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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1298, Forlorn Hope

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Writer: StarReader

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Heavenly Sovereign’s right eye shone in twelve golden halos, while his left flickered with purple lightning, glaring at the empty sky.


Sword Child cried, “Who can barge into Heavenly Sovereign’s world?”




A familiar figure appeared before them, her cold eyes glaring at Heavenly Sovereign.




“Miss Yuyu!?”


Zhuo Fan cried. Chu Qingcheng rejoiced at newfound hope. But why was she so strong? How did she enter Heavenly Sovereign’s domain?


Baili Yuyu looked at the weary Zhuo Fan, “I’m not Baili Yuyu, I’m Emotion Sovereign. I’m using her  body to save them.”


“Save them? You dare talk big using a trace of your soul to take over a mortal’s body? You’re nowhere near strong enough!”


Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “This is my world, not yours. What can you possibly do? You don’t even have your path, only a half Sovereign at best!”


Emotion Sovereign smirked and looked at the huge eye, “My path is right there.”


“You call the path I stole with my void path yours?”


“All the more reason why you’ll lose it.”


Emotion Sovereign gave a taunting look, “Heavenly Sovereign, remember your fall? Heaven has emotion and it will pierce everything. You fell for my bewitching and spent all the following ages in this abode without stepping a foot outside. You were afraid of the world’s energy infecting yours and ruining the heartless Heavenly Dao you hold so dear.”


Heavenly Sovereign raged, “That was a cheap blow you did when I was weakened from fighting the others. If not for my unworthy little brother’s help from the shadows, you’d never have succeeded. Moreover, I reduced you to a mere trace, only hanging on with the help of your path. Once Sword Sovereign is back, you’ll have nothing to be smug about!”


“It’s no boasting, but fact. My emotion path is the bane of your heartless Heavenly Dao. Once void path has emotion, it can no longer be empty. You worked hard in removing all human emotions to cultivate the void path and when emotion seeps back in, demise is nigh.”


“I still have your emotion path, Emotion Sovereign. You lost!”


“We’ll see. The crux is if you can remove the bewitching with it.”


Heavenly Sovereign grew dark.


Emotion Sovereign smirked as she made a sign, a pink glow spread throughout the sky. The huge eye shuddered and its aura grew weaker as the black energy ate more at the eye.


“Humph, you had taken my path, but have yet to absorb it. I can still control it. I will have emotion reach its peak and infect your void path and ruin your heartless Heavenly Dao cultivation.”


“Think again!”


Heavenly Sovereign shouted, making a sign to have the huge eye shone brighter to overcome her influence and the black energy eating away at it. “My void path is the righteous way of the world. I can’t be infected. You’re just a trace relying on a puny human to steal a Sovereign path. How long do you think you can hold? In a minute, you’ll die without a trace.”


[Die?] Zhuo Fan looked in shock at Baili Yuyu. [Is she Emotion Sovereign’s vessel, or…]


“More than enough.”


Emotion Sovereign turned to Zhuo Fan, “I’ll stall him for a minute. Run!”


[No, I have a better idea.] Zhuo Fan smirked with an evil glint in his eyes.


Heavenly Sovereign sneered, “Your minute will be wasted.”


Zhuo Fan’s cool voice pierced both of their ears, “I’ll have to disagree.” All the paths on him were hovering around, like shining prismatic globes of mystical power and knowledge. “You’ll find this place to be your tomb instead!”


He used the short minute he had to bring the paths closer to each other, one at a time. With every added path, it unleashed a stronger and more terrible aura of destruction and annihilation.


Zhuo Fan fought hard to keep it under control, using all his strength to not let it blow in his face, or before its time.


Finding that the power at play here was beyond what he could wield, he thought of a better way of finishing Heavenly Sovereign.


He worked to send the mingled paths at the Heavenly Eye as they lashed out with terrifying power at an increased pace, wanting to destroy the skill and Heavenly Sovereign with the backlash.


“No! Not this again! The same trick won’t work twice!” Heavenly Sovereign panicked, finding it hard to deal with Emotion Sovereign’s interference as well as the destructive power unleashed from the premature combination of just two paths. Adding all the others to the mix would spell doom. Even he didn’t believe he could withstand the sheer destructive power they unleashed. This was not a power belonging to the Sovereign Stage to begin with, but a step above, that of the Supreme Stage.


If that thing hit the Heavenly Eye, it wouldn’t just destroy it and ruin everything, he would take the brunt as well. It will make all his efforts be in vain. All that planning for this moment for eons gone down the drain.


Heavenly Sovereign growled, “You think you have me where you want it, is that it, little brother?”


His following action left everyone in shock. A pink glow shone brightly from the Heavenly Eye,  letting Emotion Sovereign wrest her path from the eye with ease. Having one of the problems dealt with, he could focus on countering Zhuo Fan’s reckless and insane gamble, with a gamble of his own. Heavenly Sovereign shouted as he made a sign, “Void Seal!”


The Heavenly Eye shone in tune with his right eye in seven golden rings, striking at the incoming chaotic and berserk amalgamation of paths with a ripple in space. Upon contact, it wrapped around the paths and between them, forming akin to a bubble to keep them from mingling further and unleashing devastation upon them all.


It worked. “Ha-ha-ha, thank you for giving them to me willingly, little brother!” He glanced at Emotion Sovereign to see her in pain. “Didn’t you come for your path? How does it feel to have it in a mortal shell? I bet it’s you who’ll only have a minute to live now.”


Zhuo Fan paled and slumped to his knees, feeling all was lost.


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