The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley”

The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” – Chapter 470.1, The Grand Finale Scene 1 (Split Part 1/8)

| The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” |

Translator: Barnnn


The Devil King’s arcane energy faded from the sky.

And as Asley’s aura settled down, the darkness gradually gave way to light.

The countless clashes and struggles that had commenced in the evening now found their conclusion.

The sun emerged from the darkness, coinciding with the descent of the Hero, Asley, from the sky.

With this, everyone raised their voices in unison.




The clamor echoed through the ruins of Regalia Castle, marking the end of the war with shouts of jubilation.

Gathered around Asley at the center, everyone reached out, touched, struck, and patted him.


“Ouch! Ouch!? Whoa, hey, seriously, that hurts! Gah!? Hey! Who just pinched my butt?!”


The gratitude towards Asley was without end.

Seeing Asley being roughhoused, Lina and Pochi smiled.

However, Lina, Fuyu, and Tifa’s smiles quickly vanished when a certain woman appeared among the crowd, holding onto Asley’s neck as the latter was trying to save himself from the crowd.

The sight of her triggered animosity from Lina, Fuyu, Tifa, and Lylia.



“Oh, please let me have my moment! I’ve been left out of the loop this whole time♪!”


After hearing the voice of Haruhana, the Silver Princess, Asley finally realized that she was there.


“Whoa, hey, Haruhana! I’m glad to see you’re okay! I mean, I knew you’d be fine since I’ve been tracking everyone’s arcane energy, but I was worried until I saw your face!”

“Oh, my! You’ve been tracking my arcane energy all this time?”


Blushing, Haruhana smiled with delight, her arms wrapped around Asley’s neck.




Unable to contain themselves any longer, Lina and the others jump onto Asley.


“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hey!”


The elites of Team Silver laughed at the sight of Asley being toppled.


“Hahaha! They managed to take down Asley, the guy who beat the Devil King, with just the five of them!”

“What incredible power…!”


Blazer solemnly agrees with Blue’s statement.

Then, Betty nudged Bruce’s side, indicating something — then pointed to the woman standing directly above Asley.


“Miss Irene…?”


Asley looked up at Irene standing on his chest.


“…You’ve done well!”

“T-thank, but you’re kinda standing on– GAH!?”


Before Asley could finish, Irene walked away, stepping over him.

Witnessing this, everyone clapped, pointed, and laughed heartily.

While Chappie smiled at the sight of Asley being adored by all, a lone mouse scurries over.

It was none other than Konoha, Gaston’s former Familiar.


“H-hey, you!”

“Hmm? Oh, you’re the mouse from that one time, aren’t you?”


Konoha turned to face Chappie.


“You’re the one who saved my Master, aren’t you!? I want to express my gratitude!”

“It wasn’t me! My Father did that!”


Chappie flicked Asley with his wing while striking a pose, then, recalling their previous conversation, he added,


“Besides, do you not remember what I told you?”


“I said, ‘I cannot do anything about your grief.'”



Konoha understood the meaning behind Chappie’s words from that time.


“Now, if it’s gratitude you want to express, go on and say it to my Father! Now that I’m back, we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy our lives later!”

“Sure you will! Thank you!”


With that, Konoha dashed toward Asley.

As Chappie watched him go, voices emerged from the key pendant around his neck, belonging to Bright and Ferris.


[“YOU cannot do anything, eh?”]

[“You said that even though you had yet to be reunited with Instructor at that point?”]

“Hmph, my Father can do anything, after all!”

[“Then what about your Mother over there, huh?”]


Hearing Ferris’ question, Chappie reacted lightning fast.

Turning around, he found none other than his own mother — Pochi.

Their eyes welled up with tears as they moved simultaneously, just like when Chappie was reunited with Asley.

However, their movements were not quite perfectly synchronized this time.


“C-Cha… Cha…… Cha… CHAPPIE MASK!!!!”

“P-p… pfft–! Hahahahahaha!! No, you’re not! I’m Chappie Mask! Aren’t you supposed to be Pocchie Mask!?!?”

“I am…! I AM…!!”


Pochi took out her sunglasses from… somewhere, and both of them loudly declared their roles.


“You’ve figured it out! I AM POCCHIE MASK!!!!”



They laughed loudly while striking poses, tears streaming down from beneath their sunglasses.


[“So his head takes after the father, but his personality is just like the mother, huh…”]

[“Honestly, they’re so embarrassing to look at sometimes, these two…”]

[“But, well, smiles and laughter do suit them better in moments like this!”]

[“I can’t believe these words are coming from you, Ferris.”]

[“You know I can hear you, right?”]

[“Well, I did say it loudly enough for you to hear me, after all.”]

[“You WHAT!?”]

[“Now, aren’t you going to give me a lecture after this? You could at least let me have my word in.”]


