The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley”

The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” – Chapter 240, The Promised Article


Translator: Barnnn

Proofreader: Xemul






Now look at them, bouncing on the beds like they’re the bounciest things ever…

Man, their fur and feathers are gonna create quite a mess by the time they’re done.

So I’m sharing this guest room with Pochi and Chappie – and even though it’s called a ‘guest room,’ it’s actually quite spacious and has a whopping four king-sized beds. Pochi and Chappie are REALLY loving this.

I’d thought the champion of the tournament would be getting her own room, but that turned out not to be the case. That’s probably the castle people’s way of telling me to keep my own folks in check, though.

The rooms next to ours are Ferris and Bright’s. That’s also probably the castle people’s way of telling me to keep my apprentices in check.

How much say did Polco and the Holy Emperor have in deciding this arrangement, anyway? Putting us – that is, the Familiar Chalice champion and her Master, a servant of the Fulbright and Adams households – in a room in between the households’ young children… hmm, I smell some desperate political shenanigans going on here.

And I feel so damn uncomfortable because I’m not used to this kind of luxury. Pochi and Chappie are loving it, though, so I guess one night wouldn’t be too unbearable.

Looks like Leon is feeling comfortable enough, too… in the same baby carrier as he’s always been, but still. He’s sleeping quite soundly.




“Ring ring~~!”


“…What are you doing?”


“Isn’t it obvious, sir? We’re calling room service!”


Uh, no, I don’t think this place has that.








The two of them, already sitting at the table and wearing their napkins perfectly, started shouting.

…Like baby birds begging for food from their bird parents.

Do they really think someone would just come and feed them if they shout at the ceiling for long enough?


<“A-apologies for the wait. Food will be served shortly!”>


Huh, so room service actually is a thing here.

He sounds pretty nervous though… Wait, haven’t I heard this voice before?

Once I opened the door, I saw Hatchel standing there, upright and bleary-eyed.

Last I saw him, he was in full armor like a soldier, but now he’s dressed like a chef.

Dude can really do anything around the castle, huh?


“Uh, hello there…”


“O-oh, Sir Poer! Thank you very much for your contribution to saving Regalia! His Majesty Emperor Hudl extends his gratitude for your speedy resolution of the Nation’s chaos! As a reward for your magnificent bravery, we would like to treat all of you to a feast of the finest cuisine in the Holy City!”


Man, I can’t help but feel awkward when people bow to me like that.

Still, this guy… could it be that he’s a VERY close to the Holy Emperor?

He seems to be taking orders straight from the man himself – and is apparently a very trusted associate, too.

So far, he’s been a decent guy, so I’m cool with him. Maybe the Emperor thinks so, too.


“Is it here yet?!”


Pochi’s insistent whining made Hetchel stiffen up again.


“Y-yes! Immediately! Ahh… the guests are angry already… We’re terribly sorry!”




Now Chappie is doing it, too… where are your manners, you obnoxious little birds?


“A-ahhhhh?! We’re terribly sorry! We’re terribly sorry! We’re terribly sorry!”


He doesn’t look like someone who’ll go high in the world, but at least he’s sure to be well-liked by pretty much everyone.




Hatchel served the food and bowed… and by the time he looked back up, the food was gone.

Into the stomachs of the two birds, of course.

Once Hatchel saw what had just happened, he freaked out, as if to say 


“Did I just serve them empty plates?!” 


His reaction was pretty hilarious though, so I waited a few seconds before telling him otherwise.

After the meal was over with, seeing that Hatchel was on the verge of tears, I talked with him a little on his way out.

Chappie and Pochi had already jumped into bed and started throwing pillows. Leon is sleeping nearby, so I sure hope he doesn’t get hit…

I was tempted to join them, but then there was a knock at the door behind me – a visitor.

It’s just two hours away from midnight now. Who could it be?


<“Excuse me, Instructor.”>


To my surprise, it was Bright who appeared on the other side of the door.






Knowing that the pillow fight is only going to get fiercer and louder, I walked out the door rather than letting the boy in.


“…Are you in the middle of something?”


How could I say yes to that?

I mean, just look at him – folding his hands behind him, then tilting his head. Goddamned adorable! But no, he’s not about to fool me!


“No, nothing important. Shiro and Chappie are having some fun, that’s all. That aside, is there something you need to urgently discuss? It is already quite late into the night…”


Bright hesitated to reply to my question.

Huh, now this is rare, coming from him.

As I contemplated calling a doctor, Bright directed at me quite an intense gaze.


“Instructor, could you please take me along as well?!”


…Take him where?

Bright grabbed my gown, as if to cling to me.


“I’ve heard from Sir Giorno… that you are a Holy Warrior.”




“I am also a servant of God, so I am well aware how important that role is…”


Oh, so that’s where he’s coming from…


“But now that the Nation’s internal issues are all but gone, perhaps you will have the time to teach us more magic while-“


“That’s right. Surely you can take US along on your ride, Poer.”




Just as Bright’s sad face was about to get annoying, Ferris appeared from our left.

The boy’s been shouting loudly in the corridor, after all. It’s only natural that she’d hear him.

Seeing how grumpy Ferris was right off the bat, Bright turned away as if to hide his face from her.

I do understand why he would do that, though – right now he doesn’t look calm like he usually would. I’d never even known that Bright had this side to him, too.


“This isn’t a good time for you to be out of your room, Lady Ferris.”


“Why tell me to behave now? You know me – I NEVER behave.”


Ferris crossed her arms and grumbled.

She does have a point, though.


“It depends on your answer whether or not I return to my room.”


“I’m afraid I can’t always cave in to your demands-“


“-Depends. On. Your. Answer.”


While that went on, Bright regained his composure, and now he’s giving me quite a resolute stare.

I wanted to put off the serious talk for a while longer, but I guess it just has to be now, huh…


“…As much as I would like to, I cannot bring you two along on our mission to face the Devil King.”


I suppressed my emotions as much as I could, and told them as bluntly as I could.

My voice, and my voice only, echoed through the corridor. And then came a pause – an awkward pause, despite the conversation being between me and my students.

And the one to break that pause was Ferris.


“…All right.”


She closed her eyes halfway, took a short breath in, and then…


“Hmm… I’m starting to feel drowsy…”


…Faked a yawn and quietly walked back to her room.

Bright, having cast his eyes down ever since he’d heard my reply, clenched his fists as he trembled.

I knelt down, leveling my eyes with Bright’s.


“…Master Bright, here is the promised article.”


I gathered some arcane energy onto my fingers and slowly mapped out a Spell Circle formula.

I was especially careful with the process, so as to not make any mistakes while keeping it easy to understand.

It would be difficult for an ordinary mage to understand, but with Bright’s current skill level, he’d be able to copy it easily if I kept it slow enough.

This is the price of that bet we had in T’oued – the magical formula of the Teleportation Spell Circle.


“…Thank you.”


Bright, keeping his eyes downcast, continued with a disgruntled voice,


“Now I suppose it’s time to get some rest…”


All the while, he never showed his eyes to me again.


“…Yes, that would be best…”


This might be just me, but I felt genuine sadness from him when he closed the door and left.

Perhaps that was one of his emotions that he could never bring himself to show.

Not that I could ask anyone about it right now, though.




I heaved a deep sigh the likes of which I’d never thought possible, and then felt my mood further dampened by the prospect of parting ways with Chappie.

Well, Chappie’s got an understanding mindset, so that might help make things easier… but that still doesn’t mean it’s going to be EASY.

While thinking about it, I opened the door to my room and-






Welp, looks like I’ll be stuck in a pillow fight first.



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