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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1315, Way Forward

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“Having woken up, I remember bits and pieces. Now it all makes sense why Heavenly Sovereign kept calling me little brother. I thought it was a weird kink of his, rubbing me the off the wrong way. Thank the heavens it’s not.” Zhuo Fan joked.


Kunpeng cheered, “It’s true what they say, every disaster is a blessing in disguise. Guess the heavy loss must’ve taken you so deep that it accessed your past lives’ memories.”


Zhuo Fan smiled, not bothering explaining.


“Dad, what did you mean by five paths? Weren’t there six left in the sea of blackness?” Gu Santong asked.


“Oh, little Sanzi, you’re all grown up now, I see, and Qiao’er too.” The two no longer looked like teens, but fully grown adults, brimming with power. Gu Santong had rugged looks, befitting his wild temper, while Qiao’er more outstanding and charming, catching everyone’s eyes, a beauty to die for.


“As you’re all aware, the sea of blackness, or the destruction path, is a result of the combined ten paths, the road to the Supreme Stage. Since I’ve gambled such an attempt while Heavenly Sovereign was after my life, the paths I got to do a preliminary fusion were then prepped to join together. Not to mention, Heavenly Sovereign tried blocking the backlash from my hasty attempt, further pushing them together, which unleashed this sea of blackness. Now, after all this time, the emotion path was the first to succumb and fuse with it, triggering its expansion. It is why I became a Sovereign, with the death of one path and the birth of another, no matter how similar.” Zhuo Fan finished.


“You’re saying the other paths will dissolve as well and it is taking down Sacred Domain with it? How much time do we have?” Kunpeng asked.


“I can’t say for sure, but not long. Maybe a couple of years, at most, but since the paths fused already, it will only speed up the process if others to joined as well.” Zhuo Fan stated like it was a topic over a brunch.


“Why are you so calm about this?” The old dragon snapped.


“You have a plan, don’t you, kid?” Sea Ao stared hard.


Zhuo Fan grinned. “In a manner of speaking.”


“Don’t keep us waiting, spit it out!” Dragon Ancestor’s fuse was running shorter than ever.


“All in good time. But first, we’ll have to get Sword Child ready. We’ll be having an uninvited guest soon.” Zhuo Fan smirked.


Sword Child looked puzzled, as did the others.


“You will be fighting against the five sacred beasts, by yourself.” Zhuo Fan declared.


“Alright, Father.” Sword Child looked shaken up, not quite sure if he was up to go against all of them, but if Zhuo Fan believed in him, then he would try.


“I’m all for training, but this ludicrous!” Gu Santong grumbled.


“Just trust me on this.” Zhuo Fan held his shoulder.


The rest stood back as the five sacred beasts and Sword Child took to the sky in another, more remote area, to avoid any accidents.


Sword Child took deep breaths while the sacred beasts surrounded him.


“Time’s up!” The first to strike was Dragon Ancestor, unleashing a full-powered fireball, not much different from the one Zhou Fan used to wipe out a top sect in western lands.


Sword Child reacted by flicking his hand, sending a searing sword wave to cancel the fireball in a flashy explosion that cracked the sky.


The other beasts got into it too, with each sending purple, azure, blue and red attacks, all at the same time.


Sword Child panicked under the assault, choosing to take on the red and purple on his nigh-invincible body while countering the azure and blue attacks, since they came from Sea Ao and Kunpeng, owners of powers that harmed the soul first and foremost.


The first time he was lucky to escape unharmed, but he couldn’t stop shaking from Gu Santong’s brutal assault.


As the fighting went on, he got pushed back time and time again.


“Enough!” Sword Child lashed out and used the Apocalyptic Sword without restraint, no longer caring if the beasts could take it or not.


The sudden black attacks of thunderflame took the sacred beasts by surprise, with neither able to take one on by themselves. They had no choice but to work together.


“Whoa, that was too close. “ Gu Santong wiped his brow, recalling the same thing happening when he fought Sword Child the first time, only this time, It was far more powerful.


With the table turned, Sword Child went wild now, lashing out with stronger and stronger slashed in every direction, varying his attacks by manipulating the thunderflame to take on all kinds of shapes. It changed from blades, to whips, to fireballs, driving the beasts tighter together.


Even Sea Ao was having a hard time coping, and his power could seal everything, in theory.


“That should be enough. How do you feel?” Zhuo Fan appeared out of nowhere before Sword Child’s last sword wave to flick it off to the side, letting it disintegrate some nameless mountain and casting a dark shadow on his face.


It took a moment for Sword Child to snap back out of fury, blinking at a loss how his attack just got mitigated like nothing. “Fine?”


“Great, let’s take a rest before our guest arrives. Then you can go all out to your heart’s content, which I’m sure it would be even better than dealing with these five.” Zhuo Fan glanced at the exhausted sacred beasts. [I knew Sword Child’s power has improved, but I didn’t think it could take on all five beasts so easily. The fused powers of the sacred beasts isn’t a joke once controlled.]


Zhuo Fan could feel his hand throbbing from dismissing the attack, playing it cool to look stronger than he was.


They all went to the Luo Clan, meeting Luo Yunhai and the rest, discussing further in the main hall while Sword Child rested.


They were all filled with joy to find Zhuo Fan back among them, knowing everything would be alright as long as he was on their side.


“Zhuo Fan, Heavenly Sovereign wants a word with you.” A man appeared in the hall without anyone noticing.


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