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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1308, Picking Up the Pieces

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Sea Ao broke the silence with a weary tone. “The Heavenly Rebirth Lake is gone now that the reincarnation path was taken by Sword Sovereign back to Heavenly Sovereign. While it’s true that Heavenly Sovereign is gathering the paths, he can’t take them all. Six are now stuck in the blackness Zhuo Fan triggered when he escaped, including the emotion path he needs to remove the bewitching Emotion Sovereign placed on him long ago.”


Kunpeng continued, “I assume this to be the reason behind his delay in coming after Zhou Fan. He is afraid that exposing himself to a tainted Heaven’s Will will infect his void path. But, he also knows that four paths aren’t enough to reach the Supreme Stage. He needs all ten of them. That’s why, while he struggles to get the other paths, we will strengthen our position while investigating the blackness as well. I shall look into the sea of blackness.”


“If I may, seniors,” Long Jiu spoke up with some apprehension before these mighty beings. “As Sea Ao stated, we need to strengthen our position and can use anything that could give us even the most remote chance of defeating Heavenly Sovereign. At least, be of help and not some helpless burden when the fighting starts. That is why I wish to learn more about my Purple Lightning Gold Eye’s nature and make wield it to the twelfth Heaven, if not closer to it, as I’m sure miss Qiao’er is capable of once she reaches maturity.


“Once the mortal domain’s barrier collapsed, we learned the true reason behind our miserable circumstances. It is all due to a single man’s obsession to rid this world of humans in a misguided attempt to cleans Heaven’s Will. The rush of spiritual energy made me believe I could attain the same heights as him, but that was in the beginning. Having Zhuo Fan for my sworn little brother made me realize that power isn’t everything, not without true understanding. The insight we gained when he triggered the sky to turn prismatic had helped, but that was a mere glimpse. To this end, I believe I speak on behalf of all of us, elders and Sword Kings, that we wish to know more about the powers of the sacred beasts that went into making the divine swords of the mortal domain.


“I have no doubt that even if our own paths differ from seniors or the Sword Sovereign that made the swords, gaining further insights into your powers will help us get one step closer to completing our paths, for having Saint Stage cultivation methods isn’t enough to bridge the gap to the Sovereign Stage, or the Sacred Mountains would’ve done it ages ago.”


Danqing Shen agreed wholeheartedly, “Exactly! We all need to know where our strength comes from before we can adjust it to our own path and make it our own. We may not be of help in waking Zhuo Fan up, but we can be ready for when he does and fight alongside him. We can’t and won’t end up like those eight freaks Heavenly Sovereign tempted into abandoning their path. We will walk our own no matter how hard it may be!”


Qiao’er was put on the spot, stammering, the girl nervous, “I’m no teaching material. I-I don’t even know how to guide children!”


Sea Ao said, “Then I shall take the Qilin, Qiao’er, and the Sword Kings. With the help of Old Dragon, we shall bring the young sacred beasts to maturity. I’m sure the process will also be of help to the Sword Kings in experience our true power in the hopes of helping them complete their path to reach Sovereign Stage. While you could never become full Sovereigns so long as your roots draw from Sword Sovereign until he is defeated, I’m certain they could rise to the level, if not beyond, of Heavenly Sovereign’s eight lackeys. Speaking of, Sword Child, the place where Sword Sovereign reached his path will be of help to you. As Zhuo Fan’s demonic sword, your opponent will be Heavenly Sovereign’s sword. I’ll tell you its location.”


The people grew excited, finally having a plan instead of waiting for death. Luo Yunhai added, “We have a way forward now.”


“But what about father?” Qiao’er asked in worry.


The mood once again turned dark.


“We shall look after him.” Luo Yunchang stood before all the girls that were there for him. “We’ve watched over him so far, and we’re not going to give up anytime soon. No matter how long it will take, we will never stop trying to bring him back to us.”


The girls all nodded with hard gazes, determined to do everything for Zhuo Fan. This common sentiment united the women and made them forgo their jealousy as they realized he was everything to them. Every girl here wanted to be the sole object of his affections, but they came to understand that the other girls’ love was no lesser than theirs. They were happy so long as Zhuo Fan was safe. And if he would grant them a place by his side, their lives would’ve found meaning.


“And how do you propose to wake him? You’ve all tried by surrounding him with familiar faces, with loved once, but it still didn’t work,” Kunpeng asked.


Shui Ronghua spoke up, “Because this time is far more serious than what happened in Tianyu and with Chu Qingcheng, I believe it will work if each of us make him relive our first meeting and the time spend together that sparked affection in us, and hopefully him. It is because it is a long process that I have not mentioned so far, being under constant threat that Heavenly Sovereign might come for us. But now that Heavenly Rebirth Lake is gone and our enemy is unable to come out, it at least bought us time for the strongest of us to bridge the gap with our enemy while the rest to help wake Zhuo Fan up.”


“I know that it is a long shot, but we also believe it will work.” Shangguan Qingyan agreed to her idea, as did the other girls.


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