The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 2 Chapter 61, Turmoil caused due to Clo’s lack of knowledge_2 (:Lavender)

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Translator: Nonon

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Violet

Calm down, calm down, Violet.
Schwarz said that Lord Clo bought aphrodisiac, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.
It’s possible that it’s a lie she made up to tease me. Also, Lord Clo isn’t necessarily the one who will be using it. There’s a chance that somebody else was looking for this item and Lord Clo, who remembered that, was happy to have found it and bought it.
If used in another way, it can be a medicine to stimulate the recovery of bodily functions and if given it to the perverted doctor (Ivory) or poison enthusiast (Emerald), it could even be used for treatment.
I see, in that case, there’s no mystery. Haha, I can’t believe I panicked. Haha, I was really flustered by something so simple.

“By the way, Clo said that he’d use it today.”

Damn it, all my escape routes have been blocked.
Wait, today as in tonight? What should I do? What am I supposed to do!?
I’m sure Lord Clo’s words about the matters of the night was,

‘After Lady Violet calms down’

That’s all he said.
It seems that Lord Clo isn’t good with things like that. I don’t exactly like it either, but I thought that he was just evading it, so back then I decided that if he didn’t feel like doing it, I wouldn’t force him either.
But perhaps he judged that I had finally calmed down. That said, I would have preferred if he hadn’t decided to rely on that kind of drug for our first time… no, I’m the one who caused so much trouble for him and dragged things out. I can’t complain now.
I shall accept it with full readiness.

“… Why are you here?”

As I was becoming eager, the one who appeared instead of Lord Clo -– was Gray.
Seeing Schwarz and me, he quickly stepped in between us, taking a cautious stance.

“Hey there Gray, long time no see. You’re as beautiful as ever.”
“… Thank you very much. So, what did you do to my mother? Her face is so red… I hope you didn’t give her any pills.”

Sorry, Gray. It might be true that my face is red because of Schwarz’s words, but that doesn’t mean she harmed me in any way. I’m honestly happy that you’re worried about me though.

“You’ll understand the reason eventually when you grow up. By the way, Gray, do you want to play with me today?”
“I refuse. There is no way I could leave my mother in this condition alone and go outside.”
“I see. I honestly think it’s better if you’re not in the mansion tonight though.”
“… Are you planning to do something to the people of Shiki?!”
“I’m not!”

Sorry, Gray. That’s not it.
I want to cover for her, but I don’t know what to say and how, so I can’t think of any words. Shit, is this Schwarz’s plan…?!

“… I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I keep getting misunderstood from all directions.”
“You are not making any sense.”
“Don’t worry about it. I was just thinking that it would be better to let Clo and Violet be alone.”

Alone with Lord Clo… in this situation, with Lord Clo…

“There is no way I can leave them alone when she’s in this kind of a state-—“
“Lady Violet?!”

That was close. I was about to be deceived by her sweet words, but I managed to survive by banging my head against the wall.
I don’t know in what way I was being deceived, but I guess all is well now that I’ve regained my composure. 


Yeah, that hurts.

“A-are you okay, Lady Violet? Does it hurt?…”
“I’m fine. Thanks for worrying about me. This is just a necessary measure… for me to not go out of control.”
“Lady Schwarz, did you use magic that involves mind on lady Violet?”
“I can swear that I did not.”
“… Is that so?”

Stop it, Gray. Don’t look at me with the eyes that look as if you’re thinking ‘was my mother always this stupid?”. This might just be my persecution complex talking, but I’m usually right about this kind of thing.
In any case, the pain helped me regain some of my calm. I can’t really explain this matter to Gray, so I’ll act like nothing happened.

“Gray, it’s fine. It’s not like Schwarz harmed me in any—“
“I’ve just returned home-“


Dammit. I was so shocked, I ended up biting my tongue.
What does this mean? Why did Lord Clo come back? No, calm down. This is our mansion, it’s not strange for him to come back. It’s not strange, but I didn’t want him to come back right now. It would be better if he was a little late due to work. 

“Hey there. Welcome home, Clo.”
“I’m back… wait, why is Ms. Schwarz here?!”
“I just had a little business to take care of. Don’t worry, I’ll be leaving right away.”

