The Ring That Defies The Heavens

The Ring That Defies The Heavens – Chapter 1, Mysterious ring

Translator: Liew

Editor: Faux

Dad! Can you help me buy a game helmet?”Jiang Fei who was filled with the anticipation asked his father.”You hope!”His father who was smiling initially immediately had a downcast face .”little Fei, you are already in high school, you should not be thinking of gaming every day!”His mother who was at the side persuades. “Mother! This game is different! This is the miraculous product which prosperous times company made after carefully researching it for 13 years and it is also nicknamed as human’s second world.!Moreover “Dawn” uses special technology to speed up the time in the game, allowing players to play longer in the game and not waste as much time!”Jiang Fei replied earnestly to his parents.

The game “Dawn” which Jiang Fei mentioned is another innovation in human history, it is not only the best model of virtual reality game, it also has allows users to experience 100% reality in the game.With this brand-new technology, players can experience an entirely different life during their eight hours of sleep time.While the body enjoys eight hours of high-quality sleep, the spirit at the same time actually experiences 24 hours of a completely different virtual reality experience! “Don’t listen to the advertisement bullshits, they are all out to cheat your money! Others want to believe it’s up to them but in your case dream on! His dad remained unmoved Your present duty is to study after you are admitted to a university however you want to play no one will stop you!”.

“Father! How can you be like this! This game is being promoted by the entire country! It is real, this game will not only not affect one’s study, it can also let a person have a better rest!”Jiang Fei insisted! “I will say the last time, dream on! If within 20 seconds you are still not back to your room and doing your homework, then I will reduce next month pocket money by 50%!”His father said with a serious face.

“Stubborn old man!”The Jiang Fei murmured, he also knows that this matter is set and cannot be changed.Although his family condition is rather good since his father who was stubborn will definitely not believe that the game will not affect his studies! …… “Brother Fei, how was it? Tonight “Dawn” will formally open have you prepared your game helmet?”The school bell sounded and after the teacher left the classroom, the young fat person behind Jiang Fei pat his shoulder and asked. “Don’t, mention it! This time it would be impossible for me to play with you guys!” Jiang Fei smiled bitterly!

“No! The brothers are all depending on you!”The Young fat person Zhao Feng Ji said.He is one of Jiang Fei’s few friends.Jiang Fei studies in class number 19 which is the key class in the school, but Jiang Fei’s results are around average and remain stagnant there.His sports wasn’t good and he is also not good with communication, hence he can be considered a transparent person(a nobody).

“Haiz! My father disagrees! what can I do?”JiangFei rolled his eyes and left nothing unsaid to his friend. “How about the brothers save some money to buy one for you?” Zhao Feng said as his family condition is similar to Jiang Fei and since both of them are not really outstanding they are not really focused on their teachers and classmates… “Do you think I as your Fei brother lacks money? However, if I bought one game helmet where do I put it?Such a big helmet once I bring back home my father will smash it!”Jiang Fei while looking resigned said. As long as Li am unable to convince my father playing the game would be impossible!

“Ha… Pitiful brother Fei! Without you, us brothers would definitely not have a good time!”Zhao Feng shook his head.”Fine! Let’s wait for a while! Perhaps after a period of time, my father’s prejudice against games would change!”Jiang Fei consoled.

“Hopefully!”Zhao Feng nodded. Jiang Fei loved gaming since childhood, particularly this kind of virtual reality game, as a boy, who doesn’t want to hold a sword and become a martial god?

Real men are made from their swords! After battling numerous times and achieving something.This is every boy’s dream, but in this peaceful age and highly developed society, let alone war, even if there is a war, it will be fought with a push button using technology, therefore if one wants to enjoy bloody fights one can only get into virtual games to experience it! However this time, Jiang Fei feels that he has no chance of playing since after he went to high school, his father has set a command prohibiting him from playing games., the gaming technology at home have been fully sealed, let alone online games!

After enduring his boring lessons in school, Jiang Fei listlessly walked back home, although at the time was only about 6:00 pm, the sky is already turning dark since it is winter. “Well? What is that?” Jiang Fei who was walking towards his house suddenly was discovered something flashing under the tree. “Hey! Who lost his ring!It looks very nice!”Moving closer, Jiang Fei discovered that it was a silver-white coloured finger ring, the style is very simple comprising of only a circle, without any other decoration, simple yet its modelling was very pleasing to the eyes.

“Doesn’t look like a valuable thing, why don’t I wear it instead!”JiangFei while talking wore the ring.Back home, after dinner, JiangFei probed his father’s mood slightly and finally got two characters: No way! Thinking that today is”Dawn” Opening day, Jiang Fei angrily locked himself in his own room! Nearing 10 o clock, Jiang Fei who has completed his school work, lied down on his bed.Looking at the clock on the wall his heartfelt somewhat uncomfortable. “Dawn” opening time is 10:00 pm today, then every day from ten pm to the next day 6:00 am.It operates 8 hours every day, and do not affect the player’s lifestyle while also allowing players to experience 24 hours of game time completely! “eh! It’s gonna start soon! Such great game yet I don’t get to play it!”Jiang Fei mumbled,  while subconsciously stroking the ring which he just picked up on his index finger.

“Receiving intense brain waves, connecting target to the game”Dawn”! Connecting……” “Connection completed! The channel has been established……” “constructing virtual world ……” “virtual world construction has finished, equipment ready to use!” “What is this?”Jiang Fei with his mouth agape looks at his hand and saw a light glimmering out of the ring, he was frightened till he could not speak! “Buzz!” A white light suddenly flashes, Jiang Fei eyesight blurred, when his sight returned he was no longer in his room! “Ding!Welcome to the “Dawn” world!No.34784 new assistant at your service!”A clear female voice could be heard !”Dawn”? Is this “Dawn” login platform?”Jiang Fei who was filled with disbelief asked before his heart was beating so fast due to fear that he almost died and ascend to the heavens! “So, be more accurate this is the character creation page!”The new assistant replied. “Isn’t this a dream?”Jiang Fei found it hard to imagine that he who was without the game helmet, was still able to enter the game? Perhaps this is my own dream! Perhaps after doing his homework he was too tired and started dreaming.

The strange happenings from the ring perhaps were also part of his dream?Thinking about the game and dreaming about it at night, perhaps he was too fixated on the game.

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