The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 80, A sojourn of some strange people_8

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We were rightfully scolded by Lady Violet that we shouldn’t fight unnecessarily and ordered to sit and wait in my room to reflect.
Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber also realized they had been acting crazy, and perhaps having reflected on the trouble they had caused, they sat in their chairs with their backs straight and waited, barely moving.
I also needlessly provoked them, so I was similarly on standby. I thought about making a conversation with them, but it’s hard to talk with them in the current state and if we talked a lot, there would be no point in reflecting, so a strange silence was dominating the room.

“Lord Clo, may I express my gratitude?”

Then, after a while, Ms. Amber spoke up.
I was a little taken aback by her sudden words, but it looked like she required my answer, so I braced myself and replied.

“What happened all of a sudden? I am not going to let you smell me.”
“You don’t need to be so cautious. That is not what I meant.”

Huh, wasn’t trying to satisfy her desires by flattering me and making me let my guard down?
I relaxed my guard and asked her why she wanted to thank me out of nowhere.

“If it was the past Milady, she would never scold us even if we made a mistake. She would simply give us a word or two of warning and that would be the end of it.”
“Yes, she never used to show emotions other than a superficial smile and anger before. Usually, when she scolds us, she would coldly tell us ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it next time’.”

That’s something that I can’t imagine from the current Lady Violet. But she did have that kind of side to her in Ring of Fire.
An emotional person who was usually unfriendly and very strict about discipline, only showed affection towards His Highness and was jealous of the heroine, who loved His Highness, trying to intimidate her. In other words, she was strict with others.
…Huh, I felt a little prickle just now. I wonder why.

“Not only did we not find anything wrong with it, we even thought that she was supposed to be that way. We thought that because she was a noble being and was supposed to become the mother of the nation, unlike us, she should not show her emotions carelessly. In our minds she was the perfect person to lead the people.”

In order to become a so-called noble, upright Queen, she didn’t need extra emotions. I guess that’s what she was taught to be in, and since I don’t know anything about education, I have no intention of questioning whether it’s right or wrong. Whether this method suits them or not depends on the individual.

“So, frankly speaking, when I heard that she was friends with Cyan, Apricot and that other being who speaks in incomprehensible broken language, I thought that they were unsuited for her. I thought that since she’s a noble, the commoners were unfit to be friends with her.”

Robot, Ms. Amber treats you like an incomprehensible being. There are many aspects of her that I don’t understand either, so Ms. Amber isn’t exactly wrong either.

“However, when I look at milady as of late… I’ve mysteriously come to think that the current milady may be better than before.”
“In what way, for example?”
“She was happy at our arrival, showed affection towards Lord Clo and Gray. She also seemed to be having fun showing us around Shiki…”
“Milady’s voice when talking to her friends was the most upbeat I’ve ever heard and her happy smile wasn’t fake…”

Then, they both looked confused and at a loss for words.
‘Is it okay to say more? Is it okay to deny the past?’ That’s the kind of an expression they had.
They loved Lady Violet as Violet Valentine and that’s exactly why they might have some thoughts looking at her current state.
It’s like there’s a conflict between their desire to return to the old days and their feelings from observing how easy it is to get along with her current self.

“Lord Clo, may I come in?”

Then, as if to dispel the silence, somebody knocked on the door.
Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber were startled by that voice and switched to a more composed look.
After checking in on them, I replied that it was okay to come in and invited the person in.

“Well then, Lord Clo, Amber, Burnt, it’s about time so you can come.”
“Do we not need to reflect any longer, Milady?”
“Also, what do you mean by… it’s about time?”

When Lady Violet came in and confirmed that we were obediently waiting, she said something that was different from a sermon or lecture.
After Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber asked with questioning looks on their faces, Lady Violet replied with no particular implication.

“Oh, Gray and I prepared dinner today.”

Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber looked surprised at these words, and Violet looked pleased to see that she had pulled one over them.

“Since you guys came to Shiki, you’ve been doing all the cooking. Although my cooking won’t taste as good as yours, I’d like to invite you to dinner as guests.
“”We wouldn’t dare—“”
“Oh? Are you saying that you won’t listen to your Master? Are you planning to waste what your Master has made?”

They hesitated to reply to Lady Violet, who spoke in an unfair manner, perhaps realizing that anything they said would be useless. Even if they denied it and told her that it wasn’t the case, she would reply with ‘then it’s an order from your Master’.

“Come on, it’s going to get cold so come to the dining room. If you need to wash your hands or change your clothes, I’ll wait, but it’s tastier when it’s warm so be quick.”
“… Understood. We will come as soon as we’re ready.”
“Please go ahead first, Milady.”

After agreeing with Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber, who had their heads bowed, and looking at me, Lady Violet turned on her heel and left for the dining room with ‘we’re having an extravagant feast today!’
Wait. What was that just now? Isn’t that unfair? 

“… Once again, I would like to express my gratitude.”

I held my cheeks that seemed to be loosening and responded to Ms. Amber’s words while remaining as calm as possible.

“It’s frustrating, but my brother and I wouldn’t be able to see Milady smiling like that… We loved the way Milady was before, so we didn’t even think about changing her.”
“Yes, we never thought that a day would come when Milady would be able to show such expressions and emotions so audaciously.”

‘But’, they paused and muttered quietly as if they were talking to themselves and not me, 

“I loved how noble Milady was before, but — but I love the way Milady is now even more.”
“Me too. Right now Milady is overflowing with a different kind of charm and I love it.”

Mr. Burnt and Ms. Amber looked somewhat happy as they looked at where Lady Violet was headed.
I felt somewhat happy and relieved about that and was about to reply that I was glad for them, when, 

“Also, Milady’s fragrance mixed with the scent of seasonings after cooking… is very good! I want to enjoy it from up close even more!”
“Milady’s joyfully bouncing voice and footsteps… are simply wonderful! I want to hear it from up close even more!”

They really had to ruin it at the very end.



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