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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1297, Escape

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The trio of sacred beasts reached the sealed World Wind Tunnel simultaneously, finding it cut off from supplying the array with the vital energy that accelerated the mortal domain’s inevitable collapse. The air was charged with tension as they faced this unexpected obstacle.


Sea Ao, with a commanding presence, was the first to break the silence. “It’s Sword Sovereign. He utilized the Heaven Sealing Sword Art to seal this World Wind Tunnel. He must be targeting the others. I can undo the seal, but it will take time. The two of you must collaborate and delay Sword Sovereign from sealing the remaining tunnels.”


Decimating Dragon Ancestor, his eyes narrowing with distrust, voiced his objection, “No way in hell! I won’t work with this traitor!” His gaze shot daggers at Kungpeng.


Kungpeng, however, remained steadfast in his conviction, urging, “You can and will, whether you like it or not. Our escape hinges on it, as does the fate of the world. Time is of the essence. We must intercept Sword Sovereign now!”


Taking charge, Kungpeng soared off in the direction of Sword Sovereign, leaving Decimating Dragon Ancestor torn between conflicting emotions, unsure whether to aid or stand his ground.


Sea Ao, sensing the urgency, shouted to the reluctant Dragon Ancestor, “We don’t have time for this, Old Dragon. Go!”


Grumbling under his breath, Dragon Ancestor begrudgingly took flight, catching up to Kungpeng while expressing his discontent, “This isn’t over. I’ll settle the score for your betrayal of Thunder Phoenix after we’re free of the mortal domain.”


Seizing the moment, Kungpeng waited for Dragon Ancestor to draw nearer before strategizing, “I’ll fill you in on everything later. Since Sword Sovereign will need time to seal the next World Wind Tunnel, we’ll intercept him there. The plan is to stall him, giving Sea Ao enough time to catch up, ensuring the mortal domain is doomed with Sword Sovereign powerless to intervene.”



Arriving at yet another World Wind Tunnel, Sword Sovereign swiftly launched a razor-sharp sword wave, determined to seal it promptly. As he surveyed the surroundings, he mused, “Those beasts won’t allow me to roam freely for long. I must move swiftly.”


Casting a glance at the sky, he observed the gradual return of its blue hue, a stark contrast to the previous abyss of black. Just as he prepared to advance towards the next tunnel, the unexpected duo of Decimating Dragon Ancestor and Kungpeng intercepted him.


Sword Sovereign, flanked on both sides, surveyed his adversaries with a confident yet disdainful gaze. “You’re out, I see, but not for long. Heavenly Sovereign will return you to your prison soon.”


Dragon Ancestor snarled defiantly, “No one’s locking me up again! Once I deal with you, I’ll take it out on Heavenly Sovereign!”


Kungpeng, with a sense of urgency, declared, “I believe the time for talking is over. Let’s dispose of him quickly and break Heavenly Sovereign’s hold on the mortal domain.” With a swift motion, he conjured an azure fireball, transforming it into a majestic azure bird that soared straight for Sword Sovereign.


Unfazed, Sword Sovereign drew a white sword, effortlessly sending a casual yet powerful azure sword wave that effortlessly neutralized Kungpeng’s attack.


Communicating with Dragon Ancestor, Kungpeng strategized, “We have to strike him together! He’s using sword arts based on our powers to cancel them!”


In response, Dragon Ancestor unleashed a scorching golden fire, met by Sword Sovereign’s counter of a golden and searing sword wave. As the clash unfolded, Kungpeng seized the opportunity, launching another azure attack that caught Sword Sovereign off guard, forcing him into a defensive stance.


Despite their combined efforts, the two beasts found themselves puzzled by their inability to harm Sword Sovereign. Kungpeng analyzed the situation, “Something’s not right. We should be winning here. With him weakened without his Sovereign path, we should have the upper hand. Why can’t we hurt him?”


Undeterred, Dragon Ancestor raved, “Who cares? Just give it everything you have!” His arms ablaze with golden flames, he unleashed a formidable assault on Sword Sovereign.


Not one to miss an opening, Kungpeng, knowing the challenges posed by Heavenly Sovereign alone, readied his azure-charged palms, ready to strike at the slightest sign of Sword Sovereign’s vulnerability.


Despite their coordinated efforts, Sword Sovereign, now only a half Sovereign without his path, proved impervious to their attacks. He skillfully maneuvered toward the next World Wind Tunnel, effortlessly sealing it while evading their strikes.


Kungpeng exclaimed in frustration, “It’s the mortal domain! We’re still cut off from the Sacred Domain’s rich spiritual energy, unable to use our full power.”


As Sword Sovereign poised to move towards the fourth tunnel, he picked up on Heavenly Sovereign’s erratic aura, growing more unstable by the second. He could no longer mind the sacred beasts and the mortal domain, opting to go to Heavenly Sovereign’s aid.


Using two sword waves as a distraction, Sword Sovereign swiftly retreated from the beasts, leaving the mortal domain before they could catch up.


Dragon Ancestor grumbled, “What now? We can’t catch him with the mortal domain still holding strong.”


Kungpeng proposed, “Let’s remove the seals and escape. Then, we’ll find Zhuo Fan and put an end to Heavenly Sovereign and Sword Sovereign once and for all.”


It took a considerable amount of time for Sea Ao to catch up after unsealing the first tunnel, having dealt with the others. Upon learning of their futile attempts against Sword Sovereign, he growled, “I still have a debt to settle with him, but we need to escape first.”


The people of the mortal domain were baffled by the changed sky, but then they noticed the thick spiritual energy flooding everywhere.


They sucked in without qualms and their Yuan Qi soared to new heights.


“W-what’s happening? I’m advancing!”


“So am I!”


“Me too.”



With the broken barrier, the people of the mortal domain grew excited tasting the thick spiritual energy of the Sacred Domain.


In just a few moments, all of the mortal domain’s cultivators advanced again and again.


The fresh Radiant cultivators of yesterday were now in the Ethereal Stage, making it feel like it was all a dream.


They didn’t realize that this was what they should’ve had, for they had been forced to starve for ages…


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