The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 73, A sojourn of some strange people_1

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“Haa, haa, I haven’t had Milady’s …… in such a long time—haa, ha…!”
“(A pervert?!)”

It was late afternoon when the Sun had risen high. When I returned home, a pervert was there.
I really wish somebody would explain this situation to me.
I’m sure an explanation would make this even more confusing, but at least it’s going to be a good way to escape this reality. Still, there are times when we have to face reality.
The pervert is holding Lady Violet’s ■■. Considering the pervert’s duty that in itself isn’t weird… it’s not supposed to be weird, but it is weird how excited the pervert is.
It’s okay, I’m Clo Heartfield. Ever since I became Shiki’s lord, I have had to reluctantly get used to such strange people. I shall gracefully turn them aside this time too.

“Haa, haa… ! I might as well put it in my mouth—“

Oh, this is the type of a situation I shouldn’t ignore. I have to solve this problem.
I resolved myself and decided to stand in front of the pervert.
… Why did things turn out this way again?


“I’m sorry, but may I please have a moment?”

I was taking a break from the work of very belatedly attaching snow protections to the garden trees of Mr. Green, who hurt his back in preparation of winter (for the second time this year), with the help of his daughter Emerald when a certain man spoke to me.
When I turned towards the voice, I saw an unfamiliar couple with similar features, who were dressed in winter coats and carrying travel bags.
Both had slightly pointy and long ears, which weren’t hidden by their hair, so maybe they had elf blood in them.

“What happened?”

I put the cup of tea (without poison) brewed by Emerald nearby, stood up, took off my working gloves and approached the pair.
When I got close, both of them bowed. Is it just my imagination or do they seem strangely used to this?
When I looked closer, I realized that they were a very good-looking couple with the same brown hair and distinctive red and yellow eyes. They didn’t look flashy enough to make a deep impression, but they looked down-to-earth and simple.

“Um, we want to stay here. Is there any place where we can spend the night?”
“Oh, in that case—“

As usual, I told them about the inn ‘Rainbow’ and the church where they could stay the night.
If neither of them are available tonight, I’ll invite them to my house, but that’s only if they’re both unavailable. I can’t invite people to my house willy-nilly.
And this time the pair chose to stay at the inn.
I offered to show them around, but I was politely declined, with the excuse being they couldn’t bear to bother me that much.

“Then, we will excuse ourselves.”

The man spoke and bowed together with the woman.
It really feels like they’re used to it. Could they be servants of some family?
…Oh, oops. I forgot to mention that I’m the Lord. I always tell people to rely on me when people of Shiki cause trouble for them, but this time I completely forgot thanks to their soft-spoken attitude and a conversation with no idle chatter.
Well, it’s fine. In case of an emergency, they can ask the innkeeper and if they plan to stay for a few days, I’ll take that chance to introduce myself again.

“They came here to stay? What a strange pair.”

Emerald made a rude remark as she sipped her (slightly poisonous) tea.
She had a lot of guts to say something like that in front of her Lord, but it’s a little frustrating that I can’t rebuke her strongly because she’s not entirely wrong.


“A young man and a woman?”

When I returned to the mention and told Lady Violet what had happened earlier in the living room, she asked with a slightly quizzical look.
Shiki lacks tourist attractions. Furthermore, given the season, it’s rare to see tourists that aren’t merchants, not to mention a pair of a young man and a woman. They might have eloped or been on a honeymoon. However, since they had similar features, they seemed more like siblings on a trip.

“They might have come here after hearing the rumors of the hot spring.  There is also a chance that they may enjoy visiting secluded regions. Here’s your tea, Sir.”
“Yeah, that’s a possibility too. And thank you, Gray.”

I received tea from Gray and considered the possibility.
Although I haven’t advertised it yet, I’ve announced that a hot spring has been discovered. I guess there is a possibility that they are hot spring enthusiasts who came here after hearing the rumors.
And the tea seeped into my cold body.  Tea and coffee brewed by Gray are far more delicious than the ones I make even though they are supposed to be the same thing.

“Lord Clo, what were the characteristics of that pair?”
“It’s rare for you to be curious like that, Lady Violet.”
“I guess.”

Lady Violet also received tea from Gray and sat in the chair opposite me.
At first, I thought her question came from her caution towards people like Ms. Schwarz, but it seemed like her questions were about something else.
“Both of them had shoulder-length brown hair and they had elf characteristics, with the man having red eyes and the woman having yellow eyes. I can’t take a correct guess at their ages if they’re elves, but I guess they looked a little younger than me, a human.”
“A pair of a man and a woman with brown hair and red and yellow eyes. And elf characteristics… could they have been… no, but…”

Lady Violet didn’t even touch the tea as they pondered about the characteristics I was recalling and muttered as if she had an idea of who they might have been.
Maybe she knows them from the capital. They could’ve been seniors from school, acquaintances from the same noble circle, or maybe people from her paternal home–

“Oh, it looks like we have a visitor. I will take a look.”
“Please do.”

Just as I was wondering, the mansion’s doorbell rang, as if to interrupt my thoughts.
Gray, who was first to react, set down the cup of tea he had brewed for himself, left the living room, and walked quickly towards the front door.
I’m not waiting for anybody today, so who might it be?
Maybe it’s Mr. Yellow or Mrs. Blue, who’ve come to share rations for winter or Cyan’s here to pester me for something.
No, maybe it’s the pair I saw earlier. They might have come here to greet me after deciding to stay here for a while or relocate to Shiki forever. If it’s the latter, they’re pretty strange, or they’re perverts… no, I can’t think this way as the lord.
Then, as I waited while sipping my tea, Gray returned after a while.

“Lord Clo, we have guests. I assume they’re the people we were just talking about. They seemed to have wanted to greet you, so I took them to the reception room.”
“Mm, got it. Gray, please make some tea.”
“Yes sir.”

As expected, the visitors were the pair from before.
I took one more sip of tea and stood in front of the nearby mirror to adjust my clothes. I can’t make them wait or go too fast, so I’ll head for the guest room after a few seconds.
Then, Lady Violet also stood up and came to me.
“I’ll come with you, Lord Clo.”
“As expected, you have an idea who they might be?”
“Probably. But I’m not entirely sure. Is it okay if we greet them together?”
“Yes, of course.”

I had no reasons to refuse, so I accepted her suggestion.
From what I saw, it didn’t seem to be a trauma related to the duel, so I’ll keep an eye on her casually.
I walked down the hallway of this kind of pointlessly wide mansion, stood at the front door of the guest room, took a deep breath and opened the door.

“I am sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“No, we are sorry for the sudden visit. Pleased to meet you, we are— huh, you are…?”
“You’re from earlier today…”

As soon as I entered the guest room, it was the same brown-haired pair from before who stood up and bowed to me. The only difference from before was the fact that they had no luggage with them and their strong willed yet kind gaze had changed into a wary one.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

When Lady Violet came after me, her expression changed to a mixture of various emotions, like confusion and nostalgia.
I had my doubts, but they’re really her…

“As expected, it was you guys… it’s been a while, Burnt, Amber.”



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