The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley”

The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” – Chapter 358, The Scarlet Monsters


Translator: Barnnn


“Watch each other’s backs! Start by taking out the monsters in front of us!”


We ran into a horde of monsters not long after we entered the Kamiyama. Ryan is in command for now since Blazer is sitting this trip out. 

And to my surprise, it turned out that he was quite good at taking care of the kids… So much so that, out of all of us, he’s the second most popular with the kids, in fact.

The most popular one is Natsu, apparently. Which makes sense — she’s of a similar age, and unlike the rest of us, she has one thing in common with the kids: they’ve worked at the Colorful Food District at some point. Maybe that’s what also put Haruhana in the spot of third most popular.

As for the one making the rankings… it’s Itsuki. Can’t say I appreciate her doing that, honestly.

I mean, we’re all adventurers, with our own ranking system to deal with! Give us another ranking system, and we’re sure as hell going to aim high on it too! Why’d she have to do that to us!?


“Sir Asley, now!”

“Rise, All Up: Count 10 & Remote Control!”


For this journey, Pochi, Lylia, and I are the rear guard and support crew.

It’s quite difficult to set up the experience-boosting spells during a hike like this — especially because of how narrow the paths are. Hopefully, it’ll be easier at the Scarlet Devil Wetlands.

As for the team’s performance, this is the best I’ve ever seen of them, really. This is probably thanks to Idéa and Midors being added to our ranks.

Out in the front, Bruce and Betty are practically armies on their own. Haruhana is using her exceptional mobility to help out the mages. Reid and Mana are holding the rear line, while Idéa unleashes her attack spells at regular intervals. Midors is also demonstrating his strengths as a top-class mage.

And the most fearsome of all…




…Is Ryan, the one least popular with the kids. Right now, he’s just about done cracking the jaws of the S-ranked three-headed wolf monster, the Assault Kerberos.

His low popularity could be attributed to his scary face… Like, he’s so intimidating that I feel a bit sorry for him.


“They make a good team.”


Lylia said, albeit sounding a bit bored due to having no opportunities to fight.


“I know, right? I really like them a whole lot.”

“Well, I’m starting to like them already, too.”


Now that’s good to hear.

Well, she probably wouldn’t have gone with them to Hita’achi if she hadn’t liked them, I guess.





It’s quite refreshing to see Lylia laugh and smile like this. Well, I mean, she’s been generally more upbeat for a good while now, so maybe it’s more correct to say that I haven’t gotten used to this change yet.

While I thought about that, Pochi glanced at me, turned to where the rest of the team was, and then said,


“They make a good team.”

“Doggo… how about you try being less blatant about copying other people’s styles? Also, you’re nowhere near Lylia’s level of awesomeness, just saying.”

“What!? But I tried pretty hard, sir!”

“More like you’re just a tryhard…”

“Then… how about this!?”


Pochi stretched the ends of her mouth with her front paws, creating a crescent-shaped grin.


“Uh, okay, that does look like her, but…”


Yup, quite an accurate imitation of Lylia’s mid-battle drunk-on-carnage face.

As I made an evasive remark, Pochi stopped making that face immediately… because Lylia just happened to turn around to us for a moment.

Looks like Pochi just sensed the danger, too.

Ever since we were reunited in this era, we’ve seen Lylia make that face only once — when she fought the transformed Billy. That’s despite the number of battles we’ve been through while in this era.

The easy way to describe her now is that she’s… become less edgy, I guess. But I wonder what caused this change in her, and does Giorno’s death have anything to do with it?

Right now, she’s observing the rest of the Silver as they fight.

Pochi and I turned to look at each other, agreeing in our minds to not ask Lylia about what may have happened. 

I must admit, though, that I’m still quite curious.


“Hmm… Sir Asley, we are finished over here. We ought to get a move on immediately!”


By Ryan’s call, we resumed our way down the mountain path.

Reyna, Natsu, and Adolf must be getting ready to take their rank-up evaluation trials right about now. I wonder how nervous they are.

From all our conversations yesterday, I realized that Natsu’s skills had reached quite a high level. Maybe Trace mentored her, then Idéa and Midors gave her some extra training? Actually, no — Fuyu is probably the key here. She must have shared the technical knowledge she had learned from Gaston.

