The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 2 Chapter 53, Just Getting Started (:Lavender)

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

Translator: Xini

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Violet


“Gray, are you alright?”


After destroying the cell bars and placing the magic-sealing handcuffs on Rivers, the first thing I did was check on Gray.


“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you, Mo- Lady Violet.”


Perhaps Gray realized that Chartreuse was within hearshot, for he swallowed the ‘mother’ that almost escaped his lips and addressed me with propriety.

Ignoring the fact that it saddened me, I was more concerned about Gray’s condition. I checked if he had been brainwashed using word magic or had any other kind of magic cast on him. He did seem fine at a glance, but it would be a good idea to have the Priest take a look at him later just in case. The only other thing that worried me… 


“Gray, did he do anything weird to you? For instance, did he ever look at you like Mr. Bligh does?”

“Uhh… I don’t think so, but I’m also not quite sure what you mean.”

“Lady Violet, I understand where you’re coming from but please calm down.”


There’s certainly a possibility that Rivers had untoward intentions.

Gray may be androgynous but he’s cute. There’s no telling if Rivers wouldn’t have tried anything after locking him up and sealing his magic. All right… his clothes aren’t in disarray nor can I find any strange traces. Good.


“Valentine, it’s all well and good that you’re concerned but would you pay more attention to what’s going on around you?”

“It’s Heartfield. I’ll admit you have a point.”


While I was preoccupied with Gray, Chartreuse chastised me by way of caution.

Right, as a result of Rivers ordering all the monsters, including the ones in the vicinity to ‘wake up’, the monsters under his control were running wild.

There aren’t any approaching this place… meaning, Ms. Cyan and the others are dealing with them. So we are fine for now, but there’s no saying when the monsters will come at us too. I need to be vigilant.


“Roshenna. Spit out the details on how many and what kind of monsters you let loose.”



Lord Clo drew closer and attempted to extract information from him… but he gestured, as if greatly exasperated, that the Silence spell I cast on him had rendered him mute even if he wished to speak. His face pisses me off.

The effects of the spell have worn off by now and I’m sure you can speak.

I don’t know what went through Lord Clo’s mind after seeing his response, for he sighed and punched the closest wall of the cave and when his fist sunk into the wall, he pulled out a rock and crushed it to bits.

Upon seeing which, Chartreuse took on a defensive stance against Lord Clo.


“I see… I suppose there’s no other choice if you won’t talk. In the process of apprehension, my hand slipped and you got hurt… at least that’s how the story will go. There really is no other choice.”

“Hmph, if you thought a simple threat like that would work on me–”

“I’ll pull out all the hair on the orc’s head before your very eyes. After which, I’ll proceed to doodle on its head.”

“Alright. I’ll comply so please don’t.”


Rivers folded just like that.

…Lord Clo is great at hitting someone where it hurts.




Based on the information we got from Rivers, we subjugated the rest of the monsters and moved on to undoing Rivers’ brainwashing.

We regrouped with Ms. Cyan, the priest and the others. After sharing the information with them, everyone did their part in making sure Shiki would remain unharmed.

Seeing as how this whole incident was orchestrated by an Azalea Academy student, Ash and the rest of the students also helped out in dealing with the aftermath.


“I never imagined you could go this far, Rivers.”



In the middle of the cleanup, I requested Lord Clo to be put on guard duty for monitoring Rivers. I really needed to have a conversation with him about the kidnapping incident.

Though his magic is sealed and he is bound, Lord Clo was still concerned for my safety, as such, he’s standing watch from a distance.


“I don’t understand why Lord Chartreuse and Lord Ash are helping a woman like her. I thought you were pining after His Highness Vermillion… why… how… are you trying to tell them they forgave her… something doesn’t add up… I don’t get it…”

To be exact, they are only helping because of the problem he caused, but Rivers takes it as them helping me on behalf of His Highness. In other words, he equates opposing him, as he tries to throw me in a pit of despair, to them taking my side.

I had no idea he was this kind of a guy back when we were in the academy… but I wonder if loving someone means that you could lose your mind like this.


“I don’t expect you, Austin or Calvin to forgive me any time soon. I will atone for my wrongdoings. And I’ll have you do so for yours, Rivers.”


I’m not trying to sweep everything under the rug like it never happened as I said earlier. 

I don’t expect His Highness or her to forgive me, and even if they did, society certainly wouldn’t. Nor would my parents.


“… Let me ask you one last thing, Valentine.”

“ It’s Heartfield. …What is it?”


I wonder what Rivers felt upon hearing me, for he stopped mumbling the same word under his breath and his expression and tone reverted to that of his from back when we were in the academy as he asked me a question.


“Is that man supposed to be your rebound after High Highness Vermillion?”

“That’s an awful way of putting it.”

“Answer me. Are you clinging on to him because he accepted you?”


That only makes it sound like I’m going where the wind takes me… maybe he’s not wrong?

Be that as it may, I went through the same thing with Ash. Is it so hard to understand?


“The answer is simple. His Highness never loved me till the end, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I loved him or that I love Lord Clo and Gray, that they are both precious to me. Because if I keep letting my past bog me down and refuse to look forward, I might end up making many people miserable.”

“…I see.”


I don’t know how he took my answer and he might still be feeling hostility towards me but Rivers responded as if convinced.


“… It’s hot.”


Some distance away, Lord Clo was tugging at his shirt in an attempt to fan himself. 

Did all the physical activity raise his body temperature? I wonder if I should prepare a refreshing meal for him later.

Making a mental note to do just that, I switched to thinking about what to do going forward.

Starting with Gray, I ended up inconveniencing a lot of people this time. And I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again. People with a grudge against me or ones that act thinking it was to the benefit of His Highness, could pop up anytime. I would end up making trouble for many people like that matter with the report that was delivered just before Gray disappeared.

To make things better, even a little, I need to come up with a plan…


“– What, no, please wait a second– you can’t just walk up, right now… not yet-”

“But– I’m worried– hurt or something–”


And as I stood watch over Rivers, thinking what to do from this point forward, I heard Lord Clo talking with someone.

Judging from the voice, it sounded like one of the female students but even when I looked in his direction, I couldn’t make her out as the wall of the cave cast a shadow on Lord Clo. No, that is a familiar voice from my days in the academy… there’s no way I could forget it.


“Ah, hang on?!”

“There you are, Violet! Are you okay?”


A young girl evaded Lord Clo, slipped past him and ran up, calling out to me.

A girl with long, blonde hair with a red tinge and distinctive, almost transparent eyes. Someone I talked with a lot in Azalea Academy. A commoner classmate I knew all too well ran up to me with her face full of concern.


She is–



| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

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