The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 78, A sojourn of some strange people_6

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

Translator: Nonon

Proofreader: Silavin


Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber are siblings that are very good at their jobs.
They can clean faster than us, and even their finish is beautiful.
Even though we use the same ingredients, the food they make has a deeper flavor and is much more delicious.
In addition, they do household chores as quietly as possible to not disturb us while we’re working, and they do it flawlessly, with no unnecessary movements.
That’s fine. Their professionalism is a result of years of hard work serving others. It looks like Lady Violet trusts both Mr. Burnt, who’s a man, and Ms. Amber, who’s a woman, equally and Gray also said that he wanted to learn how servants worked.
That’s all fine. But I want them to know this.

“I think it’s safe to say that people who get excited by sounds and scents are perverts.”
“”Haha, you must be joking.””

In my room, where neither Lady Violet nor Gray were present, I explained what I had seen to Ms. Burnt and Ms. Amber and they laughed out of courtesy thinking that I, their Master, was making a joke.
But I’m sorry, I wasn’t joking.
I also have favorite smells and sounds.
It’s perverted but I also like Lady Violet’s fragrance and voice. But it doesn’t arouse me sexually… that much.
At the very least, I don’t try to bury my face in her worn clothes and sniff them and I don’t get heavily excited about the idea of putting them in my mouth.
I don’t get excited at the sound of her heartbeat and her bones rattling. Furthermore, I don’t think about keeping recorded sounds inside my body.
I’m not saying that being a pervert is bad. But what’s bad is for the people in question to act in a perverted manner without realizing it and as a result, harm the person who’s become the target of their aforementioned perversion. I would like to avoid letting Lady Violet get traumatized, but I feel like their interest is extending to Gray too, so I want them to have more self-awareness. I don’t want my family to be hurt.

“We aren’t even excited, right, brother?”
“Yeah, exactly. We both love Milady’s sound and fragrance, but there is no way it would excite us, Lord Clo.”
“That’s right. We would never lust for somebody as noble as Milady. We have inherited sharp senses from our half elf blood. Brother has keen hearing, while I have an outstanding sense of smell.”
“Other than that, we are not much different from humans, so our sharp senses have become more sensitive. That’s why we end up reacting to good sounds and scents.”

… Oh, I see. This is the reason why Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber don’t think that they’re perverts. They think that they simply like sounds and scents and don’t realize that they get aroused by them.
I think this problem would’ve been solved in a second if I could use a video camera to show them how they acted in the moment, but there are no small machines that could record images in this world… Robot might have something similar though. I can imagine her having some incomprehensible functions.

“I see… then please let me ask you a question. If you find it difficult to answer, you don’t have to answer. Ms. Amber, if you think that this is sexual harras-…unpleasant sexual behavior, you can refuse to answer. This is not an order.”
“Yes, it’s fine. I shall answer everything sincerely, without hiding anything.”
“Even if it is temporary, you are our Master, Lord Clo. I am not going to say that I was improperly victimized.”

Their spirit is admirable, but if this had been a Japanese company in my previous life, that would have been an extremely dangerous statement.
Pondering things like, I started the confirmation process – in the form of asking questions.


“Impossible… Are you saying that I was aroused by Milady’s voice and the sound coming from her body…?!”
“Impossible… Are you saying that I was aroused by Milady’s fragrance…?!”

After an hour of questioning, Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber had their hands on the ground in a devastated pose and appeared to be shocked by their own actions.
They didn’t believe me at first, but perhaps thanks to having worked at Shiki for a while, when I compared them to the residents of Shiki and confirmed their actions and how they felt in the moment, they gradually became less talkative. They eventually finally realize how people around them would evaluate their actions.
I feel a bit complicated that comparing them to the Shiki residents worked the most though.

“Ha…! Brother, does this mean that we’ve been acting in a perverted manner towards Milady until now?!”
“Ha…! No way, Amber! Milady was degraded and had her engagement with His Highness Vermillion broken because we did something disrespectful?!”

No, that was because Lady Violet got jealous of that other girl and went on a rampage, so it had nothing to do with you guys.

“I can’t believe… our actions caused Milady’s dignity to fall…!”
“In that case, there’s only one thing we can do, Amber. “
“Yes, brother. I understand.”

… I have a bad feeling about this.

“Milady should be the one to judge us, at least.”
“Yes, let’s confess everything and be executed.”
“Please wait.”

Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber tried to run towards Lady Violet as soon as they made up their minds, so I grabbed the back collar of their butler and maid uniforms that they had apparently brought themselves and stopped them.
If I didn’t stop them, they’d probably really go to talk with her. And if they didn’t get executed, they might really end up cutting their stomachs themselves.

“Please let us go, Lord Clo. At least, at least when I die, I want to meet my end while surrounded by Milady’s noble scent!”
“That’s right. I want Milady’s noble voice to be the last one I hear! I want to meet my end while surrounded by Milady’s heartbeat! So please let me go!”
“Ah, but brother! Won’t Milady give off a different scent while looking down on us?!”
“You’re right! I want to hear Milady’s voice as she completely scorns us!”

Why are you guys secretly trying to fulfill your own desires? Or rather, I’m not going to let Lady Violet do that kind of thing. If servants who’ve served you for many years were to die while aroused by your voice and smell until the very end, you might end up traumatized for the rest of your life.

“To start with, if perverted conduct was enough to get you executed, most of Shiki residents would be goners.”

I can’t believe they were actually convinced.
But I did say it because I thought it was true, so I’m glad I was able to stop their rampage. For now I have to make them calm down, not deny their love for scents and sounds, and explain that while some people might call them perverts, I don’t want them to deny what they love.
Besides, they’re…

“Besides, if you guys get executed… you won’t be able to fulfill your purpose of protecting and transporting me, Lady Violet and Gray.”

Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber froze up at my words.


Author’s note:
Doesn’t arouse… that much
Translation: It does quite a lot



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