The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley”

The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” – Chapter 471, The Ashen Tiger’s Move

| The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” |

Translator: Barnnn


~~ Third Day of the Ninth Month, Ninety-Sixth Year of the War Demon Calendar ~~


It had been two days since the Devil King Lucifer vanished from this world.

In the capital city of T’oued, Eddo, echoes of joy still reverberated in many places.

The people, liberated not only from the terror of the Devil King but also from the fear of monsters, rejoiced wholeheartedly.

Amidst the lively morning streets, one individual walked with a spring in her step.

As she hummed a tune, her chest puffed out with pride. The people offered their greetings and bowed as they passed.

It was evident from this reaction that this individual held a special place in their hearts.


“””Hmm hm hmm~~♪ Hmm hm hmm~~♪ Hmm hm hmm~~♪ …Hey, Master~~”””


However, the individual herself seemed oblivious to the gratitude surrounding her.

No matter how many helping hands there were, the cleanup work never seemed close to finishing — and as such, everyone was busy. 

Pochi could not play with her busy friends, so she had decided to take a leisurely stroll alone.

Watching Pochi from afar was a certain tiger, and behind him, four figures observed.


“Miss Pochi…”


With those words, a deep, drawn-out sigh escaped from Haiko, one of the Heavenly Beasts.

Perched on the outer wall of Eddo, Haiko’s eyes were fixed on Pochi.


“Hurry up and go. The worst she’ll do is kill you by saying no.”


While Weldhun’s indifference toward Haiko was apparent, he urged the latter to go on.


“Don’t be so timid. It’s actually creeping me out.”


While Kokki had no intention to support Haiko, he scolded the latter to have more confidence.


“It’s impossible from the start.”


Anticipating either Haiko’s utter failure or a miracle, Kohryu encouraged him, eager for results.


“I’ll pick up your bones and nibble on them.”


Expecting Haiko’s death from shock after his failure, Shi’shichou, urged him on, impatient of the fact that he had not acted yet.

The four Heavenly Beasts were not concerned about the outcome of one Heavenly Beast’s romantic endeavors.

They were simply enjoying themselves.

Frustrated by Haiko’s inaction during this peaceful time — a time akin to one’s carefree youthful days — the Heavenly Beasts had decided to take matters into their own paws.

That evening, Shi’shichou addressed Haiko in front of the other Heavenly Beasts.


“You called Miss Pochi here!? W-why!? Why the hell would you do that, Shi’shichou!?”


To the surprised Haiko, Shi’shichou offered no response.

Instead, it was Kokki and Kohryu who praised this course of action.


“Well done, Shi’shichou.”

“Now something’s happening.”

“Heh, of course.”


Shi’shichou beamed with delight, his eyes sparkling with joy.

But Haiko could not rejoice in this news.


“When!? When is she coming!? I’m not ready yet!”


Haiko’s frantic voice echoed as Weldhun groaned in annoyance.


“Heh, Pochi won’t be ready either — and that makes it the perfect timing.”

“T-that may be true, but this is too sudden! Don’t you think we need another two or three thousand years, Kohryu!?”

“No, not at all.”


“What are you, stupid?”


“Come on, just make it fun for us to watch, will you?”


No one sided with Haiko.

Seeking allies, Haiko scanned the southern square of Eddo but found only Heavenly Beasts.

Overwhelmed by his escalating impatience and the feeling of being utterly alone, Haiko bowed his head deeply.


[Damn it! Do I have to… Do I have no other choice!? Well, I suppose this isn’t necessarily a bad situation. There’s no guarantee Pochi won’t leave T’oued in the future. If that’s the case, this moment might be my only chance. For the sake of my supportive comrades, I… I have to do this!!]


Clamping down on his fangs, Haiko harbored a strong determination in his eyes.

Then, lifting his downturned face, Haiko spoke up.


“All right! Everyone! We’re doing this as a team– Huh?”


When Haiko raised his gaze, his comrades were nowhere to be seen.


“Oh, Haiko? Shi’shichou asked me to come — do you know what he wants? Oh, actually, I just remembered… he said something about there being someone who wants to talk? Could that be you, Haiko?”


Indeed, his comrades were all gone.

Aware of Pochi’s approach, the audience had disappeared from Haiko’s sight.

Before Haiko stood Pochi, and he trembled like never before.


[Why… why am I trembling…? Why…!?


Haiko, with a twisted expression, failed to realize that it was due to tension.

When he looked into Pochi’s face as the latter tilted her head and approached, Haiko sensed his opportunity.


“…W-well, you see…!”

“Yes, what is it?”


Pochi responded cheerfully. However, it was already dusk.

