The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley”

The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” – Chapter 467.4, To Embrace the Past and Seize the Future Scene 10, 11 (Split Part 4/4)

| The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” |

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Minerva, the tanned beauty known as the Mage of the North, awoke within the cave several moments later.


“Miss Minerva, I apologize for… abducting you.”

“Mister Asley? …And who might you be?”

“I’m Gaston.”

“Oh, you are… THE Gaston!? But I thought you were–“


Minerva looked at Asley with surprise at Gaston’s presence. Then she became certain — that this Asley was different from the one she had just met not long ago.


“We must act swiftly. Would you lend us your ears for a moment?”

“…More important than what’s happening in the south of Eddo… Is that what you mean?”


Indeed, at that moment, Minerva had come to aid those fighting in the south of Eddo.

However, Asley and Gaston intervened, for Minerva was their last comrade.

In response to Minerva’s question, Asley and Gaston silently nodded.


“…Let’s hear it, then.”


After a brief silence, Minerva made her decision.

And with that, the course of Minerva’s actions was set.

It played a crucial role as a bridge between the Eternal Fool living in this era and those racing through the eras long past.




~~ Three O’Clock in the Morning, Twenty-Second Day of the Seventh Month, Ninety-Sixth Year of the War Demon Calendar ~~


After Billy and Cleath’s attack was over and the current time’s Asley answered Irene’s, promised question, Minerva rode on Blue, returning to the cave.


“I have returned.”

“Welcome back, Miss Minerva.”

“Did you deliver the message?”

“Hehehe, surely you would be the most informed about that, Mister Asley.”

“That’s true.”


Asley chuckled at Minerva’s words, but then a sarcastic voice came from behind.


“Unbelievable. You neglected to use the Limit Breakthrough after you defeated the Devil King? Seriously?”

[“I won’t sugarcoat it, Instructor — that is embarrassing to hear.”]

[“Man, you really suck…”]

“That’s awesome, Father!”


Under the disdainful gazes, Asley could only endure the criticism while clutching his chest.

Finally, as the reproach ceased, Asley managed to recover.


[“Now, back on topic — from now on, we’ll stay in the North where Miss Minerva resides.”]


As Bright laid out the future plans, Asley nodded.


“Yeah, and quite a few civilians are currently staying in mine and Gaston’s Storerooms, so we should get them out soon.”

“Hehehe, I panicked a bit when Catherine and Jacob showed up along the way.”


Asley chuckled dryly at Gaston’s remark.


“And I’m sure they’ll be surprised to see the villages and towns on their way all abandoned. Hahaha…”

“Father, on me!”

“All right.”

“Sir Gaston, please ride Blue.”

“You have my thanks.”


Asley and the others headed north.

Approximately one month remained until the world turned into Hell.

During that time, Asley and the others continued their rigorous training.

Then, on the tenth day of the eighth month, amid this preparation, Asley and Gaston set off for the headquarters of the Resistance.

The reason, of course, lay in the Limit Breakthrough magecraft.


“What’s the matter, young man?”

“Hmm… I feel like something is supposed to happen on this day, you know?”

“Isn’t this place practically deserted by now? There’s no need to be particularly cautious, is there?”

“Hmm… What was it again?”

[“Now, we’re supposed to communicate exclusively through Telepathic Calls. Even if we’re using Perfect Invisibility, speaking aloud makes us look like fools.”]

[“Hmm… What was it again?”]


Right after that, Asley and Gaston felt a chill.


“Who’s there!?”


They were just a bit away from the Limit Breakthrough Craft circle.

However, standing before them, with a stern expression, was Bruce the Silver Wolf.


[“Ah! I remembered…! Bruce mentioned it! He said there was a ‘ghost’ in the headquarters!”]

[“Argh! That sounds like something you should have remembered sooner!”]

“Who’s sneaking around here, huh?”


Bruce’s vigilance remained unyielding, leaving Asley and Gaston waiting in suspense.

Gaston, puzzled, turns to Asley for answers.


[“How is he sensing us!? Isn’t this invisibility spell supposed to be perfect!?”]

[“Well, maybe it’s because of this Telepathic Call. This ‘undetectable’ part of the spell doesn’t work if even the slightest bit of your arcane energy leaks out.”]

[“You fool! Why didn’t you say that sooner?!”]


Gaston cut off the Telepathic Call.

Bruce’s vigilance continued for a while, but the two who kept their distance were never found.

Tension persisted for about an hour until Bruce relaxed his guard, used the Limit Breakthrough for himself, and then used the Teleportation spell to return to Eddo.

Gaston invoked the Telepathic Call again.


“Young man.”

[“What is it, sir?”]

[“Bathym wants to lecture you.”]

“That’s odd. It doesn’t sound like something someone who just wanted to talk just a while ago would say.”

