The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 2 Chapter 52, The Assembly of Fighting Force Incurs Wrath (:Lavender)

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

Translator: Nonon

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Violet

“Hail Amitabha Buddha, Hail Amitabha Buddha… rest in peace, former Orc…”

Lord Clo had clasped his hands together in front of the Orc while chanting words I didn’t understand. I’ll ask him what he was doing later, but for now, I have to calm down these two, who’ve been looking at the Orc’s remains with an expression I’ve never seen on their faces before.

“Calm down, Apricot, Calvin. This Orc was modified by Rivers. It’s not His Highness.”
“Is that true, Lady Violet? Y-you’re not lying just to console me, right?!”
“Yeah. Rather, if it was actually His Highness, I would have gladly joined hands with you to put him out of his misery.”
“Fu-fufu, don’t underestimate me, Valentine. I-I have not fallen enough to need consolation from you.”
“Don’t stutter if that’s what you actually think.”

Wait, does Chartreuse still think that the Orc is His Highness? He’s shaking as if he’s done something deserving of death.
… No, it’s true that this Orc has His Highness’ face and if I were in Chartreuse’s position, I might have reacted the same way.

“How dare you… how dare you kill Lord Vermillion! How could you kill (the Orc with the face of) my beloved Lord Vermillion! Ah, but he’s beautiful like this too!”

Alright, now that the Orc is gone, it’s time to silence him.
Chartreuse and Apricot, who rushed over to help us, are mentally unstable and can’t be counted on as a fighting force, and Lord Clo is…

“How do you cast this word magic…?”

Lord Clo was looking at the Orc’s corpse as if he had noticed something.
Until a while ago, he was creeped out by the unbalanced-looking Orc, but now, he looked as if he had some questions about Rivers’ magic.
However, he immediately realized that it wasn’t the time for it, and turned to face Rivers.

“Roshenna Rivers. You have no intention of being caught quietly, do you? We came here after subjugating monsters in the vicinity. You understand the difference in our strength, right?”

Lord Clo told him that if he stayed obedient, his crimes would be lighter. Though, he would need to raise his hands to avoid provoking further action, and showing that he has no intention of attacking.
Lord Clo was trying to avoid making Rivers feel cornered so he wouldn’t attack Gray. As if hoping to go through to him as much as possible with a conversation.

“Not yet, it’s not over yet! I’ve gathered all my forces for this day. Besides, my word magic works on the half-dead too! ‘Wake up’!

But his attempt ended in vain.
Rivers increased the fire that dwelled inside him and gave an order containing stronger mana than I’ve felt until now.
Then, the Orc, which should have been mortally wounded, moved slightly and tried to get up. I couldn’t sense any will behind its actions. It was literally just a moving body.

“Lord Clo!”
“… Yes, this presence is the same as before.”

In addition, the presence of monsters around us was becoming stronger. Perhaps I’m sensing something strange mixed in because there are some monsters here that are being made to move forcefully like the Orc, even though they shouldn’t be able to move.
— Just how crazy is this guy?!

“Fu-ufufufufufufufu! I don’t have to defeat you guys in a battle, I just have to buy enough time! Boy, if I have you, they can’t touch me!”

Rivers laughed loudly and approached the makeshift prison where Gray was, while Apricot and Chartreuse panicked at the change in the situation. They quickly took a stance to intercept him.
I also turned my gaze around to try and grasp the monsters approaching us from the surroundings, trying to understand them as much as possible.

“Assuming that Cyan will do something about the surrounding monsters… I see. You were going to set them on Lady Violet… You would be setting all your fighting force on her.”

Lord Clo was the only one who didn’t change his stance, only lowering his arms and muttering something quietly.
He checked the surroundings. Then he confirmed that the Orc was standing between us and Rivers.

“Sorry, Orc.”

He literally kicked the Orc away.


Instead of floating up, the Orc’s body glided straight about ten centimeters off the ground, as if it was a light object that had just been thrown. It hit the wall next to Rivers, opposite of where Gray was.
The aftershock echoed loudly inside the cave. Everybody lost their balance, unable to stand properly. In that moment, only Lord Clo kicked off the ground and quickly closed the distance between him and Rivers.

’Don’t mo—‘…!”
“Too slow.”

Faster than Rivers could compel him to act with word magic, Lord Clo grabbed Rivers by the neck with his right hand. He then tightened it so that he couldn’t speak.

“–So quick.”

Lord Clo’s speed in that moment was so fast that it made Chartreuse become wary of him despite being his ally.
I knew that Lord Clo had excellent physical abilities, but I had never seen him this fast before.

“Lady Violet or Apricot, can either of you use ‘Silence’? Sir Chartreuse, I’m sorry but can you dispel the prison and put Gray’s magic-sealing handcuffs on Rivers?”

Whenever Rivers tried to cast magic, Lord Clo would tighten his hand and block him from invoking magic. He did so while making a request to us in a calm voice, once which I have never heard before.
Chartreuse and I were dumbfounded, but only Apricot understood the situation, and approached Lord Clo to cast ‘Silence’ on Rivers… Is she used to this?
Although it took us a little time to wake up, we followed Apricot’s suit
and approached the prison to dispel it and remove magic-sealing handcuffs.

“… Should I ask Ms. Nephrite?”

The words Lord Clo muttered quietly were drowned out by the surrounding noise.



| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

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