The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 77, A sojourn of some strange people_5 (Honey: Brother)

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

Translator: Xini

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Burnt


I, Burnt Bulstrode, don’t fully trust Clo Heartfield just yet.

One, I only met him a few days and two, I know very little about him to draw a conclusion on his character. Well, I doubt he trusts me either, so I suppose the feeling is mutual.


“Lord Clo is a perfectly fine gentleman. He accepts me for who I am and cherishes me as his wife.”


However, judging from what Milady has to say about him, he doesn’t sound like a bad person.

It was plain from Milady’s tone that she wasn’t lying and her expression made it obvious that she was in love with him.

As jealous as it makes me, I still find it a million times better than Milady living with someone she finds unpleasant, so I can let it slide.


“Burnt, I’m happy that you adore me, but I assure you I can fulfil my duties without you sticking to me like glue…”

“That won’t do, Milady.  A butler is supposed to be ready to assist his master at any and all times. As it has always been since my days of serving you at House Valentine.”


I stayed close to Milady who apparently had some work to do outdoors. I walked one step behind her, ready to help at any moment.

Milady absolutely cannot be burdened with any of the things she was forced to do when she first arrived here. Round the clock, I should make sure to pick up any slack so nothing bothers her.


“You’re not wrong, but… well, never mind. I know I said it was work, but I’m only going to be taking a look around the barony. In other words, I’m only going to ascertain if anyone’s in trouble or if anything needs resolving.”

“Yes, Milady, I understand. It is the duty of a lord to be aware of what goes on in their domain.”

“That’s right. It’s good that you know.”

I tagged after Milady, remembering my way around Shiki that I had mapped out in my mind. 

Frankly speaking, I think surveying a land and its residents is part of the duty of servants like Gray or me or something we should hire a specialist for, but it’s no mistake for a lord to do it themselves. I shall refrain from interfering with Milady’s work in any way. I shall protect her from any errant daggers or people.


“I’m sure it’s not going to be easy in more ways than one, but I trust you to support me as best as you can.”


Nevertheless, Milady’s words were concerning.

Come to think of it, Milady mentioned that one needs to be flexible in order to adapt to life in Shiki. I wonder what that was all about.



This barony is strange.

I’ve been racking my brains to understand what had surpassed as I stood in the guest room allotted to me in the Heartfield mansion.

My confusion was not about Milady greeting the residents or taking a look around town. Nor was it about the fact that Milady had made a friend around her age, which made me both discontent and happy at the same time. It was about the aforementioned resident/friend. What manner of creature is she?


“Hey, Sister Cyan. Has anything been troubling you lately?”

“Hm? Oh, Io. Hi. I can’t say there is. Hup!”

“I see. If there is, then don’t hesitate to let me know.”

“Gotcha. By the way, who’s the guy with you?”

“He was my attendant back in the Valentine mansion. We’ve been reunited after some time, and he’s been helping me with my work.”

“Oh. I’ll come greet him later. Until then. Hyup!”



Sister Cyan climbed the church wall barehanded and proceeded to fix the roof tiles. 

She happens to be the only nun in this land and a battle-type one at that. I’ve heard she teaches the kids the alphabet, keeps them entertained and is also a friend of Milady’s. But what exactly is a battle-type nun?

She’d apparently place in the top three among the residents, in regards to pure combat strength without any magic buffs. I would have expected that much from a battle-type nun. But seriously, what does it mean?

That aside, I find it a little annoying that she scaled the church wall so effortlessly and neatly.


“I heard all about you. That you were Violet’s battle knight. I am Apricot, the magnificent mage who rules over the dark and fleeting light! I welcome you into my brethren!”

“Watch out Milady! It could be some new manner of mental attack!”

“It’s okay. She only means to say, ‘I heard you were a servant of Violet’s. I’m a mage who can expertly wield both dark and fire magic and I also happen to be Gray’s master. Nice to meet you.’”

“Mmph, I see you’re starting to understand me, Lady Violet.”


Apparently Milady is good friends with the girl who spouts nonsense too.

