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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1305, Gone

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“Now, where is that treacherous bastard!? I have a bone to pick with him, letting me suffer in that wretched place for thousands of years wasn’t enough, he had to drag out the collapse of the mortal domain!” Dragon Ancestor raged.


Kungpeng said, “We don’t have time for your antics. We need to ensure Zhuo Fan can take Heavenly Sovereign down first.”


Sea Ao ignored the stunned faces of the Luo Clan, having learned from Kungpeng of Zhuo Fan’s importance. His lone eye rests on the humanized Sovereign weapon. “What have you been doing this time, now that Zhuo Fan’s mind is locked away?”


Sword Child spoke with dejection, “I, and everyone else, have been on edge as days went by, dreading Heavenly Sovereign might come to destroy us at any time. For some reason, this wasn’t the case even as a whole month passed by. We’ve tried everything we could think of in waking Father, but nothing seems to work.”


Kungpeng was resolute. “We can’t waste any more time. If there’s one certain way of getting through Zhuo Fan, that’s by taking him to the Heavenly Rebirth Lake. Only there will he regain his memories of this life and the past ones. In the meantime, didn’t you say Zhuo Fan was forced to drain the Sacred Mountains to reach half Sovereign Stage? Why haven’t you raided them by now, since they’re all practically empty. Your time would’ve been better spent training in a Saint cultivation art.”


“Why didn’t we think of that!” Elder Li cried in horror.


“Don’t bother. I’ve got them all with me in the first week since we got back.” Sword Child droned.


“Why didn’t you say anything?” The other elders shouted, disgruntled.


“I was waiting for Father to wake up and let him handle it, but since the three sacred beasts are now out, they should be able to assess the cultivation methods’ efficiency in regards to each individual.” Sword Child  threw a ring to Kungpeng.


He focused on it. “The majority are genuine Saint cultivation methods, with some altered to give control over the people who trained them. Let’s go to Zhuo Fan. I’ll share with you all the best cultivation art according to your auras and paths. Sword Child, lead the way.”


Sword Child brushed past the accusatory glances, knowing they could do nothing to him. Some part of him even enjoyed it, being in the limelight.


On their way, Kungpeng gave the elders a cultivation method suited for them, effectively cooling their anxiety, and saving the Luo Clan funds from the needless damages at every meeting.


Kungpeng pushed open the door to Zhuo Fan’s room, where the girls were watching over him.


Luo Yunchang spoke up, “Isn’t there another way? Just like how Zhuo Fan woke sister Qingcheng in the northern lands, I’m sure she could do it again!”


Sea Ao interjected, “Unlikely. The girl hasn’t regained her memories of the past even as Zhuo Fan was drained by Heavenly Sovereign, not to mention his heart is now in pieces not from the news, but from witnessing the death of two people dear to him. He even had a hand in the death of one from what Sword Child retold. The fact that after all this time with him did not work to wake him proves there is no other way than to take him to the Heavenly Rebirth Lake.”


Qingcheng and the girls in question gave him sharp look filled with reproach. The intense gazes unnerved even him, a sacred beast around for millions of years.


Kungpeng added, “There’s a reason everyone says that life flashes before your eyes when survival is bleak and death breathes down your neck. Before you truly die and can reincarnate, you have to let go of all attachments and longing you hold dear throughout your current life, thus going through each memorable and defining moment.


“Which is why there’s no time to waste. Shifting through one’s life will take a while as it is. While I don’t know what’s keeping Heavenly Sovereign from destroying us all now that he took everything from Zhuo Fan, we best not push our luck. We’ll take Zhuo Fan to the Heavenly Rebirth Lake this instant.” Kungpeng lifted his hand and Zhuo Fan floated out of the bed, with the cover trailing behind.


“You can’t just treat him like baggage! I’ll come along to look after him.” Shangguan Qingyan jumped to hold Zhuo Fan, breaking the light hold Kungpeng had on his body, and bring him close to her chest.


“Me too!” Shuo Ronghua stood, her jaw set with determination to go with him. She might have given up on her hopes and love when she saw him together with Chu Qingcheng at the Double Dragon Gathering and then at their wedding, but her technical death and rebirth on the Sacred Death was death parting them in her book. She just hoped her love would be reciprocated when he wakes up. And if not, she at least wanted to see him happy.


“Me too!” The other girls were not about to stay behind, not when the object of their affections was in such a state. No matter how certain this rebirth lake would help, they would be there for him.


“This isn’t a joyride! The fate of the world depends on it. We have to move fast if we are to have any chance at beating Heavenly Sovereign to the Supreme Stage!” Kungpeng shouted at them.


“We can’t just leave him in your care either! You’re too rough with him as it is!” Shangguan Qingyan retorted.


“We’ll take only one. That’s as far as I go. Choose now before we’re gone.” Kungpeng relented.


The girls shared a long look, judging, thinking, yearning, hoping that each one would be the one to go. They knew, however, that this was no time to be jealous for the lucky one. This was all for Zhuo Fan’s sake.


“Chu Qingcheng!” The other girls spoke in unison, leaving her stunned and fearful.


Watching Zhuo Fan being tortured by Heavenly Sovereign left her downcast and silent throughout the past month. She couldn’t make peace with herself for not doing something more to help him, to be there for him despite knowing fully well that she was too weak to defy Heavenly Sovereign. That was how she got taken in the first place, first by He Haodong, who tried twisting her feelings in his favor, and then Heavenly Sovereign’s lackey, having no qualms using force to get her. The futility of it all crushed her all the more, having found herself unable to wake Zhuo Fan up after all this time. To say she found herself unworthy was an understatement.


“I-I can’t go. I failed him by letting Heavenly Sovereign kidnap me. I was used to bring Zhuo Fan to this state. I don’t deserve his love!” She hung her head in defeat and tears.


Luo Yunchang came over and hugged her, holding her close and comforting her. “It’s not your fault. Nothing would’ve changed if it were any one of us instead. That’s why we don’t blame you for what happened and why we agreed to let you be the first to see when Zhuo Fan wakes up. We’re in this together, to help and bring him back to us.”


Chu Qingcheng gave a weak nod.


“About time you decided!” Kungpeng snapped in annoyance and flew out of the room at top speed with Zhuo Fan and Chu Qingcheng in the direction of Heavenly Rebirth Lake.


The other two sacred beasts followed after him, leaving the other girls groaning. “Men.”


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