That old man sure thought of everything, huh?

As for Reyna and Adolf… they’ve been fighting for a long time. There’s no way they won’t pass the evaluation trials.

…Wait. If I remember correctly, Ryan said they would be dealing with the T’oued judging criteria, right?

Back in the War Demon Nation, the trails were overseen by members of the Six Braves and Archmages… but what about here? Who are the judges of the trials here in T’oued?




~~Twentieth Day of the Sixth Month~~


“I see it now — that’s the Scarley Devil Wetlands.”


After a few more days spent crossing more mountains beyond the Kamiyama, we arrived at a hill overlooking the Scarlet Devil Wetlands.


“Whoa, now THIS is something. The whole area’s so damn foggy — which will make it easier for us to sneak around.”

“Yeah. It’ll also hold us down in a fight, though.”


Bruce and Reid tried getting the best look they could at the Wetlands area.


“And it’s a little cold, just as I expected.”

“Really? Just a LITTLE cold? Brr…”


Mana looks fine, actually, while Betty is shaking. Well, her outfit probably has something to do with that.


“Yeah, it’s because you’ve got your abs out,” Bruce said. “I’m surprised you’ve never gotten a stomachache from this before, really.”

“S-shut up, Brother! How about you be nice and give your sister a coat instead, huh?”

“Man,” Bruce whispered into my ear. “Why’d she think that’s how she wanna talk when she wants something?”


I’d probably also get hurt if I answer that, so lemme just skirt around it and do some magic tricks instead.

If I remember correctly, there was one time I tried researching the light source spells’ ability to generate heat. Let’s try that out…


“Let’s see… Rise, A-rise, Flare Torch!”

“…W-whoa, it’s nice and warm now! Thanks, Asley!”


Heh, she’s so grateful for it that she’s jumping around like a little kid.

The magic formula is simple enough, so might I as well… there.


“Rise… rise. There, Idéa, Midors. Can you cast it?”


I sent a light-emitting spell to Idéa and Midors. It’s something I learned in antiquity, and supposedly it was used as a game among mages. The ‘spell’ is… just an array of arcane energy constructed into readable formulas. Quick to fade, but it’s still useful for sending messages and such.



“Yup, no problem.”

“”Flare Torch!””


Man, they’re good. I mean, they may have lost their spots as representatives for the Black Faction’s Friendly Matches to Lina, but I’d say they’ve got just as much potential as her and Hornel. They’ve always had the talent, and meeting Team Silver must have influenced them in a positive direction, too.


“The monsters may react in unexpected ways to the heat. Be on guard, everyone.”


Ryan pointed out, and everyone nodded before proceeding toward the Scarlet Devil Wetlands.

On the way, I saw a cave with an entrance just big enough for people to enter, so I set up a Teleportation Spell Circle inside it. With this, we can go home anytime, and if the place turns out to be good for hunting, we could call Blazer over here as well.

Then, upon proceeding further down the path for a while longer, the weeds under our feet became damp. Looks like we’re in the region proper now.


“So this is why they call it a Wetlands…”


Pochi grumbled as she looked at the soaked fur of her legs.

Whoops, I almost forgot…


“Wait, Haruhana. Rise… Magic Shield!”


“Everyone got boots, but you’re still wearing your straw shoes, Haruhana. I know it’s to accommodate your fighting style, but the spell will help keep them from getting too damp, at least.”

“…Thank you very much.”


For some reason, she turned the other way. And why the pause? Maybe she didn’t need my help?

Well, looks like Pochi wants it as well, though, so I might as well cast it for her.

Now then, I’m sensing quite a few monsters around us… but they’re not attacking. Not yet, anyway — they’re probably waiting for a good opportunity.

I turned to Ryan and Lylia in the formation’s lead, and nodded to them.


“I suppose we’ll have to start fighting sooner or later either way…”

“Let’s go wild!”


Pochi and I got ready to provide support.

The rest of Team Silver’s members got ready to fight, too.




Countless footsteps could be heard approaching us, shaking the earth under our feet.

We still don’t know what exactly the Scarlet Devil Wetlands is like. What I do know, though, is that the experience we gain here will be useful for our right against Gaspard.

Thinking that, my heart started dancing in excitement.


“Prepare to engage!”



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