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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1307, Dark Tidings

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“You! What are you doing here? Wasn’t senior in the Nether Sea?” Chu Qingcheng gasped in shock.


“Rebirth Sovereign! You’re still holding on? What happened?” Kunpeng hastily asked.


He was none other than the same old man with a basket on his back from the Nether Sea Zhuo Fan and Chu Qingcheng met. He led Zhuo Fan on the path of inheriting the four Sovereigns’ paths.


“You met my regrets in the Nether Sea, but Heavenly Sovereign has now destroyed it.” He spoke to Chu Qingcheng, before growing solemn. I’m not long for this world either. With Heavenly Sovereign sending his lackey, Sword Sovereign, to take my path, I have nothing tying me to this realm. ”


“What of Nine Serenities?” Kungpeng’s eyes darted around, only to be met with a wasteland surrounding the foul murky water of the lake.


“Gone. Now there’s no hope of Zhuo Fan inheriting his past legacy. All is lost.” Rebirth Sovereign’s image began to fade as the crushing defeat got to him. Without the Heavenly Rebirth Lake, the kid couldn’t wake to who he was, the person that gleaned into the Supreme Stage.


“You’re saying we should just give up and die? I won’t have it! I’d rather die trying. I’m going to take it up with Heavenly Sovereign instead of waiting around for death!” Dragon Ancestor raged, ready to go after Heavenly Sovereign, despite knowing it wouldn’t change a thing.


“Old Dragon, calm down! Let’s think for a moment.” Sea Ao blocked him. “There are always more than one solution to a problem. We’ve been in this race for the Supreme Stage for so long that we never tried to look for another way. Be it Heavenly Sovereign or us, none even tried thinking of reaching it another way, resting all our hopes on Zhuo Fan recalling his past lives.”


“Sea Ao is right.” Kunpeng added, “And I also agree with you, Old Dragon. We shouldn’t just wait for the blade to fall on our necks. Even so, we do need a new plan. Let’s first get back to the Luo Clan and discuss it over then. Now everything is too sudden and prone to rash decisions finding our initial plan going up in smoke.”


“May fortune be with you. I hope our efforts haven’t been all in vain all these millenia.” Rebirth Sovereign’s voice grew distant as his figure faded to nothing.


“Senior!” Chu Qingcheng was still shaken up to find she had been talking to Rebirth Sovereign.


Sea Ao scanned the place, growing weary of the prevalent scent of death. “Let’s go. There’s nothing for us here anymore.”


Dragon Ancestor huffed, but relented, knowing he was prone to impulsiveness and that more times that he could count got him into trouble. He was thankful that Sea Ao had stopped him, but that didn’t mean he was going to admit it.


Kunpeng flicked his hand and Zhuo Fan trailed behind the sacred beasts as Chu Qingcheng resumed watching over him on their way to the Luo Clan.


“What do we do now?” She softly asked, more to herself than to the seniors. She hoped the Heavenly Rebirth Lake would wake Zhuo Fan up, but now everything fell into utter despair, her wishes, the girls longing, the clan’s survival, and the world’s fate. The future looked bleak, with not a glimmer of light in sight to cling onto, no matter how forlorn.


The sacred beasts were silent, now more than ever. As Sea Ao said, they had only ever thought that the Heavenly Rebirth Lake was the sole chance of turning things around, to give them the hope of beating Heavenly Sovereign through Zhuo Fan, through his past life inheritance.


Despite the road back being just as long as the way they came, it took a few days longer. Whether their dampened spirits translated into silent quitting. When all hope was lost, giving in to ones’ demise couldn’t be easier. It certainly was simple to just surrender than stand up and fight their way out of an impossible situation.


It also had to do with their invested hopes in the plan, to see everything going up in smoke.


As they landed in the Luo Clan’s compound they were greeted with eager and expectant eyes, making the sacred beasts feel even more aware of the impending doom at the whims of Heavenly Sovereign.


It didn’t take long for the elders and the girls to take in their despondent looks, as well as the numb Zhuo Fan floating behind them.


Luo Yunhai said, “Let’s go to the main hall and discuss there.”


While Chu Qingcheng talked with the girls about the trip, Kunpeng tried to remain pragmatic about it as he offered various solutions, despite not believing any of them would work. Make Zhuo Fan devour the whole Sacred Domain to beat Heavenly Sovereign? Then what would be the point of saving a baren land? Attempt unleashing Zhuo Fan’s thunderflame born of the fusion of four sacred beasts’ powers, but now using all of them instead? While it might seem like a good idea, what was stopping the volatile power from wiping out the Sacred Domain from existence?


The ideas ranged from waiting to die to outright suicidal, with none offering any kind of comfort with their bleak resolutions, dead every time.


As they took their seats in the main hall, silence was prevalent, with neither knowing how to start to even tackle this problem.


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