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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1313, Panic and Hope

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Writer: StarReader

Proofreader: Silavin


“I-is it me or is the darkness getting closer? I’m too young to be liquidated!” An old woman let out a shrill cry as she made a run for it.


The town official whipped his head at the blackness to see it gaining traction towards the guards who just threw the convict in, mere moments from taking them in as well.


After a moment of shock, the guards sprang into action, flying away with their Spirit King cultivation. They ignored the town official trailing behind, who a stage below as he focused on bureaucracy to get his status.


In the panic that followed, no one paid any attention beyond their own lives. Except, the rare mother or father willing to face certain doom in attempt to save their child.


After flying for a good hour, the initial panic cooled to a simmering terror, as they looked back to find the blackness still not letting up. It was even gaining on them. All they could do was give their all in trying to get away, not knowing for how long or where they would find safety.


Other people joined the exodus as each made a run for their lives, while many caught unaware were left as easy prey before the unstoppable blackness. Cities were swallowed, palaces were engulfed, nothing could stem the endless tide that was this entity’s driving force. Not even Sword Emperor’s sect’s location, along with his lands.


As the blackness finally showed signs of slowing down, the people realized with heavy hearts that now close to a third of the Sacred Domain, including Sacred Emperor’s lands, were no more.


The people were restless and the only ones they knew who to turn to, or against, was the ruling faction, the Luo Clan.  Many homeless and destitute cultivators assaulted the nearest Luo Clan office, swarming it with wails, shouts, roars of pleas, indignations and demands.


All the minor officials could do was hide behind the much stronger guards while sending their fastest to the Luo Clan to request for help. The same happened in many other locations throughout the Sacred Domain, for even the people safe from the blackness grew concerned it one day would expand to the point it would take the entire Sacred Domain with them.


In the midst of this global hysteria, the sky flared prismatic, shining is rainbow shades all over the land and its rivers, working in calming down the restless masses.


All, except the children, sat down to cultivate then and there.


“A Sovereign is born!” Kunpeng shuddered as he gasped in shock. “This hasn’t happened for millions of years! Why now of all times and how?”


“What?” Sword Child cried in mid sparring with the others, thought there was hardly anyone standing, the others groaning on the ground. “I thought I’m the next to be a Sovereign. Didn’t I complete the humane sword path?”


“You did, and by all accounts should be one, but you must first dethrone the one who completed a similar path. There are only two ways for a Sovereign to appear, by completing a unique path first, or by taking down the previous Sovereign of a similar path.” Kunpeng regained some of his calm as he explained. “That’s why I brought you here, to bring you as close as possible to Sword Sovereign’s level and take him down, helping your father focus fully on Heavenly Sovereign.”


“How are we supposed to find this new Sovereign? Is he friendly? Or some hidden hermit for millennia?” Sword Child blurted out question after question.


“I don’t know. Let’s wrap things up here first then return to Luo Clan and discuss with the others.” Kunpeng offered and then glanced at the downed Sword Kings under a strange compulsion to sit down and focus on the prismatic sky. “After the phenomenon ends and our friends finished their training. You should focus as well.”


But Sword Child was already doing that without his prompt, having gone through something similar when Zhuo Fan trained in the paths he inherited in the Nether Sea.


In a familiar bamboo pavilion, with an iconic waterfall next to it, a youth of around twenty sat in complete focus. The odd frown that plagued him made the wonderful scenery freeze and jitter for the briefest moment, revealing hints of a baren wasteland and a missing left hand.


“I’m still having trouble centering myself. Curse that Emotion Sovereign and that reckless little brother of mine.” The youth opened his eyes as the jittering calmed down and the waterfall resumed.


Sword Sovereign bowed from behind. “Should I just remove him?”


“No, since the numerous attempts in getting the paths from that strange sea of blackness proved futile, my only hope of reaching Supreme Stage and cleansing the Heaven’s Will lays with Zhuo Fan still. Has his mind returned yet?” Heavenly Sovereign turned to his sword.


The man shook his head. “Ever since the sacred beasts left with the Luo Clan’s elders, Zhuo Fan had stayed behind, surrounded by woman taking him through many places. They would repeat the process every couple of weeks but I see no changes.”


Impossible as it might seem, the sky turned prismatic, with Sword Sovereign crying out, “A Sovereign is born? But how?”


“Ha-ha-ha, he did it! And by the feel of it, it’s the path I need most. I just knew he would pull through. If there’s one thing he can do is not fail all our expectations!” Heavenly Sovereign grew ecstatic at the prospects of his plan finally being back on track.


“You mean…” Sword Sovereign grew wide-eyed, voice trailing.


“Yes! Now go pay the Luo Clan a visit, before the sacred beasts make it back in time. I’m sure he will be most open to my idea, knowing that he triggered the end of Sacred Domain as we know it, with even us included in it.” Heavenly Sovereign ordered.


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4 thoughts on “The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1313, Panic and Hope”

  1. It sure feels like DDL’s team toned down the original pace. Tbh, I couldn’t wrap myself around the original events when it happened. It went so quick that I lost the sense of time and urgency back then

    But now, I realized how many of the events that got skipped or ignored for the sake of the original urgency

    I can’t say which one I like for the time being. Though I can say that I liked the sense of urgency from the original more than the “laid-back” of the alternative. Peace

    1. 10000% agreed. This second ending definitely has more, but a lot of it feels like useless filler. Like the saying goes, sometimes less is more :/

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