The Mightiest System

The Mightiest System – Chapter 3, Game’s gift

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The memory came from the previous user of this body and since the soul of the previous owner has died therefore Chen Feng did not experience any repulsion force when his soul forcefully took over this youth’s body.  From the memory of this youth, Chen Feng found out that this is not the game world but instead something similar because in the game NPC would recognise the existence of game players.In this world , everyone’s dreams to one day be able to take over the world and become a deity.However what makes Chen Feng feel strange is that the game system also transverse into the world he is in together with him, did the game perhaps fuse with his soul?

What Chen Feng did not know was that when he died the game “cultivation God” system collapsed and all players around the world were forced to quit the game and forever unable to play the game again.

After trying out various game functions, Chen Feng suddenly discovered that his personal warehouse from when he played the game “cultivation God” unexpectedly still remains with him. This storage is very special and not everyone can have it. One has to reach the maximum level in the game and turn into a god in the game before being able to possess this personal storage.

In the “Cultivation God” game, the number of players has reached several billion, but not even 100 were able to reach maximum level(lvl 100) and become a god in the game.

But, Chen Feng is one of these 100 and his storage capacity has reached, maximum capacity with 1000 slots. In other words, Chen Feng has 2000 slots of storage space wherever he goes.What really surprised Chen Feng wasn’t the presence of his personal storage space but rather that all his personal storage space were packed with items which he previously owned in the game “cultivation god”.

HE was instantly filled with joy because his godly epic equipment that was peerless which he just refined recently in the game was still with him.It was precisely because of this godly epic level equipment that caused his death as, one was able to own such an equipment in the game yet he managed to create it, and the price of revealing this information was his death and his transportation into this brand new cultivation world.

Since he has already died in that world, then he might as well live a more meaningful life in this new world! Since he lost his parents since childhood, he has no attachments to the previous world and here, he can have the opportunity to cultivate, naturally, his death seem to be a very good event.


This youth whose his soul not possessed is also named Chen Feng and is also only 16 years old.Regrettably, his inborn talent is trash, and his body does not possess any spirit talent, therefore, is unable to carry on cultivating.

Cultivation of the spirit is a must to cultivate till one become a god. If one wants to become a god one first have to possess spirit talent.According to the game, from lvl 1 -5 one will be at the stage repairing body and after reaching the sixth level one can start to cultivate their spirit but this youth do not have spirit talent hence Chen Feng is unable to cultivate.

To Chen Feng, this isn’t much of a problem because, in his storage space, he have numerous marrow washing pills.This can only be used after one started their cultivation because it has a strong potency and effects, which also means that after reaching lvl 6, Cheng Feng is able to wash his marrow, shed his skin and repair his body.

However what really made Chen Feng happy is, in this world, his path of cultivation practice, compared with the public is more than ten million times easier because his cultivation is just like a game, using levels to promote his cultivation stages.

Before traversing worlds, he was known to be the best gamer in the world, after traversing he can still follow the ways of a gamer to level up, and this to chen feng this is like gifting him something just as he stretches his hand, a piece of cake!

Chen Feng starts to sympathize with this youth who has the same name as him, this youth really had just as difficult a life as chen feng had in his previous world.This youth did not have parents since he was born and was always bullied in his village. Luckily, when he was ten, he who was supposed to be frozen to death was rescued by an elder from the secret gate sect. The secret gate sect is considered the best among all the other sect and to this ten-year-old youth, this is a huge opportunity, but he is actually the inborn spirit waste without any spirit energy in his body and unable to cultivate his spirit.

Usually he only do odd jobs his dilapidated house.On the secret gate peak, his days has not been good as he faced rejection from the sect and many looked down upon him. This time, because he has offended the door disciple of spirit cultivation sect, hence he faced a crisis as the door disciple hire men to kill him. Chen Feng  sighed and thought”didn’t I also brought trouble to my doorstep because I have too much strength and potential?”

When he was young he was subject to numerous insults, and after becoming the world number one gamer, he should have been able to lead a great life.Unfortunately, it led to his inexplicable death instead and got transported into this world of cultivation,

Releasing a sight he said “Relax! Brother……die in peace! Since I obtained your body after my rebirth, I will certainly take revenge for you.”Now Chen Feng only plans to descend the mountain, and finds the way to rise to the fifth level as soon as possible, before coming back to this dilapidated house.As this is a very worn out house, very few people would come here , therefore cleansing my marrow here would be a good Idea.This house is located at secret gate sect’s periphery, halfway up the mountainside, therefore it is quite easy to descend the mountain.

After Arriving in the jungle under mountain, monsters that surrounds the secret gate peak are usually at level 1. Since this is the cultivation world’s biggest school, some stronger monsters with higher iq do not dare to approach.while the weaker beast are allowed to approach as the school do not find them to be a threat and would generally ignore them. Opening his backpack, and looking at  novice gift package as well as his leveling up gift package, he started smiling. Before, when he was gaming, it wasn’t easy to obtain these two gifts.The young masters of  big, rich and powerful families, are only able to obtain the new player gift as they were able to afford special gaming helmets.But the leveling up gift package can only be obtained by hidden and selected players. Opening the new player gift package, he discovered a clothe, pants, shoes and a new sword.Opening the leveling up gift package he found 100 vitality enhancing pills, which allows him to recover his health points.There were also 10 anesthetic pill, suitable to use against level 1-5 of monsters.Leveling up gift parcel can be opened once every five levels , helping one to promote faster, and also to provide supplementary items. Chen Feng strength is already very strong initially , so his attack power naturally is very high, but his defensive power and health points are too low, and he can be killed by monsters very easily. However with his new equipments and pills, so long as he is careful, he can still comfortably level up even with this shitty defence . He put on the equipments and grasps his new sword. At this time, Chen Feng once again check his attributes.

Characters: Chen Feng

rank: level 0

strength: 10

physique: 1

agility: 1

speed: 1

Spirit strength: 0

Elemental attributes:fire

Cultivation rank: none

HP: 40(equip +30)


Attack power: 110 (newsword +10)

magic power: 0

defensive powers: 40 (equip +30)

traveling speed: 20(shoes +10)


BTW, if anyone is interested in translating, Liew is interested in teaming up.

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  1. Hrmmm….. i just have one thought…. when is he going to die?

    These chapters are short, but then again, i can image that these first chapters that tell of his life before death, might be rushed by author, since everyone usually skips things like this, when it comes to reincarnTion or transported, or ect… stuffs like this.
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