The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 2 Chapter 54, She is The One and Only (: Lavender)

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

Translator: Nonon

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Violet


The person who came running towards me was a commoner classmate with reddish golden hair and characteristic near-transparent eyes, who treated everyone cheerfully and had many things that I lacked.
It was Kriemhild, whom I tried to distance myself from and warned many times to not act familiar with me. However, she still kept talking to me and being friendly despite the matter with His Highness and all other classmates drifting away from me.
Oh, I see. So she also came to Shiki for the investigation.
Things got rough at that time, but this girl’s smile is as dazzling as ever and she possesses something that I don’t have. I’m jealous of her now, but I’m not envious.

“It’s been a while, Kriemhild. Have you been in good health?”
“Ahaha, yeah, I’m fine.”

I greeted Kriemhild with the smile that was often on my face ever since I came to Shiki. My smile is probably awkward, but some day, I want to interact with people with a natural smile like Lord Clo and Kriemhild… although her smile also tends to be awkward at times.

“I’m glad that you look fine too, Vi. I was worried because you suddenly disappeared from the academy while I went back home. Besides, there was also a kidnapping and I heard from Ash that you marched into the kidnapper’s place alone…”
“Ghh… I’m sorry about leaving the academy. I didn’t have much time at that time… were you that worried about me?”
“Of course! If my friend disappeared, I’d feel lonely and worried!”
“… I see, thank you.”

This girl is really dazzling and kind.
She can do her best for others and she even calls somebody like me her friend. I’m sure that if she hadn’t gone back home when I was dueling that woman, she’d have stood by my side regardless of our positions… though, the way I was back then, I might have rejected her even if she had proclaimed herself as my ally.

“Besides, didn’t I tell you that Roshenna was dangerous? There was something suspicious about the way he was looking at His Highness Vermillion!”

Kriemhild said while glancing at Rivers.
Now that I think about it, I was able to determine the sender of the letter because Kriemhild said that he was suspicious. ‘There’s something lustful in his gaze!’ is what she said, but at that time I couldn’t bring myself to believe her. 

“You said that the way I looked at Lord Vermillion was suspicious?! Don’t be stupid, I’ve only been looking at him with pure envy!”
“I don’t think it counts as pure if that’s your own evaluation.”

She’s absolutely right.
Would somebody who looked at him purely with envy change an Orc’s face to that of His Highness…? No, calm down, Violet. That’s impossible.

“Hmph, you wouldn’t understand my feelings of respect!”
“Then what would you think if I said ‘I think of myself as a pure pretty maiden’ while winking? Would you think that I was pure?”
“… Even if it was a fact, the moment you become aware of it, you’re no longer pure.”
“That’s how it is.”

Rivers hung his head at Kriemhild’s words. She shows this kind of side sometimes. I don’t know if I should call her strong or tough…

“… Please wait.”
Then, somebody called out to us while we were talking.
When we looked at the questioning person who had called out to us, we found Lord Clo with his hand on his forehead, desperately trying to understand the situation.

“… Excuse me. May I ask a question? Is she, um… not the person who… you dueled at the academy, Lady Violet?”
“A duel? Are you sure you don’t mean a mock battle during training?”
“Yes. I’m talking about a duel with His Highness at stake.”
“You’re wrong. There is no reason for me to duel Vi.”

Why does Lord Clo look as if he can’t make a sense of what’s happening?
Besides, I would never challenge her to a duel. It’s not like she ensnared His Highness and the others just like that woman— Ah, is it like this?

“Did you misunderstand that Kriemhild was the person I dueled because she also uses alchemy magic?”
“Oh, I see. That girl also uses alchemy magic just like me.”

The opponent I dueled also used alchemy magic like Kriemhild. Since Lord Clo  only knows that I ‘dueled a girl who uses alchemy magic’ and because alchemy magic is also rare, Lord Clo must have mistook Kriemhild for my opponent.
Maybe the female student who wanted to see me was Kriemhild. That’s why he said it was a girl who was involved in the duel.

“… You’re right. Now that I think about it, I might have made a judgment without knowing her well.”
“So, that’s why you were reluctant to let me meet Vi. Now that I think about it, I haven’t properly introduced myself to you!”

As expected, she’s the one who wanted to meet me. And Lord Clo was trying to divert her attention and avoid letting us meet.
Does that mean that my duel opponent hasn’t arrived in Shiki?… although I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.

“My name is Kriemhild Nephrite! I’m from the countryside from the outskirts of the kingdom and I’m good at alchemy magic, but I’m still in training! I’m 148 cm tall, but nowadays I’ve been thinking that I’d like to be a little taller! I’m also technically looking for a boyfriend! Honestly, I’m envious of Vi because of her height and her husband! Pleased to make your acquaintance!”
“… Yes, pleased to meet you.”

Giving a salute that didn’t suit her, but she introduced herself in a way that gave a good idea of her personality, despite not being asked.
She said that she wanted to be taller, but I don’t think she cares about her height too much. If I remember correctly, she once said something about using it to her advantage because she could look up naturally.

“Kriemhild, as a lady, I don’t think it’s appropriate to appeal that you’re looking for a partner.”
“No, Vi! Love is war, if I’m not proactive, a good partner will quickly be taken by somebody with higher specs!”
“I think you get hit on quite a lot though.”

Kriemhild is cute and she has many male friends, including the nobles. So, I think she’s hit on quite often. At that time, I thought that she was acting improperly, but now, I think that it’s a part of her charm so I think she’ll find the good partner she’s talking about.

“Even if you say that, I’m often told ‘you’re a good friend but I can’t see you as a woman’…”
“Who said that?! You’re overflowing with feminine charm.”
“They say that it’s scary to see me make bombs with alchemy magic and kill monsters…”
“You think the same too, Vi?!”

It’s true that her physical abilities are a little above the average human girl, but in terms of combat abilities, if she can use weapons made with alchemy magic, she’s honestly strong.
Even her lovely ‘ahaha’ smile can be seen as her maniacally laughing if she does it in the middle of the battlefield while killing somebody…
“That’s why I was happy when Mr. Khaki confessed to me!”
“Anybody but that man! Tell him that you’ll blow him up with a bomb if he approaches you again. He’ll probably survive it though.”
“Do you have a grudge against him? Or more importantly, he’d survive it?”

I don’t have a grudge against him, but I just know that that guy isn’t a good choice. And I have enough faith (?) in his mysterious durability to know that he’d survive after being hit by a bomb.

“Oh, oops. I have to do something about the monsters that are being controlled. Now that I’ve confirmed that you’re fine, I’ll be going, Vi! Let’s talk later!”
“Yeah, talk to you later.”

Kriemhild waved and left with the same carefree smile.
… I wonder if Lord Clo would be happy if I acted like her. Maybe I should try it next time.

“What’s happening?… Was it my misunderstanding…?”

The only thing that bothered me was the fact that Lord Clo had. There was a complicated expression on his face.
Don’t tell me…

“Are you cheating on me, Lord Clo?”
“Huh?… absolutely not!”

Author’s note:
Kriemhild Nephrite
Cream-colored hair and near-transparent nephrite colored eyes.
Clo didn’t misunderstand anything. She’s the real heroine of the otome game ‘When the Ring Of Fire is lit, World is Dyed Red’.
However, she seems to be close with Violet (the villainess).
She has no default name in the game.
The one friend Violet mentioned in chapter 6 was referring to her.
She can use alchemy magic which is rare in this world.



| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

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