The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley”

The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” – Chapter 477, The Invincible Itsuki

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Translator: Barnnn


“Magic University? What about it?”


As the chatter of the women’s gathering subsided, amidst Lylia’s admonitions directed at Giorno, Itsuki, sitting in a corner of the Adventurers’ Guild with Tifa, sipped her tea and tilted her head.

Tifa nodded to Itsuki’s remark.


“You know, since I’ve already been there for a while, I thought I might as well complete the whole thing.”

“Well, with your skills, Tifa, you don’t really need to graduate. Well, I guess there’s also the matter of the major relocation to consider, hmm?”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m thinking of taking a leave until things settle down.”

“Aah, a leave of absence. That’s an option, too.”

“Headmaster Tangalán also said it’s no problem, so I guess I can do that without worry.”


Tifa said happily as she took a sip of her tea.


“Well, I don’t have complete faith in Headmaster Tangalán as a person, but I can see that he knows how to run a business. Surely he thinks having talented individuals among the University’s ranks is always a plus.”


Itsuki remarked, and Tifa’s eyes widened.


“Hmm? What is it?”

“It’s just rare to hear you compliment someone, that’s all.”


Itsuki seldom praised others. Tifa knew that, which was why she made the comment.


“He’s the one who tried to recruit Natsu to the Magic University, you know? He has an eye for potential profit, and since he can’t openly say it, doing it covertly makes sense. Well, he really isn’t a very good judge of character, though. But there’s a reason he’s been able to stay as the university’s Headmaster for so long. Business acumen over popularity. After all, universities are also a form of national business.”


“But, when Sir Tangalán returned from the war, he looked quite a bit worn out.”

“Both the students of the Magic and Warrior Universities have suffered to some extent, after all.”


In this war for humanity’s fate, the students were not spared from participation.

Even without Tifa saying it all, Itsuki understood.


“Well, maybe things will change from now on.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Magic University. The Headmaster might actually put some effort into improving the quality of education… Huh, I should note that down.”

“…Wait, don’t tell me you’re also…?” Tifa asked, pointing at Itsuki’s notebook.

“Yes, this is my book in progress, the Principles of Itsuki! Basically, it’s a list of acts that are profitable. Apart from that, it lists things that have potential to bring in profit, people trying to nurture those prospects, potential investments in promising stocks, and plans for returns on those investments, well, stuff like that.”


Tifa could only smile wryly at Itsuki’s string of words.

And then, she asked Itsuki a question that had crossed her mind,


“You earn your money yourself, Itsuki?”

“Of course. I made a pretty good profit from this war, too!”


Tifa’s hand, carrying her tea, paused mid-air.


“W-what do you mean…?”

“Mainly through facilitating transportation and logistics. It might sound crude to call myself a middleman, but there was no one else but me who could coordinate things. Both the Resistance and T’oued had me manage their jobs, and I just distributed the tasks at fair prices. I made a killing on commissions alone!”


Itsuki said casually, shrugging her shoulders.

However, Tifa knew about Itsuki’s shrewdness.

And that was precisely why she was curious as to the amount of income earned from this recent war.


“S-so, how much was that…?”

“About twenty million gold… give or take?”


Tifa’s thoughts froze.

Itsuki’s mentioned amount was not something a teenager could earn easily.

Moreover, the sheer business acumen required to earn it sent a chill of something akin to fear down her spine.


“Well, anyway! I won’t be dabbling in that sort of thing anymore, so don’t worry. Mister Warren told me it’s no good going further, you see. And, thinking about it, I can see he’s right. It was wartime, after all. That’s all there is to it.”


Tifa, convinced by Itsuki’s explanation, set her tea down on the saucer.


“Okay… So, what’s next for you?”

“I dunno.”

“You don’t know…?”


With no expected response forthcoming, Tifa looked puzzled.


“Well, Mister Warren and Bright did say to me…”


“…That there are big opportunities waiting in the new land.”


Hearing that, Tifa stared into the empty air, imagining the two Black Emperors.

The crimson-eyed Black Emperors cloaked in dark auras…




What the two sought from Itsuki was beyond Tifa’s comprehension.

So, simply to shake off that chill, Tifa ordered another cup of hot tea.


“Well, despite what they said, I’ve made it clear that as a member of Team Silver, I won’t budge on that.”

“This is Warren we’re talking about — they might just absorb all of Team Silver if they really want to.”

“Ahahaha, that’s quite possible. Oh, by the way, Tifa…”


“Tarawo isn’t here today, is he?”



As Tifa spoke, she pointed.

Following her gaze, Itsuki saw Pochi sneaking out of the Adventurers’ Guild.


“Pochi? I HAVE noticed that she has been quiet today, but what’s the connection with Tarawo?”

“Apparently, Pochi is the organizer.”


As Tifa explained, Itsuki tilted her head.


“Organizer of what?”

“The beasts’ gathering… or something like that? For our beast and monster friends to come together and have a drinking party.”

“A drinking… party?”


Itsuki, still trying to grasp it all, listened as Tifa elaborated.


“Duncan is sneaking food and drinks and stuff to Pochi and Tarawo through the back. Oh, and not just Chappie, but Baladd and Maïga are there too. Apparently, it’s supposed to be a secret among them, mind you.”

“And how did you know that secret, Tifa?”

“Tarawo was acting suspicious… so I forced the information out of him.”



Itsuki listened with a smile, nodding — as it was the only thing she could possibly do.


[Whew, the way she talks… I can see why they call her the Dark Ruler…]


Faced with the chill creeping in, Itsuki also ordered another cup of hot tea.


“Well, it’s not like they’re doing anything wrong, so it’s fine, isn’t it?”

“Actually, they are — surely someone like you would know why, Itsuki.”


Tifa, carrying her tea to her lips with a mysterious expression, spoke.

Then, Itsuki suddenly realized something and stood up.


“The… the bill…!”


Indeed — even if Pochi’s share was accounted for, the rest of the food expenses were not.


“Baladd, Maïga, and Chappie should not be a problem… but it wouldn’t be good if the Heavenly Beasts were there, would it? I mean… considering their sizes.”

“The bills will probably go to each Familiar’s Master. For the Heavenly Beasts… maybe the Resistance…?”

“No, that’s definitely not it. After all, Miss Trace is the one handling the treasury.”

“That’s a tough one. So, the target is clear.”

“Yes, and considering Pochi is the organizer, all responsibility falls on… Wait, should we stop them?”

“It’s okay. I have savings to help out poor Asley.”

“So, even Sir Asley’s misfortune is seen as an opportunity?”

“What can I say? The competition is fierce…”


Tifa said with a somewhat pleased and embarrassed expression.

Itsuki, hearing that, looked around.

Natsu was playing board games, with Irene holding her head in defeat. Lina and Fuyu were laughing together as they watched.

Lylia continued to lecture ‘Jolyne.’ Haruhana was teaching Ferris some tricks to win Bright’s affection.

Looking at the maidens in his sight, Itsuki let out a sigh.


“Indeed, formidable rivals abound.”


Their target was the world’s strongest.

Where Tifa aimed was right next to it.

Though difficult, with rivals who were also reliable allies, they would advance together, striving for improvement.

Flames burning in her eyes, Tifa declared to Itsuki,


“I won’t lose!”


Utilizing even such strong determination, Itsuki proceeded to say nonchalantly,


“Friends look out for each other in times of need! If you run short, I’ll lend you some.”

“Hahaha… Strong words, coming from you.”

“Hehehe… look who’s talking.”


They both brought their tea to their lips and quietly shared a laugh.


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