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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1328, Twist

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The tyrant path wasn’t just raw power and dominating the opposition. It was also about precision and focus, about awareness and timing.


To unleash your best strike at a moment’s notice wasn’t easy by any means, with people holding back out of instinct and self-preservation in case something went wrong.


Zhuo Fan had learned this, and more, in his first trial in the Nether Sea. He thought to cheat through it at first, but only to realized that he was only cheating himself.


Progress didn’t come through shortcuts, at least not one that was lasting. Using tricks and schemes to get his way had worked so far, but what if he hadn’t resorted to them and instead worked to cultivate and delve deeper into his path? Wouldn’t he have become stronger faster and not a pawn to the other Sovereigns? They were questions he couldn’t answer to, but they haunted him nonetheless. Zhuo Fan had always been cunning and resourceful, relying on his wits to navigate the treacherous world of power and ambition. Yet, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was missing something crucial.


As he stood at the precipice of a new challenge, facing an opponent who possessed not only raw strength but also an unwavering resolve, Zhuo Fan felt a flicker of doubt. His previous victories had been built on calculated moves and clever strategies, but now, faced with an adversary whose power and wit surpassed his own, he realized that his usual tricks might not be enough.


At least that was his initial reaction when he felt himself at the whim of the strongest, Heavenly Sovereign.


Desperation had helped him last time in escaping imminent death, but at the cost of people dear to him. It dawned on him how much he cared only when they were gone, plunging him in despair and shutting off his mind.


On his journey through the mortal domain, he had been ruthless, cruel, and savage, just like a tyrant. But that was not what a tyrant was. He needed to understand that it wasn’t just about those traits, but also raw power.


He needed to tap into a power that went beyond his calculated moves and clever strategies. It was a power that came from within, a power that dwelled deep in his core and could only be unleashed with unwavering resolve and absolute belief in himself.


Didn’t he always say that all tricks and schemes fall moot in the face of absolute power? Now was the time to seize it for himself, to rise above pettiness and grudges.


Zhuo Fan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, letting the doubt that had clouded his mind dissipate. He knew that he couldn’t afford to falter now, not when everything was on the line. The fate of those he cared about, the fate of the entire realm, rested heavily upon his shoulders.


That went double now when he was running out of time. Heavenly Sovereign brought grim news, of the Sacred Domain almost entirely taken in by the sea of blackness. He needed to work faster as well as ignore Heavenly Sovereign’s demands. By his reckoning, the Luo Clan should have the remaining paths to focus with his and reach the Supreme Stage.


He’d have wanted to reach it a better way, by completing the ten paths and blending them together, not the crude way Heavenly Sovereign was using, that of mashing them together and sticking them with the Demon Transformation Art. While it did do the trick, one would be stuck there, with no chance of advancing further.


Zhuo Fan knew from the bits of memories he was awakened to of his past life through deepening his mentality and heart by using the True Self Art. True power came from within, from knowing himself and the world around him. It was one’s connection to the world on the base level that brought him to new heights.


Now though, he had to sacrifice his future for the Sacred Domain’s and Luo Clan’s, an act he was strangely at peace with, despite his constant drive for power he found this life had been.


In the days that followed, he delved deeper into the tyrant path, letting it be the center of his focus as he understood its finer points until the day soon arrived that he completed.


“It’s time I return. We need to gather all the paths and stand up against Heavenly Sovereign before things get worse.” Zhuo Fan stood, the pilling dust falling off him.


The world found that moment to shudder like never before, with the sky turning far more than prismatic, shining brilliant and dazzling. It astonished even Zhuo Fan, having never knew something like this was possible. He thought all path completions were the same, triggering the standard event and ushering in a new Sovereign.


“Damn it! That power is too strong and will draw Heavenly Sovereign’s attention. I need to get back fast!” Zhuo Fan shot out of the cave, needing but moments to arrive at the Luo Clan’s new residence.


It was smaller than the city they had taken over when they got to the Sacred Domain. In fact, it was the old Blackwind Mountain, since the blackness forced every denizen of the Sacred Domain to fall back if they wanted to live.


He looked around, at the panicking elders and clansmen, unable to make sense of things.


[What the hell is going on here? What’s with this tremendous release of power? Heavenly Sovereign is sure to take notice and steal the new path! Can’t you people lay low until we’re ready to fight him?] Zhuo Fan complained as he flew down before Danqing Shen.


His appearance brought joy to the elders, with the new Sovereigns showing themselves as well, having sensed his aura.


“Father, Yan Song is behind this.” Sword Child spoke sourly.


“That old fool? I thought he only pursued alchemy? How is he doing this?” Zhuo Fan started.


“Unlike the rest of us,” Lei Yuting gestured to the Luo Clan’s new Sovereigns, which now included Long Jiu. “Elder Song has been obsessed with reaching the pinnacle of alchemy. Though he made incredible pills through it, he was close to dying more often than not. It’s unclear now what could he have discovered to cause such a heavy reaction in the world, or what’s left of it.”


She said the last part with a downcast look at the sea of blackness stretching in the distance, reaching the skies and swallowing the earth.


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