went. The city of Salem had recruited many wanderers from all over the continent to join the army, and no one expected that among them would be the famous hero of the continent, Gilgamesh.


With Gilgamesh’s arrogance, it was inconceivable for him to do such a thing. But here and now it was too late to say anything more, and Faust instantly conjured a variety of magical shields, barely blocking the arrow from Metatro. However, he could not block the arrow shot by Gilgamesh, so he hastily guided the second arrow shot by Naqia to meet his arrow.


The black arrow and ordinary arrow collided, and Gilgamesh’s arrow instantly turned into powder as expected, but the powerful impact made the black arrow tremble violently in the air, producing a bell-like buzzing sound, and with the remaining momentum, the black arrow flew straight towards Gilgamesh’s chariot.


Gilgamesh leaped off the chariot, pulled out the sword at his waist, and slashed at the arrow. The sword shattered, but the huge black arrow finally stopped and spun in the air, where it was then grabbed by Gilgamesh with his hand. From Gilgamesh’s position at the side of the battlefield, he initially wanted to shoot an arrow at Naqia, but he saw the shadow of Enkidu and himself on Naqia, and after a moment of hesitation he changed his target to Faust, although he was unsuccessful after all.


After God Amon appeared in the air, so many shocking events had taken place in the sky and on the ground, but everything had happened in just a few breaths, and then the entire Salem Legion shouted in unison. This was the best opportunity to launch a charge, and with the experts already engaged in battle, Idu flew into the air with the sound of war drums.


The chariots of Salem Legion suddenly charged, with Metatro drawing his longsword and charging ahead, and Gilgamesh jumping back into his chariot. Idu commanded the mages to begin chanting, casting various blessings on the charging warriors. Everyone looked up during the charge and saw a huge fireball coming from the stone throwers behind the Salem Legion’s battle formation. In the heat of the moment, people forgot about life and death, and the chariots charged at full speed and quickly crossed the clearing.


Idu had just flown to the mid-air to command the chariot formation to charge at full speed when he heard a voice from far behind in the mid-air: “Idu, let me take command instead.”


It was too strange that someone would ask to replace Idu’s command of the Salem Legion at such a time. However, immediately after that, Idu heard the voice of God Amon in his soul: “Let him command the whole army, you will lead the twelve Judges to follow the chariot formation’s charge instead.”


Idu did not know what was going on, but he resolutely carried out Amon’s “divine command” and immediately gave up his command position in the center of the army. Then he floated down to the battle formation and commanded the twelve Judges to follow him in the charge. As he flew down, he took a quick glance backward, and he saw that the person taking over the commanding position was an old man with a goatee, Golier himself.


Amon never expected that he would show up like this, and after showing up, that he would be ambushed by the Giant Legion. Even more surprising was that both Gilgamesh and Golier had also rushed to the battlefield to help. Gilgamesh had participated in the battle as an ordinary archer of Salem Legion, while Golier simply asked to replace Idu in commanding the entire army in battle. With no time to think or ask about anything, Amon immediately decided to give the command of the army to Golier.


At the same time, the warriors who were charging looked up at the sky and saw a silver light flying toward the sky among the falling fireballs, accompanied by an angry roar from Amon: “Enlil, stop right there and don’t run! See for yourself how I’m going to take you down!”


This roar was so amazing, even more amazing than the series of earth-shattering fights just now! The great God of Heaven, Enlil, had fled in front of God Amon, so what else could the warriors of Salem fear? The shouts of killing were almost hoarse as the two battle formations clashed together in an instant scene of blood and flesh.


In fact, Amon’s roar was not for Enlil to hear, but for the warriors of the Salem Legion and the Giant Legion to hear. Enlil was still quite far away, and Amon did not see him at all, so how would he know whether Enlil ran or not? He threw the Edge of Order in the direction of Enlil’s cold laughter with all his might, cutting a series of spatial cracks in an attempt to discover Enlil’s figure, while he himself turned into a golden light and flew towards the Syah Plateau.


Three shadows of light flew down from the distant Syah Plateau, carrying fire, smoke, and wind. They did not meet Amon but swooped into the battlefield where the battle was being fought. They were the divine emissaries under Enlil, the God of Fire, Kibir, the God of Ash, Nugus, and the Great Bull, Gugalanna.


With that roar and flying axe, it was akin to a declaration of war, as he was refusing Enlil’s offer as well as challenging another god directly as a god himself. Amon was not a god of the Anunnaki divine clan, and his disciples also went into battle. Enlil then ordered his divine emissaries to fight as well, breaking the rules that had been tacitly observed by the divine clans for many years.


In the past, these divine emissaries performed their tasks in secret, giving guidance and assistance to the faithful on earth, and would not go directly into battle. The three powerful emissaries were forced into battle by Enlil, who had predicted that Amon would descend here and now, but did not expect that what happened afterward to be beyond his control.


Amon turned into golden light and flew away, ready to swing his axe to cut down Enlil, and Mourrin also flew after Amon. At this time, from the direction of the eastern Euphrates Valley came to a clear whistle, and it was Lynk wielding a long scimitar joining the battlefield. He finally passed the test and regained his strength, and had arrived just in time after rushing here from the Garden of Eden.


This was not the largest war on the continent, but it was certainly the most intense one. The way that experts fought each other was different from ordinary warriors, and their primary goal was to limit each other’s power, so that the ordinary soldiers could do battle normally. But this battle was joined by multiple divine emissaries, who entangled and restricted each other, giving all kinds of protection to the troops, as none of them wanted to perish due to carelessness.


The Salem Legion was not as strong as the Giant Legion and had just barely rested after the defeat not long ago. Even after being inspired by the appearance of Amon and healed by his powerful magic, they were only able to fight a somewhat even battle with the Giant Legion.


In the end, the battle was decided by another force. At the most violent moment of the battle, Princess Celia and Seagull led an elite cavalry of hundreds of men to suddenly penetrate the battlefield from the flank, destroying the stone-throwers and heavy crossbow platforms at the back of the battle formation.


The giants were finally routed and Faust ordered a retreat. The three divine emissaries conjured a storm of fire, smoke, and wind in front of the formation to cover their retreat to Enlil City, and the experts of Salem Legion also continued pursuing, taking advantage of the situation to inflict further damage, only giving up when they reached Enlil City. After all, they were made of flesh and blood, and after fighting a fierce battle until now, they were all tired now.



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