The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 2 Chapter 62, Turmoil Caused due to Clo’s Lack of Knowledge_3

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One cold evening, when it had started to get a bit nippy, I was admittedly chipper and on my way back to the mansion. The reason being the contents of the paper bag I was holding.

Once work that required physical labor dries out, Ms. Schwarz, who shows up periodically, arrives with merchandise to sell.

Since I’m required to visit the capital next month for reasons, I armed myself with up-to-date information on all things capital and when I was about to buy the colored fabric that I’d ordered before, I discovered a certain something in her possession.


“Hmm, this? It’s a new item that’s extremely popular among the nobles. It seems to originate from the United Nations, though… do you need it? Hehe, I see you’re interested in things like this too–”

“Wh-Whoa! Ms. Schwarz, I want that! I’ll take all of it, if you don’t mind.”

“What?! Uhh… Clo, do you know what this is?”

“Of course! I never thought I’d come across it here! How much do you want for it?!”

And so, excited as all hell, I ended up buying it.

As someone who likes to haggle, I’m well aware that I shouldn’t have appeared so eager to get my hands on the item, but the minute my eyes fell on it, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Because it’s something that I really loved back in my previous world…


“Who would’ve thought I’d get to have chocolate once again! Not me!”


Yeah, I’m talking about chocolate.

Be it in my previous life or now, I continue to have a sweet tooth and I’m especially partial to chocolate. My sister and I had a voracious appetite for it.

But it’s such a shame that chocolate doesn’t exist here, or at least not in the capital.

If you possess the knowledge, then put it to good use and turn it into wealth! Is something that would only work in isekai story plots I’ve read in my previous world and it was impossible for me. Cacao and sugar are the basic ingredients necessary to make chocolate, but I have no idea what else is needed or how to go about tempering it. Even in my previous life, I could follow a recipe but eating was my true area of expertise, so it never crossed my mind to try to make chocolate myself.

Either way, if it’s becoming popular among nobles in the capital, then it should mean chocolate will be more easily available for consumption in the future.


“…It’s just a tad expensive though.”


The high price makes sense given the fact that nobles have set their eyes on it. Lady Violet would get mad at me if I buy too much. As for Gray, a small taste should win him over.

Come to think of it, Ms. Schwarz said something weird when I was trying to buy the chocolate.


“I see… so you’re aware of its effect and yet you’re still buying it…”

“Is something wrong?”

“Nah, it’s nothing. I was just a little curious. This may be bordering on rudeness, but do you mind if I ask whether you’ll be the one to use it?”

“Use? I guess it’ll come down to that. I was thinking tonight would be a good time.”

“…Oh. Well, good luck. I can’t give you all of it, but considering it’s your first purchase, I can offer you a large quantity on a discount. Make sure to handle Violet’s body with care, you hear? I don’t know which one of you will be using it though.”

“Okay, got it?


I wonder how chocolate relates to handling Lady Violet’s body with care.

No, hold on. I remember reading that chocolate is highly nutritional and is part of army rations. So did she mean that I shouldn’t hog all of it and share some with Lady Violet for the good of her health?

Well she didn’t need to tell me that, I was going to share anyway. Either way, I’m really excited to see everyone’s reactions.


“I’m back!”


And as I hoped both Lady Violet and Gray would be just as stoked, I opened the door and entered the mansion, all chipper.



”It’s all just a misunderstanding.”


And thus, I was desperately explaining myself to Lady Violet.

The reason was to dispel the depraved notion that I intended for the whole family to consume the item despite being fully aware that it was an aphrodisiac.

If that’s what it was, I wish Ms. Schwarz had said something. Wait, did chocolate ever have the properties of an aphrodisiac…?!

I desperately explained to a strangely flustered Lady Violet that the supposed chocolate I had purchased was simply a favorite dessert of mine and that I had no ulterior motives behind the simple transaction.

While I was at it, I also desperately explained things to Gray who had somehow learned the nature of an aphrodisiac. The minute he learned its true purpose, Gray tried to leave the room as if to give me and Lady Violet some privacy, so I had to take great pains to make him stay.


“I should also apologize, I didn’t know all the details but still jumped to my own conclusions…”

“It’s alright, I really couldn’t blame you given the circumstances… consuming it as a family sounds too depraved… and wait, where did you learn about the name Abnormal Cagliostro?”

“From rumors going around about you before I came to Shiki.”


Why the hell is that nickname being spread everywhere?

I don’t wanna turn defiant and shout that all humans are perverts deep down, but that nickname is too humiliating.


Lady Violet looked flustered even before I suggested that we all try it.