[“You fool…!”]


~~ Early Morning, Thirtieth Day of the Eighth Month, Ninety-Sixth Year of the War Demon Calendar ~~


Tomorrow, the thirty-first of the eighth month, marked the day of the showdown between Asley and Lucifer.

It was the day of the battle that would determine the fate of humanity and the Devilkin.

Sayaka, returning to Minerva’s side after a long absence, appeared from Minerva’s Teleportation Spell Circle.

And there, an unexpected event unfolded.





There was a man there — a man Sayaka was not supposed to know yet.


“You… Aren’t you…? Wait! You’re Asley, the so-called hope of humanity!? No way! What are you doing here!?”

“Uh, well… I mean… Hey there!”

“Hey there…? No! This is my master’s private space!”


Indeed, this place was Minerva’s room.

Asley, in this northern land, had utilized this room provided by Minerva to avoid drawing attention.

Despite being the hope of humanity, this was technically a room that belonged to a young woman — Sayaka’s mentor, Minerva.

Asley, unable to react properly to Sayaka’s close presence, found himself at a loss for words.

Fortunately, Minerva, hearing Sayaka’s familiar voice, promptly entered the room.



“M-Master! What is the meaning of this!?”

“I’ve told you countless times to use Telepathic Call when you return!”

“Ngh…! W-Well, that’s true, but…”


It was a bad idea to talk back at her mentor — Sayaka, subsequently subjected to Minerva’s lecture, eventually remembered something when she saw Asley trying to step away.


“Oh right, Mister Asley! Can I do another reading? Just one more time!”




Minerva firmly interrupted Sayaka.


“Oh come on! The results I got last time weren’t satisfying!”


Though troubled by Sayaka’s insistence, Minerva struck up a compromise.


“Then let’s do this…”


“…If you meet Mister Asley in Eddo, then you may do the reading.”

“What? But he’s right here right now… Wait, huh!? He’s gone!?”


Courtesy of Asley’s Perfect Invisibility, invoked with blinding speed by Asley, for Asley.


“Oh, and please relay a message to Mister Asley for me.”

“Good God, I don’t know what’s going on anymore…”


The path Asley had taken, every footprint unto this world, was a record that would weave a new path forward.

This past month, Asley had continued his eternal journey with companions both old and new.

Doing what needed to be done, aiming for what needed to be aimed for, Asley’s eternal journey now took a new step forward.


~~ Early Morning, Thirty-First Day of the Eighth Month, Ninety-Sixth Year of the War Demon Calendar ~~


“I’ll head out first.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll make sure to follow after I’ve lost!”


As Gaston and Asley exchanged glances, they nodded in agreement.

Gaston headed to the battlefield first, while Asley took a deep breath.

Then, something was placed on Asley’s shoulder from behind.




It was Minerva who had placed it there — Asley’s trademark as the Eternal Fool.


“It is in a tad stronger shade of red, but I tailored it with the finest fabric available here.”

“W-Well, this is a bit embarrassing.”

“Oh, but it suits you so well.”


Minerva chuckled while Asley smiled dryly.

Seeing Asley like that, Chappie spread his wings wide.


“Oh! It suits you, Father! It’s justice! You’re a hero!!”

“Y-you think so?”


Asley spread his mantle and checked his appearance several times.


[“You seem awfully calm about this, Instructor, considering you’re going to fight the Devil King.”]

[“Well, isn’t it because he’s a fool?”]

[“Ferris, you’re not supposed to say that.”]

[“C’mon, Bright, you’re not gonna say you’ve never thought that at least once, are you!?”]

[“What can I say? Thinking is a free action.”]

[“GAAAHHH!! You know what!? You’re in for a lecture later!”]

[“If that ‘later’ ever comes — which I don’t expect it to — I won’t mind at all.”]



Thanks to Bright’s words, Ferris finally fell silent.

However, as if to contradict Bright’s words, Chappie spoke up.


“Bright, try believing in my Father a little more.”

[“No, I’d rather not.”]

[“What do you mean?”]

[“Because he always… always, always… manages to betray my expectations!”]


Minerva and Blue watched the exchange between the three with a smile.

However, Asley did not hear their words.

Quietly, with his eyes closed, he waited for the moment, and now… he opened his eyes with a renewed determination.


“I’ll be right there, Pochi… Wait for me!”


The final moment had arrived.

Asley’s body floated lightly.


“Here we go!”

[“”Yes, sir!””]


Bright, Ferris, Minerva, Blue… and the legendary Violet Phoenix.

Everyone aimed for the distant southwestern sky — the Royal Capital, Regalia Castle, where Devil King Lucifer awaited.

The Eternal Fool was on his way.

Stubbornly, straightforwardly, only to protect his comrades.


“Pochi is waiting for me…!”


For the sake of those who believed in him.


| The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” |

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