I rather wish Milady would maintain her distance from nutjobs like Apricot, but she seems to be the best mage in this domain, and her destructive power is apparently so great that her name has gone down in the annals of the academy’s history. Moreover, she appears to be one of the top three cooks in Shiki and her clothing are all supposedly handmade. As such, I hear there’s a lot one could learn from her.

But I’m still not altogether convinced.

Plus, the residents only get weirder.


“Hehe, Violet. Could you pass these along to Clo? It’s his share.”

“Sure. Thanks, Orchid. Your vegetables and mushrooms are really delicious. We appreciate you always giving us some.”


The very suspicious looking dark mage was apparently one of the good samaritans living here.


“Are you hurt? You’re hurt, right? Rest assured. You’re in good hands now that I’m here. In fact, I’ll fix you up so well, you’ll be as good as new!”

“His treatment methods and the noises he makes are certainly something.”

“He’s so skilled at his job that it almost feels like his noises are some kind of rhythm he’s working to.”


The doctor with questionable conduct and expressions seems to be among the top healers in the kingdom.


“Hey. The medicine prescribed to you should be running out or expiring soon. I had your prescription refilled.”

“Oh, I appreciate it. Sorry but I’ll have to compensate you later.”

“Also take this medicine, it helps you puke your guts out and this, it helps you enjoy the prickling tingling sensation that comes after numbness.”

“No, thanks. Those just sound like poison.”


Upon Milady’s refusal, the apothecary(poison resistant) who swallowed said poisons, was also apparently quite skilled.


“Hello, that’s. a. face. I. haven’t. seen. around. here. Oh. yeah. You. are. the. one. who. was .Violet’s. servant. before. she. came. here. Nice. to. meet. you, call. me. Robot. Here, take. a. canelé. as. a. welcome. gift.”


Also what exactly is that?

Why is that strange lifeform strutting about the town like normal? It also appears to be on good terms with Milady.

Though I could never take a liking to its broken speech, its mechanical and whirring sounds filled my heart with joy for some reason. It may very well be romanticism, but I felt like it had walked straight out of the story books I used to read as a child and it filled me with strange admiration.

There was no end to the weirdos.

Someone who kisses the vegetables they pick up. A seven year old kid who looks like an adult. A gigantic man who loves exercising and muscles. A man, presumably in his 40s, with handmade bunny-ears on his head. A woman who breathes heavily at the sight of knives. A man who could only talk about love. Et cetera.

There were still a lot of things Milady wasn’t accustomed to, but I smiled, pleased that her world was expanding.

She may have changed and lost some of her dignity as a noble, but seeing her smile only brings me joy.

That said, I’m glad to see that the thing I like about her hasn’t changed. It calls for a celebration all the more.

In the few months I was separated from Milady, my yearning for her grew stronger with every passing day. I had steeled myself when I realised I wouldn’t be able to see Milady for a while while she attended the academy, but she had gotten married before I knew it and I also had no knowledge of the location of her new home. Some months passed this way, and unable to get a fresh regular dose of Milady, I was suffering from a severe case of Milady deficiency.


“Haa, haa, hearing Milady’s voice in person after so long… haa, haa…!”


However, now it’s different.

Blessed with Milady’s voice after an eternity, I now hold a magic tool, a sound source capable of temporarily holding a recording of Milady’s voice. Even this little outing was very fruitful in that I was able to record various different sounds from Milady.

Milady is a wonderful person.

She has the kind of beauty that inspires respect rather than lust in me, someone of the opposite sex. Her academic, magic and athletic abilities are leagues superior to the likes of me. Also, of no lesser importance by any means, the sounds that escape Milady’s lips are more heavenly than anyone I’ve ever served could produce.

Milady’s voice, her heartbeat, the sound of her hair fluttering in the wind, the sound of the touch of her slender, pretty fingers. Any and all sounds of hers are absolutely breathtaking.

Ahh, this won’t do. I need to control myself. Haven’t I persevered since my days of serving Milady in the Duke’s mansion? No, wait. Back then I was always by Milady’s side so I had a steady supply of her sound. Can I even hold back now that I’ve heard Milady’s flux sound (kind of an amazing sound) in such close quarters? No, I can’t.