I’m guessing she heard the news from Ms. Schwarz before I got back home, but that would mean…


“But, does it really taste good?”


Before I could answer her curious question, she picked up the chocolate in her hand and examined it, which shifted my focus.

I can’t deny that to the clueless it would look no more than a brown block. And if someone was seeing it for the first time, they may be ill opposed to consuming it.


“Then would you like to try it?


Now that the misunderstanding had been cleared, I recommended they give the chocolate a try.

I want to share delicious things with both of them and if the food ends up suiting their tastes, then it would make me really happy too.


“Hmm… even if it’s a confectionary of some sort, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s being used as an aphrodisiac in the capital, would it? How could we eat it…”

“I’ve heard that if you’re accustomed to stimulants like alcohol or fizzy drinks, then medicine or poison has a lesser effect on you, so a small quantity of it should be totally fine. It’s sweet and delicious.”

“…Really? Well seeing as how you like it so much, I guess I’ll try a small bit.”

“I’ll join you.”


I picked up the chocolate and broke off finger-sized pieces and plopped one after the other into my mouth.

…Aah, how nostalgic.

It tastes like happiness at being able to relish the flavor of chocolate once more, after it had become a distant memory.

Alcohol, something like honey and the higher ratio of cacao gave it a bitter-sweet taste, but I have to admit it’s quite delicious.

I used to frequently snack on chocolates during breaks at work in my previous life. I can just get the necessary ingredients when I visit the capital next month. I can also kill two birds with one stone if I have some in between breaks from running errands.


“What’s the matter, Lady Violet, Gray?”


I was relishing the chocolate when I noticed that both of them were acting weird.

It didn’t look like they were simply enjoying the sweet, delicious aftertaste… but rather, they looked dazed for some reason.


“…Lord Clo.”

“Huh, what, yes. What’s wrong?”


And Lady Violet turned to me, looking dazed. At the same time, Gray slowly made his way towards me for some reason.

I wonder if neither of them took to the taste. If that’s the case, then I may have screwed up–


“I feel hot.”



If anything, it’s rather chilly today.


“Why, I feel hot. Strangely hot. My body’s on fire and pleasantly warm, making me want to move it around.”

“What, oh, calm down, Lady Violet. It’s rather cold today and I haven’t turned on the heater. Please move your hands away from your clothes.”

“Father, I feel hot too, so mother’s not wrong?”

“Father?! Gray, what’s wrong with you?!”


Lady Violet insisted that she felt hot and her voice and mannerisms were both very inviting, while Gray sounded and acted flirtatious as he tugged on my shirt.

What in hell, what’s happenin– no way!


“Don’t tell me that a small bite of chocolate… actually had an effect?!”


Judging from their reactions, it’s rather surprising but the chocolate really seems to have aphrodisiacal properties? But the question remains, why do I feel perfectly fine? It may not be my first time having chocolate ever, but I have never had it in this world until now, so my body couldn’t have developed any resistance to it.

I don’t think Lady Violet’s strange behavior can be attributed to the alcohol in the chocolate either.

Then, chocolate really…


“Lord Clo, c’mon strip.”

“Calm down, Lady Violet. I can’t do that lest I catch a cold. If you don’t feel well, how about we lie down, yes?”

“I’m fine! I’ve been told skin-on-skin contact can warm you up. So even if you feel cold without clothes on, if we stick together you’ll warm up in a second!”

“I still feel like keeping my clothes on is the best way to keep warm.”

“Then I suppose we just need to embrace clothes and all.”

“I thought you were feeling heated?!”


“Wh-What is it, Gray?”

“He- hehehe, I love you–”

“Okay, thank you for those terrifyingly flirtatious words. I love you too, but how about we all calm down, yes?”


This is bad, it really had an effect on them. I still don’t fully trust its ability as an aphrodisiac, but it’s definitely had some sort of weird effect on them.

Gray on my left. Lady Violet on my right. Both of them tightly hold on to me.

Normally, receiving an embrace from your wife and son would be a happy circumstance, but considering I’m the one who brought about this situation, I can’t feel genuinely happy about it. That said… let me commit this feeling to memory and enjoy it for now.


“… Now what?”


I guess I’ll keep watch over them so they don’t do anything weird.

I had nary an inkling that chocolate could be so dangerous…!



“…Huh? Where is it? The plant called Saturion or something. Oh, there it is! Looks like it got mixed up with the other stuff. But I have to say, Khaki is quite the weirdo to ask for something like this. If I’m not wrong, this is way more effective than what I sold to Clo. Wait, what? I remember I had Saturion in powder form too… and I could have sworn I had more than this? Wonder if it spilled somewhere…”



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