The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 81, Observation by the girl who was supposed to be the protagonist (:Lemon)

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Translator: Nonon

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Kriemhild

I enrolled in Azalea Academy as a scholarship student. It was mainly due to me being a rare user of alchemy magic. Furthermore, the school that I enrolled in has many famous people with unique personalities.

First of all, the most famous person in my grade is the third Prince, Vermillion Randolph.
He has beautiful red hair and purple eyes, which are characteristics of royalty. He is said to be a handsome boy, popular among men and women of all ages. The nickname given to him by those around him is “Crimson Lion”.
Its origin is rooted in the Prince’s talent not only in studies, but also in magic. In fact, he defeated a B-rank monster as a child. In other words, if someone messes with him, they are bound to get hurt.
Oh, he also has a good voice.
When he first enrolled in the academy, he was a calm and a solitary person. He didn’t show his emotions on his face. It was only recently that he started to become more expressive and friendlier. This naturally caused his popularity within the academy to soar even further.
The reason why he’s become friendlier is probably Mary’s influence. He doesn’t try to hide his feelings for her and they can often be seen together.
However, I don’t really like him. It’s because he insulted Vi, my precious friend, in public and dumped her. And he’s spending time happily with Mary without caring about it. When I see that, I feel a strange frustration in my chest.

Next is Ash Austin. A handsome boy with soft brown hair and black eyes. He is a member of the Marquis family and an attendant of His Highness Vermillion. Although he has a good voice as well, he has a dark side.
When it comes to academics, he’s always ranked in the top three with His Highness and Mary. When it comes to magic, he’s an expert of earth and wind. He is an all-around talented person, who is able to perform his duties, including miscellaneous tasks, as His Highness’ personal attendant without any problems. Recently, he made a contract with a spirit called Carbuncle, causing a stir both inside and outside the school.
I didn’t like Ash that much until summer, but I think that one of the reasons why we’ve recently become closer compared to the superficial relationship before is because of Mary’s influence.
I once saw Ash get slapped by Mary at the academy. The reason was that he was acting for Highness with no regard for himself. At that time, this caused a big uproar, but Ash himself said that the rumors were false, and asked the students who witnessed it happen in front of them (including me) to not spread the word. In the end, the situation ended without problems.
After that, he seems to have fallen in love with Mary like His Highness and I often see them together.
However, while I didn’t see it directly because I was back at my parents’ house, he seemed to have done something terrible to Vi during the duel so I don’t like him as well.
He has changed a bit since the Shiki investigation, so it’s okay, but I still feel somewhat uncomfortable with him. Also, he sometimes looks at me with strangely wary eyes.

Next is Chartreuse Calvin. He’s the son of the current Knight Commander and an Archwizard. He’s a handsome boy with dark green hair and chartreuse colored eyes, with unparalleled fighting ability among us. He also has a good voice.
When he first enrolled, Char was wrapped in an aura that kept others at bay more than His Highness. It was only recently that I often saw him interacting with others to improve himself. The way he strives to become Knight Commander is simpleminded, but brilliant and draws in people around him.  
The biggest reason why he changed is, as expected, Mary.
She kept talking to Char, who was unfriendly and rarely interacted with anybody other than His Highness and Ash. She would sometimes take him out to the city to interact with him more. As a result, she closed the emotional distance between them and he started to open up his heart to her, after which he started taking initiative to communicate with others as well.
There’s another well-known story within the academy about how Mary’s group was attacked by a B-rank monster during an off-campus training session. During that incident she got injured while protecting a classmate, and Char rushed over to defeat the monster alone.
If you look at them from the side, they look like good rivals who mutually encourage each other to improve and Char’s awkward yet straightforward way of telling her that he would become a man worthy of her earned him popularity among the female students of the academy.
That being said, I don’t like how he held Vi down more than necessary during the duel and treated her like an object… When I interacted with him, he turned out to be a more honest type. I wonder if it’s because of his personality that I stopped caring about those things? 