After confirming that Lord Clo was carrying a paper bag when he returned, Schwarz stood up, approached him and tapped his shoulder.

“I was worried about something, but judging by her state, everything looks fine so I’m relieved.”
“Oh, is that so?”
“Clo, make good use of what you bought from me this time.”

Stop with that meaningful smile.
And also drop that expression that’s almost saying ‘just do your best’ while subtly looking at me.

“Yes, of course. Thank you for the wonderful item!”

Lord Clo answered Schwarz with a better smile than usual.
A wonderful item… he said? Does Lord Clo intend to use it, after all?
Looking satisfied at that answer (I want to punch her!), Schwarz left with ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ (german: goodbye), while waving lightly… looks like she really came here because she was worried.     

“Lord Clo, what do you mean by ‘wonderful item’?”

After relaxing his vigilance, Gray asked Lord Clo while worrying about me.
The way he was looking at the paper bag, he seemed curious about what Lord Clo had bought.

“Oh, it’s something to look forward to later.”

In response to the question, Lord Clo couldn’t hide his happiness (cute) as he held up the paper bag with something in it.
Something to look forward to… Is it what I think it is after all…?!

“By the way, Gray, why is Lady Violet’s face red and why is she covering her mouth?”
“I don’t know why her face is red, but as for her mouth, she bit her tongue earlier.”
“Eh, are you okay?!

Lord Clo ran up to me, looking worried.
S-stop it. If you approach me when I’m like this, I won’t know what to do. First, I should demonstrate that I’m okay so he won’t get close.

“I’m fine. I’m not sorry for making you worry.”
“Gray, get something to cool her down. She might have a fever too.”


“I see. So that’s the reason why her face is red. I understand.”


Like I said, why?! I’m completely fine!


It’s fine. Gray and I will take care of today’s dinner, so please rest, Lady Violet.”

Lord Clo put the paper bag on a nearby desk, covered me with a coat and tried to take me to my room.
I want to tell Lord Clo that I’m okay, but I can’t think properly.

“But then… the thing… you bought won’t…”

Recognizing that my own voice had become quieter from embarrassment, I couldn’t look directly at Lord Clo’s face. And I myself couldn’t understand what I was saying. 

“What I bought… ah, did you perhaps hear what I bought from Ms. Schwarz?”

I feel my heart, which was beating faster than usual, start to beat even faster at those words.
This is bad. I feel Lord Clo’s words are spoken unusually close to me and his voice resonates in my brain more than usual.
Calm down, Violet. What are you going to do now in this state? Remember what you learned at the ducal house. Remember what you were taught about what to do in this kind of situation.
…I was generally only taught to leave it to the man. I was told that it was still too early for me. Damn, what should I do?!…

“Right. Once you calm down, I will give it to you too, Lady Violet. It might be just perfect for your current state. Please look forward to it.”

Hm? In other words…

“… In other words, you want me to ingest it too?”
“Ingest it? Well, I guess that’s how it’ll be. It’s a very good thing.”
“Lady Violet?”

… Okay, I made up my mind.
Lord Clo is trying to give me a push too. In that case, I should also answer him.
Like a noble, like a wife. I shall take on this challenge with a mindset that won’t make me feel ashamed later.
It looks like the time has finally come for that nightgown that I haven’t even worn once since I was rejected on the first day…!

“Lord Clo, is the good thing you mentioned food?”

Gray asked Lord Clo while holding something to cool me down with.
We have hide it from Gray well. This topic is too early to talk about at Gray’s age, so we can’t just–

“Yeah. Once Lady Violet calms down, I’ll give it to you too, so let’s all eat together.”

…What did Lord Clo just say?

“… Lord Clo, Gray will eat it too?”
“Yes, good things should be eaten together. It’ll be more memorable that way.”

… Hmm, I see.
Gray would also eat it, he says.
–We should eat it together, he says.
We’ll eat aphrodisiac together as a family, he says.
–Hmm, in other words.

“Are you really Abnormal Cagliostro after all, Lord Clo?!”
“Eh, that was brought out of nowhere?!”



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