The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 65, How the children spend time_1 (:Grey)

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

Translator: Xini

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Gray


Lady Violet has been very affectionate towards me as of late.

Even before, the more time we spent in each other’s company, the closer we grew, but after the kidnapping incident she’s been more loving.

To be honest, knowing that she rushed to my rescue back then made me really happy. I felt bad when I learnt that she bowed her head for my sake but also touched.

I thank my lucky stars that an ex-slave like me has two loving parents.


“Listen, Gray. Beware of strangers. Even if it’s someone you know, if they look at you the way Mr. Bligh does, then steer clear of them. The days are getting shorter so be careful while walking the streets after dark. Also…”

I do indeed count my blessings but her worrying about me like this every time I leave home can get a little tiring.

The fact that she’s concerned means that she really cares for me and that makes me happy, but I’m not a kid anymore. There’s not much I can’t do that Lady Violet or Lord Clo can, and I’m somewhat capable of showing discretion.

My parents and friends tend to ask me to be more cautious because I’m apparently very gullible but I don’t think I am. I believe I’m capable of weighing my options and making the right choice.


“And so, my dear disciple, today we experiment with a new spell.”

“What will you be teaching me today, Master?”

“First, we are going to try out a spell called Great God Ibuki: Ritual Dance that I learned from a certain someone.”

“Ooh ,what kind of spell is it?”

“Let’s see. The certain someone told me that it’s a spell that transforms the curse you cast into power that can further be used to boost the effect of your magic.”

“Lady Apricot you never cease to amaze me!”

“Hehe, it’s not as difficult as you might think.”


Today I’m going to be getting some hands-on experience practising magic with my master, Lady Apricot. I wonder what kind of amazing spell we’re going to be trying. I’m not too familiar with curses, but if Lady Apricot speaks so highly of it, then it’s sure to be exceptional.

We were accompanied by Mr. Brown and for some reason, Lady Emerald was also present. Normally she’s a strange one who’s off happily ingesting poisons. I’m certain she’s never shown any interest towards magic. Also, Mr. Brown was nodding off on his feet.


“This is quite a surprise. I would have never expected you to show up to a magic lesson.”

“If I hadn’t run off, my dad would have dragged me to that perverted doctor. I’d pick Apricot over that pervert any day.”


She sighed and scratched her head with a bandaged right hand.

I remember Mr. Green, Lady Emerald’s father, had the wound on her arm treated. No matter how much she’s advised against it, she frequently lets poisonous snakes bite her or applies medicine laced with poison on her arm, such that the wounds on her arm easily fester.

The other day, I happened to witness Mr. Green grumble about his precious daughter causing his hairline to recede.


“Speaking of, where’s your father?”

“Lord Clo is busy sewing clothes.”

“Ah, I see. What about your mother?”

“Lady Violet is off merrily flying the skies.”

“So she’s patrolling with Robot.”


Lord Clo is in the process of making Lady Violet a dress at the moment. I enjoy watching him work and he doesn’t particularly mind if I do, but I thought he might as well focus so the dress ends up beautiful. Hence I decided to leave him to his work.

And Lady Violet mentioned, “There’s a little something I want her advice on,” and left to find Robot, but I don’t know why that resulted in her flying the skies. 


“My dear disciple! Emerald! And last but not the least, Brown! We need to venture to the forest to kick off the experiment! Follow me guys!”

“Yes, Lady Apricot!”

“Yeah, yeah. I got it. Brown, wake up. Looks like we gotta go.”

“Ah…! Huh? What are you doing here, Emerald? I thought you were headed to the cave to collect poison?”

“That was two days ago.” 


Rousing him from his slumber, we trailed after Lady Apricot into the forest. 

Apparently, the experiment is going to be conducted in the forest. Looks like an open space is better to test things, lest we inconvenience the neighbours in town.


“Ah, my dear disciple. Watch out for bugs and keep an eye on your physical condition at all times. No matter how small, if there’s an issue, then make sure to report to me. Also just let me know, if you need any fluids, I’ve made the necessary arrangements.”

“You really are thoughtful in the weirdest of places.” 

“Of course, I am. I’m obligated to do that much as an adult when I’m borrowing someone’s precious body.”