There are other famous people too.
Senior Eccles, A handsome glasses-wearing older brother-type senior from a grade above, who’s a member of Earl Forsythe’s family.
The story of him scooping up Mary in a princess hold in public after she broke her leg and taking her to the infirmary is still being talked about among female students as a fairy tale-like event. He also has a good voice.

Silva Seyfried, a commoner like me, who’s in the same grade, but is cute like a young brother.
He used to be gloomy because he was being shunned due to him being able to use cursed magic, but he became cheerful thanks to Mary. We also now know the thing about the curse was a lie. Now, he’s loved as a hard-worker, and is quite popular. He has a nice, cute voice.

And then there’s Mary. A beautiful girl with pretty golden hair and red eyes, born as a commoner and not a noble, who has attracted the famous people I have described. Her family name is Sue. Also, she has a lovely cute voice.
She uses the same alchemy magic as I do, but she is clearly better at it than I am.
She excels in academics and always ranks in top 10 in the whole school, already attracting a lot of attention from people in her field of expertise.
She also excels in other magic, and uses the six basic attributes of earth, water, fire, wind, darkness, and light, as well as other rare magic, as if she were a professional in that attribute.
She has a high physical ability, and is as dependable in combat as His Highness Vermilion and Char, even in her natural state.
She has good looks that attracts both men and women alike, she treats everyone kindly and regardless of their social status or race and is loved by everybody.
She’s very good at changing her point of view and is quick to notice things that others around her have not noticed, which often impresses not only the students but the teachers as well.
Her cooking skills are so good that it can be said that she can catch people through their stomachs. I have seen His Highnesses’ group eat her homemade meals with relish.
…I can say that I am no match for her in every way, both as a woman and as a person.
I was accepted in the academy because I can use the rare alchemy magic, but I can’t help feeling inferior when Mary’s ahead of me. A saint? Is she a saint or something?

‘Fufu, thank you very much. However, there are many things that I adore about you. After all, you have something that I lack.’

She is a good girl, who is kind to me without worrying about such things, but I get a strange feeling when I interact with her. A strange feeling, as if… my place has changed. It’s probably just my imagination though.
And I am not very good at interacting with Mary.
Mary and Vi are enemies … or more specifically, Vi has a one-sided hostility towards her. Although Vi made some mistakes in that regard, it just felt strange. Mary is kind to most people, but she seemed to treat Vi differently.
I don’t know how to describe it, but it was as if she wasn’t a part of people who had to be saved — no, it’s probably just my imagination.

“… Well, there are other famous people too.”

I am technically also one of the famous students because I can use alchemy magic. There are other students who are attracting attention within the school as well.
A student, who excels in magic. A student who was born with special magic and was shunned for it. A now-expelled student who used to use word magic. And… my friend Vi, who was also expelled.
It has become known throughout the school that she would come to Azalea Academy’s school festival with her husband.
Vi has an understanding husband, Mr. Clo now. However, the famous students I mentioned earlier are clearly hostile towards her, and I even can see that her position at the school isn’t good.
On the contrary, she’s perceived as an enemy of Mary, who’s loved by many students even within the school. It can be said that she pretty much has no place here.
That’s why I think I have to be on Vi and Mr. Clo’s side when they come to the school festival.

“Ahaha… I got dirty. I can’t go home like this. I’ll make a tool to remove the stains.”

I laughed while no one was watching and deployed a field to use alchemy magic.
I’m glad that it was at a place where nobody else was watching. It would be a problem if I was seen by those famous students I was imaging earlier and since I’m also kind of famous, if I was seen by other students it would cause strange rumors. I don’t want either of that so I have to be careful. If such rumors spread, even if I am Vi’s ally, it would only be a nuisance for her.
I was taught a long time ago that smiling is important, but I’ve also heard that sometimes even a smile can look crazy, so I have to keep calm as much as possible. I already have a hard time fitting in as is.

“I wonder if the blood will come off properly?”

I muttered to myself while wiping the blood stains I got from defeating Trents.
… Maybe I should clean up too?

Or rather, Trents actually have blood? First time I’m seeing it.


Author’s note:
“A good voice”
They have a good voice because they’re played by voice actors in the otome game



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