“Haa, haa…! Might as well just swallow–”


No, stop. Calm down. What’s the use of holding the magic recording tool in my mouth? Wait, sound is made up of vibrations. By letting the vibrations oscillate through my body, I could feel and be healed by them from within, wouldn’t I? I see, then it can’t be helped. In that case, it wouldn’t be too strange to down it in one gulp.


“Yeah, one gulp it is.”


My body listens to my demands and I attempt to swallow the recording device (harmless if held in the mouth) with Milady’s voice in one breath. Ahh, why? Why is it that the sound of Milady’s heartbeat (a sacred sound) so bewitching–


“Please don’t do it.”



I was interrupted by Clo Heartfield just as I was about to do the deed. He grasped my arm to stop me.

This is strange.  I ensured there was nobody else in the vicinity so no other sound would mix into and contaminate Milady’s. Nor did I feel anyone’s presence. And yet, how did Clo Heartfield come to be here?


“Lord Clo, is something the matter?”

“Don’t give me that. What exactly were you trying to do with the magic tool that contains Lady Violet’s voice?”

“I was thinking of finding a place for Milady’s voice in my body.”

“I regret to inform you that’s probably impossible. If I may clarify something… am I right in assuming that your affections for Lady Violet don’t go beyond what’s considered appropriate?”


Clo Heartfield looked at me with slightly weary eyes and a suspicious expression on his face.

How rude. His suspicious gaze makes me look like a pervert. Well then, I should dispel him of any such delusions.


“My sister and I adore Milady.”

“…All right.”


Clo Heartfield replied after a strange pause and listened to my side of the story.

I told him about why my sister and I adore Milady.

I told him about how among all the nobility we had served, not many were actually noble in the true sense of the word. And though House Valentine was strict, it was never unreasonable.

And how Milady, as the daughter of the Duke, had spared no effort to be a worthy future Queen.

And how we had first treated Milady as someone living on a plane far elevated from us mere mortals, until we witnessed Milady crying in her room alone.

And how that moment made us realise that we had been seeing Milady through rose-tinted glasses. When we assured Milady that she should feel free to tell us anything or even whine, Milady had buried her face on my sister’s chest and silently shed tears.


“That’s when a thought crossed my mind, ‘Ahh, what a wonderful voice.’”

“Hmm. It’s just as I suspected.”


I wonder what exactly it is that he suspects.

Continuing on, the moment I heard Milady’s cries, my needlessly sharp ears found the sounds escaping Milady’s lips wonderful.

That is when my sister and I made up our minds. Starting then, we decided we would do everything to help Milady. That we’d serve her to the best of our abilities so she may be a regal and authoritative Queen.

When I realised that by doing so, I’d be able to enjoy her magnificent sound at any time, my world changed completely.

I love the sound of Milady’s resolute voice the most.

I love the sound of Milady’s rapid heartbeat and quick breathing that can be heard when she’s sweating away training.

I love the sound of warm sighs that escape Milady’s lips after a bath she takes at the end of a long day to refresh and to maintain her beauty.

I love the sound of Milady’s pen scratching away at her paper during her sleepless nights of study and her appreciative tone when I enter the room with refreshments.

I love any and all manner of sounds that Milady produces.

I thank my lucky stars for this opportunity to be able to serve such an amazing lady.

We have wondered why we love Milady so wholeheartedly. But at some point we had found the answer.

We love Milady precisely because she’s an aristocrat and a dignified one at that. 


“And that is why I decided to serve my majestic lady! I’m second to none in my adoration for Milady! Not even my sister!”

“Maybe it’s because they are twins, but they are both unhinged in different yet similar ways…”


Again, how rude. You’re making my sister and I out to be some kind of perverts.


Alternate title 

Innately abnormal brother


Amber Bulstrode

  • Height: Around 160cm
  • Hair color: Burnt Umber
  • Eye color: Amber
  • Age: 24 yrs
  • Species: Half-Elf
  • Fetish: Smells (Limited to body odors)


Burnt Bulstrode

  • Height: Around 170cm
  • Hair color: Burnt Umber 
  • Eye Color: Burnt Umber
  • Age: 24 yrs
  • Species: Half- Elf
  • Fetish: Body sounds (Heartbeat, voice and so on)



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