The sun had set, and the moon’s glow graced the sky.

Haiko’s heart pounded, his breath ragged, but he tried his best to maintain a poker face in front of Pochi.


[N-no! I can’t handle her! She’s too adorable! She’s an angel! What should I say!? HOW should I say!? How do I keep myself sane in front of her sacred cuteness!?]


Pochi tilted her head, wondering why Haiko was not saying anything. Haiko tilted his head, mirroring Pochi’s gesture — but he tilted too much.

Haiko’s face was so tilted that he was looking up at Pochi’s face from below.

Then, Haiko saw something in Pochi’s eyes as he looked up.


[…! That’s right, I’ve heard this before! From the Philosopher’s disciple, Melchi! Poetry… Yes, poetry…! I should speak of love like a poem… Fill my heart with song, and let me sing forevermore…!]


Understanding dawned upon him, Haiko made up his mind.

With words fit for today, for this place, for this moment… Haiko would make his proposal to Pochi.


“Haiko? Hello?”

“Miss Pochi!!”

“Hwuh–!? …Uh-huh…?”


Startled by the firm words, Pochi wore a perplexed expression as Haiko’s face bore an earnest demeanor.

Haiko took a deep breath and exhaled heavily.

And then, he spoke the words befitting this place, this moment…


“The… moon… is beautiful, isn’t it?”


With closed eyes and firm conviction, Haiko appeared thoroughly exhausted.


“Huh? Oh, yes. It sure is beautiful! Uh… but are you okay, Haiko!? Is it just me, or do you look more exhausted than even after the final battle!?”

“Haa… haa… haa… Y-yes, I’m fine. No problem at all.”


“Hahaha… I appreciate your kind words. Well then… I should take good care of myself and rest for today.”

“Yes! That’s a good idea! Of course!”


With Pochi sending him on his way with those words, Haiko departed from the scene.

As Haiko lay exhausted, the Four Heavenly Beasts approached with incredulous eyes.


“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Shut up, Kokki…”

“You weren’t just a clown — you were an entire circus.”

“Shut up, Kohryu…”

“Now die.”

“I’ll never die, Weldhun…”

“That kind of fancy roundabout confession will never get through to her. Just saying.”

“You don’t get it at all, Shi’shichou…”



Standing up before everyone, Haiko spoke.


“What was the purpose of this? Tell me.”

“Well… it was for you to propose to Pochi, wasn’t it?”


Kohryu understood the intention.


“Yes, that was my way of proposing. And indeed, I proposed to her. Or am I wrong?”


At that question, everyone looked at Haiko with even more incredulity.

They all understood Haiko’s point. An unwanted understanding.


“In other words, even if Pochi doesn’t realize that it was a proposal, it’s fine because the proposal has already been made. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Hahaha, you know me so well, Kohryu!”


Haiko smirked smugly.

Seeing him like that, everyone shook their heads in disbelief and walked away.


“Yeah, whatever. I don’t care anymore, damn coward…”


Kokki flew off.


“What a narcissist. And you call yourself a Heavenly Beast!? You’re a disgrace…”


Kohryu was visibly frustrated.




Then came a vehement insult from Shi’shichou.


“Why are you not dead yet?”


Weldhun did not mean it as a threat — just words spoken in despair.

But even as he heard those dismissive remarks from the four, Haiko’s satisfaction remained unchanged.

Haiko wagged his tail, smiling while looking at the moon.


[I did it! I told her! I did! I told her in my own way…!]


Such was how he reassured himself.




That night, Asley read a book while using Pochi’s stomach as a pillow.

Pochi, sound asleep, woke up to the subtle changes in Asley’s demeanor.


“Hmm? Did you find another funny joke or inspirational quote or something, sir?”

“Nah, I just can’t really make heads or tails of this part…”

“What do you mean?”


As Pochi spoke, she looked at the book in Asley’s hands.


“Why does the phrase ‘the moon is beautiful’ have the hidden meaning of ‘I love you’? This definitely can’t be right…”

“…What is this book, anyway?”

“Mel lent it to me ages ago, and I just got some free time to actually crack it open. Not really my thing, though… this ‘Literary Interpretation’… Huh? Hey, Pochi? You all right there?”

“Hmmm… I feel like I’ve heard those words somewhere before…! Like, it was VERY recent, too… It’s on the tip of my tongue…. Like, like… Hmmmmmm…!”

“What the hell? Anyway, I’m going to sleep now. Maybe a good night’s rest and tomorrow’s breakfast will clear your head and help you remember.”

“Yes, sir!”


The next day, after sleeping and having a hearty meal, Pochi’s mind was truly refreshed.

…And she failed to recall a single thing from the day before.


| The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” |

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