Saying so, Lady Apricot once again cast the Bug repellant magic on us. It should keep us safe from small bugs and snakes. As ever, she insists on being considerate of the tiniest details.

Come to think of it, I wonder why Lady Violet also looks at this side of Lady Apricot in surprise, just like Lady Emerald.  



Great God Ibuki: Ritual Dance


It’s a spell that allows the user to temporarily borrow the divine power of a great earth deity called Ibuki using alcohol as a medium. This provides the user with the power to enhance the strength of their magic.

Originally the spell seems to be used to enhance physical strength, but we are going to be conducting an experiment to check if it can be swapped with magic strength.


“So in order to recreate the power of a curse, I borrowed an item from Lord Orchid that can temporarily put an object in a cursed state.”

“What the hell kind of item did that guy make…”


Lady Apricot pulled out a poisonous looking cauldron  from her cape. It bubbled and sputtered, as if merely touching it could really curse you.


“Hmm… is that poisonous, Apricot? Curses are something that can eat away at your body, right?”

“Throw that on me, Apricot! Dump it on me from the head down with a splash! Don’t leave a drop behind!”

“In your dreams!”


In reply to Mr. Brown’s question, Lady Emerald asks to be dunked with the fluid and upon Lady Apricot’s refusal, she tries to grab the cauldron. I try to stop her and Mr. Brown joins in my effort and together we hoist her by her arms and somehow manage to stop her. Mr. Brown happens to be younger than me but much taller which I really envy.


“Curses aren’t poison in the first place! Anyway, we need to set up the experiment. My dear disciple, would you help me with it?”

“Roger that.”


I began to set things up for the experiment as per Lady Apricot’s request. A small distance away from us, Lady Apricot created a rock a bit bigger than me and poured the fluid over it that would put it in a cursed state. During the process, I heard Lady Apricot mutter something that sounded like, ‘Ugh, I should have him make that next time…,’ which was a bit concerning, but anyway, everything should be set up and ready now.


“Next we sprinkle the sake around it. Done. Phew. Well then, let us begin, my dear disciple! It’s a bit dangerous for someone powerful like me to use dark or fire magic for this, so let’s try water magic!”

“I suppose water is comparatively safer…”


Lady Apricot had finished setting everything up and was about to start the experiment.

Mr. Brown had set Lady Emerald down and she was spectating the experimental process.


“By the way, Gray…”



Lady Apricot had started to chant the spell and was building up her magic power. Lady Emerald and I looked on and she began to make small talk with me.


“If I’m not mistaken, back when the academy students came by for the investigation, you spoke with Nephrite on the last day, didn’t you?”

“Nephrite… Oh, yes, I did.”


I think Nephrite’s last name was Kriemhild.

It’s true that Lady Kriemhild and I had a chat, albeit short, on the last day. She had voiced her concerns for me in regards to my kidnapping and her demeanour was very gentle and bright, so I remember her very well.

She was an old school friend of Lady Violet’s and I recollect them happily chatting away. I think Lady Emerald also spoke with Lady Kriemhild.

“Did you ever feel like there was something off about her?”

“Something off?”

“I can’t find the right words, but how do I put it…”


She scratched her head with the non-bandaged left hand and after struggling to find the appropriate words, she uttered something strange.


“Like she doesn’t have something that she should and she’s simply spinning her wheels because she’s missing that little something…”


Lady Emerald stumbled as if she herself was unsure of what she was talking about, and just then…


“…Oh, shit.” 


Our conversation was cut off by Lady Apricot muttering as such under her breath.

Both of us had a bad feeling after hearing that and switched stances to one that would allow us to quickly run to help if necessary.


“Take cover!”

We did as told when Lady Apricot lost control of her magic and the target of her spell exploded for some reason. 

It wasn’t a huge explosion, but that’s besides the point.

The spell that got out of hand was the one Lady Violet was chanting, so it was water magic.

Rather than water splashing everywhere, being refined by magic, it shot up from the ground and scattered. Meaning, everything in the vicinity was completely soaked.

…I feel a bit cold.


“…Okay, Apricot. What do you have to say to us?”

“I’m truly sorry.” 


Lady Apricot promptly apologised.



| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

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