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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1311, Progress… and Not

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The next to try was Lei Yuting, who Zhuo Fan saved from a manipulative fiancé that was after her godfather’s martial art back in Tianyu, driving Blackwind Mountain to crush the Luo Clan.


The attempt ended the same for her as it did for Luo Yunchang.


The third would have been Chu Qingcheng, but since she had no recollection of the simple days the two had spent in that shack back in Drifting Flowers City, Yongning took the stage.


In this way, all the girls took turns in giving their all to wake Zhuo Fan up, for the Luo Clan, for the people, for the world, and most of all, for themselves.


Though aware the lives of humanity outweighed their selfish desire to have him back just to be with them, they couldn’t break out of their base desire. Some even thought about just leaving the world behind and spending the rest of their numbered lives with him, despite the family and friends they would be leaving behind. However, they knew Zhuo Fan would never do this, even if it was their wish.


In the following months, while the girls never wavered in getting Zhuo Fan to wake up, sometimes replaying the memory card over and over again, while others going for something radical, something involving one man and six girls… alone… at night.


Anywho, while they were fighting for their future together, the elders, Sword Kings, sacred beast, and Sword Child were hard at work, training to be of some help when the situation required.


A sharp flare of an aura broke out of a dark cave, shaking the mountain and cleaving the sky.


“The kid did it, he completed his path. He’s inherited Sword Sovereign’s humane sword path.” Sea Ao sat down near the cave entrance with eyes closed when he felt the surge of unmistakable power.


Danqing Shen rushed out with the other Sword Kings, looking exited beyond measure. “Senior Sea Ao, this is such an incredible place, a holy ground for sword cultivators! Despite the different paths we all tread, our roots lay in the sword and its symbol! Thank you for letting us experience such marvel!”


“Ha-ha-ha, the last time I felt my cultivation growing every day was back when I was merely starting training centuries ago! I’ve never been so alive in my life!” Shangguan Feixiong laughed at his progress.


“It’s not just the sword aura left behind in the cave that helped, but having spent the last couple of months with Senior Kunpeng and Dragon Ancestor, watching them train Gu Santong and Qiao’er into maturing faster. The display of their individual and unique powers in its raw form helped us understand the tamed versions of the strength behind our sword arts, gleaned from the divine swords.”  Liu Mubai smiled.


“We could do with some wine to smooth over the process. My jars went dry after only one month of training. I can’t function without my wine!” Wine Sword Immortal complained.


“Lighten up, you old drunkard. Since the mortal domain is now part of the Sacred Domain, with a history spanning for millions of years, there’s bound to be some super secret ancient wine legacy passed down just waiting to be discovered. Just go out there and find it!” Danqing Shen egged him.


Wine Sword Immortal’s eyes shone wilder than they had when he discovered this sword cave. He couldn’t wait to find the best wine in the world.


The Sword Kings and the others that trained in the five divine sword arts came over a couple months ago. They had learnt from Kunpeng of this place. They were tempted to come here from the start with Sword Child, but they had to know the powers behind their arts first before they could train it to higher levels. It wasn’t enough just to gather power, for understanding it played a major role in their growth.


The only one who stayed behind was Long Jiu, for he wielded the Purple Lightning Gold Eye. Luck played a great hand in acquiring it, first in the Lightning Canyon and then with Zhuo Fan’s help in recovering it from an old enemy.


As his purple lighting was undiluted through a sword art, he watches the sheer might and destructiveness of the purple lighting coming from Qiao’er. The second coming of the Thunder Phoenix, as it matured, helped him understand what was required to advance his purple lightning through the Twelve Heavens. While cultivation played a major role, it was not enough to unleash the strongest, Twelfth Heaven purple lightning. It was born out of chaos when the Sacred Domain didn’t exist. The wild and erratic forces happened to clash in one a particular way, at a particular time, for the purple lightning to come in to being, and Thunder Phoenix by extension.


Sea Ao was curious, “Why didn’t you stay longer with the others? A couple months isn’t enough to gain full understanding of our unique powers. Even Sword Sovereign needed years, if not decades, to adapt them into divine swords.”


Danqing Shen said, “While it is true, senior, that we would have to gain from learning of their nature, but we are sword cultivators at heart. And since time is of the essence, knowing that further understanding would take far longer, we judged it far faster for us to grow if we came here and see different aspect of the way of the sword unknown to us. Coupled with the Saint arts we got from Sacred Mountains, we’ve all reached Saint Stage and pushing without stop to reach even greater heights. It wouldn’t take long before we can become half Sovereigns and fight those eight freaks.”


“It will take time still for that to happen. Let’s hope we have it.” Sea Ao asked.


“What about Father? Has there been any news? Is he awake?” Sword Child came out of the cave, his aura sharp and oppressive.


The base of his power lay in the five divine swords and their powers fused together, but now, having a deeper understanding of the sword path, he could wield the Apocalyptic Sword to its full potential. He was confident that not even a sacred beast could be his match.


The men fell silent at his question, a more than clear answer as to Zhuo Fan’s state. There are no changes, and the odds look bleak.


“Then we’ll just have to train harder until he wakes up!” Sword Child found his resolve after a moment, turning to the other Sword Kings. “Time for a spar. There’s no better way to learn than practicing live.”


None looked even remotely happy about this, but they knew this would be of great help in integrating what they’ve discovered in the cave, so they resigned to their miserable fate.


“I promise I’ll go easy this time.” Sword Child’s grin was anything but reassuring.


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