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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1323, Second-hand Enlightenment

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Kunpeng looked around to see the elders, Sword Kings, and even some girls sitting cross-legged in hope of widening their perspective through this incredible event. It was insane how something only happening every eon or so, at the soonest, was popping out every other month or so.


“It’s one of ours, that upright lady,” Sea Ao spoke. “But this time might be beyond what we can do to hide her aura from Heavenly Sovereign. It’ll need all five of us to cover her. I just can’t imagine how her event is so much stronger than when Old Dragon’s disciple had the most violent advancement.”


The five sacred beasts were the only ones unattracted by the prismatic events, for they weren’t humans and their power was born from chaos, when the world was being formed.


The five flew passed the countless cross-legged people in meditation and arrived at Murong Xue’s room, feeling the tremendous power she was releasing, different from Lei Yuting and Ye Lie.


The two previous events courtesy of Zhuo Fan had helped the Luo Clan’s experts rise faster and higher than anyone in the Sacred Domain. Driven as well by survival against the strongest enemy they had ever faced. It came as no surprise some of them would grow to stand next to Zhuo Fan in power. The only question was who?


It was a shock to anyone when Ye Lin turned out to be the first to complete his path, and not Danqing Shen. His path was that of the inferno, despite being the disciple of Decimating Dragon Ancestor, who even shared his blood with him.


There was no discrimination when it came to insight and enlightenment, available to one and all, as long as they were human and were open to accept the revelations Heaven offered them.


Ye Lin discovered that fire was an elemental force that had captivated the human imagination since time immemorial, not merely a tool. A profound symbol that transcended its physical manifestations. In the dance of flames, one found a metaphor for the dual nature of existence – creation and destruction, warmth and peril, life and death.


Fire transcended its physicality to become a profound metaphor, inviting contemplation on the intricate tapestry of existence. From the daily use of it at a basic level to the symbolic depth embedded in cultural and spiritual narratives, fire served as a multifaceted prism through which people could explore the complexities of life, morality, and their place in the world. Peering into its nature, one found not just warmth and light, but a timeless reflection of the human soul, flickering in the vast expanse of existence.


The other elders were keen to hear more about Ye Lin’s experience, perhaps helping them into crossing the final threshold and becoming Sovereigns as well. Or at least, help complete their paths. But reality proved cruel, for one’s insights could never be translated, conveyed, shared in a manner that better fit the listener. Each human had their own prism of beliefs, concepts, wants and needs that warped everything that was seen, heard, or thought.


This didn’t deter the elders, for Ye Lin proved it was possible for anyone to reach Sovereign Stage, and the Luo Clan was thus hard at work to cultivate, train, and study. They were focused on reaching the highest level of power, if not for themselves, then for survival.


The preparation proved worth it a month and a half later, when the next prismatic event happened. The fresh Sovereign happened to be one of Zhuo Fan’s girls, Lei Yuting of all the people.


She had been the weakest among all the girls, since she had to focus on gathering intelligence, leading a group of scouts, as well as looking after Zhuo Fan. However, when the prismatic events happened, they helped boost her cultivation to the peak Saint on the very first event, with the following ones, including Ye Lin’s, helping consolidate her knowledge and concepts in the path of darkness.


“In the velvety embrace of darkness, an arcane realm unfolds, shrouded in mystery, and imbued with a cryptic energy that transcends the mere absence of light. Darkness, in its mystical essence, becomes a canvas upon which the unseen, the ethereal, and the enigmatic paint their silent tales.”


“At the heart of this mystical darkness lies the shadowy dance between concealment and revelation. Far beyond the absence of light, it is a cosmic veil that cloaks the mysteries of the universe, concealing secrets that elude the grasp of the uninitiated. In the cryptic expanse of the night, the mundane is transmuted into the extraordinary, and the ordinary is touched by the hand of the arcane.”


Such were her words as her event came to pass, whatever the hell all that meant. The Luo Clan found her explanation even worse than Ye Lin, if that was possible. Still, her short demonstration of robbing everyone of all contact with the world, plunging them into eternal darkness which made all dissatisfaction moot.


The other girls were thrilled one of their sisters grew so strong, now able to truly help Zhuo Fan in the final battle ahead.


And today, now, it was Murong Xue’s turn. Everyone expected it to be related to fire as well, since she trained in the Decimating Sword Art as did her elder brother. They were startled to find that her inclination was towards righteousness, the real deal, not the hypocrisy the upright sects liked to preach back in the mortal domain only when it suited their needs.


Zhuo Fan had been a tremendous help when she journeyed with him years back, it helped her see beyond just doing good. As the saying went, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ She only realized how true this was only beside him.


After the five sacred beasts toiled in keeping her aura subdued behind their barrier, Murong Xue was more than glad to share with them her changed beliefs in what it meant to do good.


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