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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1304, Uncrowned Sovereign

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“Elder brother!”


The sudden shouts had them look towards the doors, now burst open by Gu Santong, Qiao’er and Ye Lin.


Their auras clearly shown they were in the Saint Stage.


Ouyang Changqing lit up, “Ye Lin, you’ve been enjoying yourself with the dragons by the looks of it. I ought to take a trip to the Dragonizing Pool as well…”


“Get back!”


Ye Lin pushed him away, rushing to Luo Yunhai, “Clan Head, where is my elder brother? Why do all dragons say he’s bedridden?”


Luo Yunhai sighed and patted his shoulder, “Big brother Zhuo has a glimmer of hope but Shuang’er and miss Yuyu…”




“They passed on to save dad!”


Sword Child stepped up with a grave look, “They leaned on a Sovereign’s path for a power boost and wrest dad’s weak soul from Heavenly Sovereign. They, however, couldn’t withstand the power of a Sovereign path and crumbled, soul and all.”


Ye Lin started and sighed.


Qiao’er cried, recalling her good time with Bali Yuyu.


The closest to her were Baili Jingtian and Baili Yulei. The three had gone with Zhuo Fan to Sacred Domain once their clan fell. But now, one of them was no more.


Baili Yulei saw her as his little sister, while Baili Jingtian felt the pain of losing his relative.


They had no hatred mixed in the sadness, for this was Baili Yuyu’s choice.


“Thunder Sword King, our revenge against Zhuo Fan is no longer important.”


Baili Jingtian said, “Frigid Rain Sword King is gone and I feel a piece of me missing. We need to live in the moment and have no regrets.”


Baili Yulei nodded heavily.


“I don’t know if Zhuo Fan’s Sovereign path had to do with it, but my eyes have opened up. I had spent a century obsessed with killing him, forgetting all the people around me, my father, you. My hatred didn’t change even as the empire fell. Now that Frigid Rain Sword King is gone, I came to see that while hatred blinded me those hundred years, I failed to realize how many things I lost. Thunder Sword King, let’s go home. I want to live my life in peace along with father.”


“His Majesty is at Drifting Flowers City.” Baili Yulei said, “We will find him there.”


Baili Jingtian started, “How do you know?”


“Zhuo Fan told me.”


Baili Yulei muttered, “He knew your desire, but since you helped him, he looked after your family regardless of your intentions. His Majesty hasn’t become a prisoner, rather, he is safely living in Tianyu. It was there where Zhuo Fan lived his quietest moments. He hoped that the past emperor would find peace as well.”


Baili Jingtian felt ashamed, “He did all this while I almost left father to be forgotten…”


“Thats why. Zhuo Fan thinks of everything. He has his own path that brings people together, making them part of his power.”


Baili Yulei smiled, “Let’s wait for Steward Zhuo to wake up. We’ll help him in this fight and then go see His Majesty. What do you say?”


Baili Jingtian closed his eyes and nodded through tears…


“Get lost!”


Ye Lin was furious as he stormed outside, “Who’s shouting in the Luo Clan?”


“I am, what of it?”


A middle-aged in golden robes stood tall and majestic alongside two other.


Gu Santong and Qiao’er could immediately tell who they were. As for Ye Lin, who was human. He didn’t know Dragon Ancestor’s human form, cursing instead, “You got some nerve! Who are you to run wild in the Luo Clan?’


“Oh, you manage to spread your wings, brat, and now you’re teaching me?” Dragon Ancestor started, smiling at his disciple.


Gu Santong and Qiao’er pulled Ye Lin back. [Are you mental? You dare going after the three monsters?]


Kunpeng didn’t care, looking around. The most pressing matter was to find Zhuo Fan.


Dragon Saints came as well and immediately kneeled, “Ancestor, you’re alright! We couldn’t be more gratified to find you once more with us!”


“Y-you’re master?” Ye Lin cried out.


Dragon Ancestor glared, “Brat, I’ll deal with you later. Where’s Zhuo Fan? Come out already!”


“Ancestor, a few days ago, Dragon Sovereign was butchered by eight people. You have to set this right and get revenge for him!”


The old dragons lamented.


Dragon Ancestor waved their whining away, “Since he’s dead, that’s that. Just go raise other dragons with talent. Zhuo Fan is more important right now. Is he alright or not?”




The dragon Saints were stumped. They rushed here the minute they heard their ancestor was back, hoping to get support. Only to find that the ancestor cared not for them. He solely wanted to know more about some human’s life instead. [Zhuo Fan must be Ancestor’s aide for sure.]


So, they changed tactic, “Ancestor, taking revenge for Dragon Sovereign or Steward Zhuo is the same, because the same man did this to both.”


“He still won’t wake up?”


Dragon Ancestor turned to Kunpeng, “What now? With the kid’s mind locked away, he’s more dead than alive.”


Kunpeng shouted, “Listen well, the fate of the world rests on Zhuo Fan. Tell me exactly what went on so we can help him!”


“Seniors, this is what happened…” Sword Child came forward and retold the events.


The three seniors eased up, “I see, that’s why there’s a glimmer of hope. How fortunate.”


“Old man, he’s but an empty shell now, with his strength robbed. It can’t get worse than this. What hope are you talking about?”


Dragon Ancestor asked, “You alright there? What can a cripple do?”


“Cripple? Humph, you’d never say that if you knew who he is.”




Dragon Ancestor’s eyebrow rose, “Isn’t he a pawn in your schemes? Or is he some Sovereign’s reincarnation?”


Kunpeng said, “Pretty much. Old dragon, remember the Uncrowned Sovereign?”




Dragon Ancestor gasped, “Heavenly Sovereign’s young brother, the one who with Heavenly Sovereign were called Heavenly Dao Exalted? That’s Zhuo Fan? Then, why is he on the demonic path?”


“Isn’t it the goal of all Sovereigns the Supreme Stage?” Kunpeng’s eyes shone.


Heaven Sealing Sea Ao and Dragon Ancestor thought, [The union of ten paths, the Supreme Stage. Is this legend true?]


“Uh, senior, could you…”


The trio chatted back and forth, when Luo Yunhai finally came forward with a smile and a bow.


Kunpeng said, “We’re the three sacred beasts, Vaulting Kunpeng, Decimating Dragon Ancestor and Heaven Sealing Sea Ao. We guided Zhuo Fan once and came to see what happened to him.


“Sacred beasts? The same ones that can fight on par against the Sovereigns?” Luo Yunhai and everyone cheered, “With sirs, we can beat the two enemies!”


Kunpeng’s face twitched, “Win? One of them is Heavenly Sovereign that fought all the others by himself. We three are nothing against him. Stop dreaming! Our only hope rests with Zhuo Fan.”


“But Zhuo Fan is an empty shell, how can he…” Dragon Ancestor shook his head.


Kunpeng sneered, “Didn’t Yun Sovereign save the same empty shell with his star path? Now it’s time that we do our part and take him to the Heavenly Rebirth Lake. There he will regain everything, including the ancient power closest to Heavenly Sovereign…”


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