The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 64, Turmoil caused by Chartreuse’s sense of responsibility_2

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Translator: Nonon

Proofreader: Silavin



At Shiki’s church.
Cyan was desperately trying to hold back her laughter at the situation in front of her.
From the way she couldn’t contain her laughter even though Father Snow White was nearby showed that she was really having a hard time holding back.
Looking at the way the priest, who would have usually admonished her, was trembling, he was probably also holding back his laughter.
Naturally, there’s a reason for why they’re laughing and that reason is Chartreuse’s presence in the church. If he was simply present here, it wouldn’t be a problem and nobody would be laughing, but his outfit was the problem.

“… Fuu, I’m done, Sis- Senior Sears! What should I do next?!”
“H-hmm, can I leave cleaning the floor to you? I don’t mind whether you sweep it or wipe it.”
“Understood! Novitiate, Chartreuse Calvin, I will show you how splendidly I’ll develop!!”


Cyan let out a silent laugh at Chartreuse’s needlessly spirited remark.
Father somehow regained his composure and took a long breath to calm himself down.
Why are they both laughing so hard? The reason for that is the fact that-

“Shit, it’s hard to move in a long skirt, even if it has a slit… Are she and other girls always moving dressed like this…?! Still, with this, I think I can understand why you would want a slit.”

Chartreuse is dressed in a nun’s habit.
If they were meeting for the first time in this situation, they would be weirded out and things would get uncomfortable, but since Chartreuse talked quite a lot with Cyan and Father during the investigation and they also know about his personality, it seems to be working in a way.
As for why Chartreuse is dressed this way, it went like this.

‘In other words, you also have to bear the risk of experiencing the same kind of embarrassment, Sir Chartreuse.’
‘The same kind?’
‘Yes. In short, you have to spend the day with the embarrassment of knowing that your important parts may be seen. For that, you have to dress in the same way as Cyan, in the same church attire.’
‘Wait, is that really enough? Even if I dressed like the clergy, I would be different from a nun. Even if I don’t wear underwear, the degree of embarrassment while wearing a robe is…’
‘Who said anything about dressing like the clergy? I said ‘dress the same way as Cyan.’
‘…? … Wait, you mean I’ll be wearing that outfit? You’re telling me to not only crossdress but to also show my skin?! Are you messing with me?!’
‘I’m not messing with you. You see, Cyan refused you because you lacked determination! In other words, if you don’t show a strong willpower to take the same risk, all this talk about taking responsibility is just empty words! First of all, you must demonstrate your determination with your clothes!’
‘… I see! I understand now!’

… Yeah, now that I think back on it again, I’m surprised Chartreuse agreed to wear those clothes.
When Chartreuse actually offered to help while putting on the habit, Cyan looked at him with an indescribable expression and asked him if he was in his right mind, but when he actually came back wearing the nun uniform, she must have felt his determination even while holding back her laughter. She took Chartreuse’s resolve into account by letting him help out, so I would say that he succeeded in his endeavor. 

“Senior Sears, where should I get water from?!”
“Uhh, usually I’m the one who prepares water with magic. There are tools made with water magic stones around the corner over there for when I’m not here, so you can use those.”
“Understood! I wouldn’t want to bother you, so I’ll go get some water.”
“O-okay. Be careful~”
“Leave it to me!”

And Chartreuse ran at full speed, as if he had already broken off from his past self.
At first, he seemed to have a lot of conflict at wearing women’s outfit without the underwear, which could be described as a high level perversion even among the abnormals, but now that he’s able to take responsibility, he’s all lively—no, he’s just trying to look excited because if he did it half-heartedly, it would be even more embarrassing. I think that’s probably it. I think…
Rather, is it just my imagination that acting like this will create a more embarrassing history for him than taking responsibility?… yeah, it’s not just my imagination.

“Fuu, well then, I’ll get started! Father, and Senior Sears, it’s dangerous so please stay away!”

Why would the words ‘it’s dangerous so please stay away’ come up when he’s just cleaning the floor? Although depending on the situation, it might make sense.
And why is he holding (something that looks like) a mop like a sword?

“Battou-jutsu… flash!”

This guy really used the technique he created to protect the heroine just to clean the floor!
No, to be more exact, it seems to be a technique that he created unrelated to Ms. Kriemhild, so it’s fine, I guess. Either way it’s not a technique used for cleaning anyway.

“Fuu, there are no obstacles on my path to priesthood.”
“Wow, that’s amazing. I’ve been a priest for so long, but I never knew there was a way to clean things so quickly.”
“I’d reckon so, Father. Cleaning reflects the state of your heart. I’m good at cleaning too.”
“But it’s dangerous, so don’t do it again. Okay?”
“Yes, I’m sorry.”

Was this guy always this stupid?
No, he probably got too excited in the wrong way. Cyan must have felt Chartreuse’s resolve too, so I’ll advise him that it’s about time to go back to his own clothes.
Regarding the matter of facing the same risk, if Cyan and I tell him that he was able to do it efficiently, he should stop… I made him do it because he was noisy, but this situation isn’t very good.

“Oh, here you are, Lord Clo. The others told me that you were here—“

Faster than I could talk to him, Lady Violet entered the church.
Perhaps she had something to discuss with me, because she looked around the church to look for me, and mid-sentence after finding me, her eyes met with Chartreuse’s and she stopped moving.

“You know, Calvin.”
“… What.”

Chartreuse also stopped moving when he saw Lady Violet. After a strange silence passed, Lady Violet spoke up first.
Without getting flustered. Without disrespecting him. Looking at her former classmate, she smiled calmly and shared her thoughts.

“It suits you.”
“…I see. I was actually starting to think the same too.”

Cyan and Father burst out laughing at that line.


Author’s note:
Chartreuse Calvin
Dark green (chartreuse-colored) hair and green eyes
Height: In the later half of 170cm
Has decen muscles (by otome game standards)
Capture Target
Viscount family
Son of the Knight Commander and Archwizard

The clothes he wore this time were old spares from Cyan (who’s around 160cm). Dangerous in many ways.



| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

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