The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 74, A sojourn of some strange people_2

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

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“I apologize for my earlier impoliteness. Pleased to meet you once again, Lord Clo. My name is Burnt Bulstrode and I served as Lady Violet’s butler. And this is my younger sister…”
“I am Amber. Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on.”
“Thank you for your introduction. I am the lord of Shiki, Clo Heartfield. Pleased to meet you. Please have a seat.”
“Thank you for your concern.”  

After seeing Lady Violet Violet, the pair was a little distraught, then they suddenly came to their senses, calmed down, and returned to their composed expressions. They introduced themselves to us after standing up and bowed respectfully.
Apparently they are twin half-elf siblings and they served as Lady Violet’s servants at her parental ducal house. They are 24 years old.
Normally, most servants wouldn’t care if the person they were serving went somewhere because they only have a contractual relationship, but those two seemed to have come to Shiki because they were worried about Lady Violet’s safety. It looks like they admire her a lot.
Apparently, they wanted to come rushing to Shiki from the moment Lady Violet came here but Duke Valentine hid the information. They had only recently found out about her actual whereabouts. And after hearing the rumors about her, they immediately came running here.
That’s all I found out about them… but I don’t think they appeared in Ring of Fire. Though, their names might’ve been dropped at least.

“I’m sorry, the letters I sent were also being censored by the person who was monitoring me. I couldn’t relay the information about where I was.”
“No, it’s a blessing just to be able to see you like this.”
“Still, I’m surprised you could find out that I was here.”

They looked a little reluctant to answer Lady Violet’s question. However, they soon recovered and Mr. Burnt answered in a business-like tone with the same composed expression as before.

“We heard rumors about you by coincidence, Milady, and followed them to this land.”
“Rumors, huh.”
“Yes. And we also learned of various rumors about this Shiki place where you were supposed to be, Milady. While this might be rude, I was worried about whether you had gotten used to the place, as you had hardly been out of the capital.”

Judging from his reaction just now, they came here because they were worried about perversion in Shiki… and also heard rumors about me.
They probably also heard that I’m violent, embezzle funds and that the military will arrest me as soon as I’m seen in the capital. The rumors about me in the capital are usually all like that.

“… I see. So, you’ve heard the rumors about Lord Clo being Abnormal Cagliostro and were worried that I might be treated indecently.”
“Uu… what might you be talking about?”
“Y-yes, we don’t know what you might be t-talking about, Milady.”

Why is that name actually spreading? Is it them? Is it the person who I angered and who caused me to be appointed as the lord of Shiki spreading it? That aside, those two really suck at lying. Their eyes are swimming around like crazy.

“You guys are really bad at making up lies on the spot.”

Looks like Lady Violet also knows that they’re not good at lying.
Since she clarified that they can’t do it on spot, maybe it’s not like they’re completely unable to lie. From their appearance and the way they conducted themselves before, I thought they were the types to hide their emotions, but they’re actually the type of people to show exactly what they’re feeling on their faces.

“Of course we would be worried! We heard that your broken heart was taken advantage of after you were dumped by His Highness. We heard you were being trained and had become completely dependent on the person both physically and emotionally!”
“That’s right. We heard that you couldn’t leave your husband even if you were cheated on because you were afraid of being abandoned, so you put on the slave collar on your own and even started laying your hands on young boys!”
““Wait, where did that rumor come from?””

They went on offense. Maybe they’re actually easy to get along with.
Also, what’s with that rumor? We haven’t even kissed, how did I end up being painted as such a pervert?… Huh, now that I think about it, we really still haven’t even kissed.
Wait, was that the reason why they were glaring at me earlier? If they found out that the master they love is married to a husband whose nickname is Abnormal Cagliostro and learns about a special place called Shiki, of course they would be worried. They’re the type of servants who would even come all the way here.

““So is it true?!””
““Of course not!””

The siblings talked in unison and drew near while we both denied it at the same time.
This was completely unthinkable. Rather than that person spreading the rumors, it’s more like the information leaked from the students that came to Shiki and snowballed into those rumors, but I think they got misinterpreted too much.
Then, after looking relieved at our replies, they apologized for getting close and sat back down in their original spot.

“Ah, I’m glad. So the rumors that you were flying in the sky while hanging onto an unknown object, borrowed the power of a black mage and have a 10 year old son which you gave birth to when you were 5 years old are lies too, right?”
“Well, I did think that those were lies. Brother is such a worrywart. There is no way Milady would duel a nun with her bare fists and magic, harvest poisonous herbs and even use magic on a monster with His Highness’ face.”
“No, actually that information is closer to reality.”
“Yes, those rumors are mostly correct.”

They were laughing at first, but when we corrected some of their misconceptions, like the fact that it was an adopted son and not a biological one and told them that the rumors were fairly true, they looked at us strangely and let out a small dry laugh.
They seemed to have thought that we were joking, but Lady Violet added.

“If you think so, it may be better to keep thinking that way. However, being flexible is also important. They’re surprisingly good people if you accept them, so try to actually interact with them.”

When she told them, they both held their heads with the same gesture, trying to come to terms with reality.
We watched them clutch their heads as we waited leisurely for Gray to make tea.



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