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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1293, Advancement

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Sword Heart walked towards the towering cliff, smiling at the setting sun and the cautious Sword Child.


“He’ll soon get his wish and this world will be at peace.”


Sword Child just stared.


“What’s your name?” Sword Heart asked.


“Sword Child.”


“Did your master name you?”


“He’s my father.” Sword Child’s eyes were hard.


Sword Heart shook his head, “Just like humanity, to treat his sword as a son.”


“How does your master see you?”


“Isn’t it obvious? His heart.” Sword Heart sighed, “Sword points where your heart is. I am his sword, moving at his heart’s intent. We are one, he and I.”


“Does he see you as a brother then?”


“Not a brother, for they aren’t of one mind, while we are.” Sword Heart smiled, “What he wants to do, I want as well. Not like your master’s fancy speech, calling you son. Isn’t parenthood a form of slavery? You have to obey and you have to listen. Being humane is so fake, so shortsighted.”


“Humph, and?”


Sword Child mocked, “Your master made you like him, but in the end you’re just a copy. At best, you’re both working to improve, while at worst, you’re nothing more than a replica. My father treats us like sons, but he never forces his beliefs on us. The same with Luo Clan Head, the same with Qilin. I am but a sword. So, who is the master and who is the servant?”


Sword Heart looked at the sky, “Heavenly Dao has no emotions, in eternal solitude, unmarred by human complexions. That’s why the ten Sovereigns were in the end one heaven and nine people. The nine shared their paths, while the Heavenly Dao is only one. The same goes for us. It’s not that he made a copy of himself, it’s that Heavenly Dao resembles itself. I’m his sword and he shown me where Heavenly Dao is so we can created a pure world.”


“What’s that got to do with my dad? He has never bothered you.”


“Of course it’s related. He’s crucial. Be it for Heavenly Dao, or humanity. The world’s direction rests on his shoulders. Everything is in the hands of one man…”


Sword Heart smiled, “If all goes well, tonight we get to see the world’s direction, ha-ha-ha…”


Sword Child shuddered, unease creeping in.




Two figures bowed before Sword Heart, “Sir, it’s done!”


They were two of the eight freaks.


Sword Heart waved them away, and said to Sword Child, “Do you know what they are? Once the strongest in the mortal domain, men that sought the pinnacle. But the more they do, the more frustrated they feel when they reach a wall they cannot cross. Having never failed before, they become restless. It was then that I stepped in and promised to fulfill their wishes, so they bow their heads. The moment they did so, they could never raise it again. This is the debased humanity.”


“They’re all cultivators from the mortal domain that learned from the sacred weapons?”


“Yes, the tougher the environment, the stronger the people. After the ancient period, Sacred Domain no longer had anyone impressive. Only the mortal domain would bring about someone adequate every million years or so.”


Sword Heart nodded, then he showed utter disdain, “And the result? They’re stuck as half Sovereigns, their immense pride turned into cowardice from crushing doubt in their abilities as they begin seeking other ways and ultimately sealing their hope to ever became a true Sovereign.”


“That’s why they can never be Sovereigns. If Sword Sovereign was alive, the seat was taken, for they walked the path of the sword…” Sword Child shouted.


Sword Heart shook his head, “Wrong. The Ten Paths to Heaven hints at being only ten, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change. It may be hard, but if one found an alternative, another road, they too could become Sovereign in the sword. Sword Child, there was once Patriarch Blood Demon who lived a long time ago. He had the bravery to do it, coming the closest to realizing it. Later on, people heard of his foiled attempt and always believe the ten paths are ever taken, losing their courage. Will you brave it, little one?”


Sword Child’s eyes grew with thirst for battle.


“Ha-ha-ha, you may never get the chance, if your master fails.”


Sword Heart laughed and patted the little head, “Come, let’s see your master’s last act…”


Sword Heart left and Sword Child followed.


The two arrived at Heavenly Sovereign’s courtyard, to find him in his chair and looking at the chessboard with an intense gaze.


Chu Qingcheng paced around, looking at the portal with worry now and then.


Sword Heart and Sword Child landed.


Sword Heart bowed, “It’s ready.”




Heavenly Sovereign gave Sword Child a look, while Chu Qingcheng gasped, “What are you doing here? It’s too dangerous?”


“Where’s father?” Sword Child asked.


Chu Qingcheng looked at the portal and sighed, “He went to find Emotion Sovereign. It feels like the two Sovereigns are mortal enemies. Since Zhuo Fan went representing Heavenly Sovereign, maybe…”


Chu Qingcheng shook her head. Sword Child looked worried as well.




Zhuo Fan casually stepped out of the portal and the two welcomed him with smiles.


Heavenly Sovereign gave him a look and mocked, “Just like I said. The woman gave it to you.”


“I have it, so what do you want from me now?”  Zhuo Fan sighed.


Heavenly Sovereign shrugged, popping another portal open, leading to the Sacred Mountains, where their disciples and the six Mountain Lords were.


Only, they were all unconscious.


Zhuo Fan gave Heavenly Sovereign a quizzical look.


Heavenly Sovereign spoke, “As Nine Serenities’ inheritor, you trained in the Demon Transformation Art to the early Saint Stage. You’re ways away from reaching the peak. As for your heart and mind, the many Sovereign inheritances you have proved their broadness. To reach Sovereign Stage, all that is needed is buildup.”




Zhuo Fan gapped, “You want me to suck them dry?”


“Of course, why else would I stop you from slaughtering each other? As Sacred Mountains disciples practice the most upright methods and have solid foundations, using them will lead to best results.”


“Just what’s your game, making me a Sovereign?”


“Think of it as helping you out.”


Heavenly Sovereign snickered, “Not just me, but other Sovereigns wish for it as well. There’d be no point dumping so many paths on you to increase your own otherwise.”


“But your goals differs!”


“Why do you care? Did you forget your place, pawn? You have no power here.” Heavenly Sovereign mocked as he glanced at Chu Qingcheng and Sword Child, “I’d have drowned you in materials by now, if not for haste makes waste. You think I wanted to wait for so long? Now, are you doing it or not?”


Zhuo Fan’s face shook and looked around with a sigh. He made a sign and black energy leaked out of him. In a blink, a sea of black drowning the crowd beyond the portal.


The victims didn’t even twitch as they disintegrated. The black energy returned to Zhuo Fan and filled him with endless strength.


Heavenly Sovereign smirked, “You’re holding back, afraid that the Demon Transformation Art will eat you alive like your disciple and everyone. Don’t worry, the backlash happens only with a weak body, unable to handle all those energies, and with a weak mind that succumbs to the victims’ regrets. You’ve passed them with flying colors. Now cultivate already!”


[Screw you! It won’t go your way in the end, mark my words!]


Zhuo Fan shook, unleashing a violent wave of black energy that turned the rest of them to dust in a blink.


Chu Qingcheng shirked back in fear, with Heavenly Sovereign nodding, “Let’s take this brief moment to compound Heavenly Dao like old times, little brother, the argument before the great war…”


Heavenly Sovereign’s eyes shone…



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