[“Eh, I’ll save it for later. For a more… fitting moment.”]


As Bright, Ferris, Chappie, and Pochi conversed, a man approached them.

He wore a white robe, exuding a noble air. It was none other than the second Holy Emperor, Leon.


“Long time no see — Bright, Ferris, and Chappie.”

[“Yes, of course, Your Highness.”]

[“How’s your body holding up?”]

“Oh, it’s you, Leon. I’m enjoying my reunion with Mother right now — a reunion I’ve waited 5,000 years for, so bother me sometime later.”


Bright and Ferris greeted Leon, but Chappie was preoccupied.

However, when Pochi saw Leon, her eyes widened.


“Huh!? Leon!? THE Leon!? Is that really you!?”


Leon smiled at Pochi’s surprise.


“……Yes, the one and only, Miss Pochi.”


Kneeling down, Leon gently patted Pochi’s head.

Witnessing this, Pochi called out to Asley.


“Master! Leon’s here! His spell’s been properly lifted! Master! Look how cool he is! He’s way cooler than you!”


As Asley finally stood up, he looked at Pochi and Leon.

Having settled matters with Lina and the others, he approached Leon.

Simultaneously, Leon knelt before Asley.



“Sir Asley, I’m truly grateful for your saving of the world twice over. Ordinarily, I’m not permitted to be seen by you. But please, I beg of you… Please, forgive the sins of my family. I am willing to pay the price with my life.”


Family in this case referred to his stepmother and half-brother — Idïa and Cleath, the lineage of the Holy Emperor. Their crimes were many, and of course, there were Leon’s own transgressions to consider…

Leon was offering to sacrifice himself as atonement.

However, Asley scratched his cheek, looking troubled.


“Uh, well… I don’t have the authority to do that…”

“Then who does!?”


Leon exclaimed, rising to his feet.

Seeing Leon’s reaction, Asley looked at Irene, the commander of this war.

Irene, in turn, heaved a heavy sigh.


“I can’t decide something like that. We’ll discuss this with Lady Kaoru when we get back.”

“I see…”


Seeing Irene and Asley’s reactions, Leon bowed, appearing distressed.

Asley placed a hand on Leon’s shoulder and spoke gently.


“Either way, I’m glad you’re safe… Leon.”

“…! Such… such kind words…! Even though I may have lost my memory, my body and soul haven’t forgotten your kindness!”


Leon shed tears of gratitude, thanking Asley for everything.

And Asley, with a nostalgic and happy expression, embraced Leon.

Watching them with a smile, Pochi was suddenly lifted up by Asley.



“Kept you waiting, huh?”

“N-n-no, I wasn’t waiting at all!”

“Oh yeah?”





“J-just a little! Just a little bit!”

“Same, doggo, same.”


Asley and Pochi exchanged these words while looking at each other and laughed, then embraced each other.


“…God damn, you’re stinky!”

“You’re stinky too, Master!”

“Well, I’ve been fighting out here for hours!”

“So have I, sir!”


Everyone smiled as they watched the usual banter between the two.

They had lost many comrades, but they had survived this far.

Asley’s power had replenished everyone’s arcane energy, and while their wounds had healed, the exhaustion remained evident on their faces, despite their joy.

To alleviate the tension, Melchi, an apprentice of Tūs’, clapped her hands.


“Hey hey hey! Let’s liven things up a bit! I’ve got something prepared for y’all on this occasion!”

“What the– Mel!?”


Despite Irene’s interruption, Melchi snapped her fingers, commencing her plan.

Soon after, a loud swooshing sound emanated from the direction of Regalia Ravine.

Everyone turned their attention there, witnessing an explosion in the early morning sky above Regalia. The spectacle, dazzling with a myriad of colors, was a series of heart-shaped magical fireworks that Melchi had prepared before coming to this battlefield.


“Ooh~~ Heart-shaped magic fireworks~~”


Murmured Asley as he looked up at the sky.


“Oh! Oh! There’s another one!”


Pochi, standing beside Asley, pointed at the sky with her forepaw.


“Heart-shaped again.”

“Next one!”


“It’s a heart, sir!”


One after another, fireworks erupted, all in the shape of hearts.

While there was initial awe, soon everyone could only chuckle.

Barun, looking up at the fireworks, cast an exasperated glance at Melchi.


“She was late because she was setting this up? Man, she totally has the makings of a Philosopher — her mind is incomprehensible!”


Barun shrugged.


“NAHAHAHA!! This is the awesome Melchi’s dance of love!!”


As a final massive heart-shaped firework lit up the sky, Irene raised her voice.


“All right, all right… We’re going home — and then we celebrate!!”



With the triumphant voices of comrades who had overcome the battlefield ringing in their ears, everyone headed towards T’oued, arm in arm, laughing together.


| The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” |

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