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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1331, Exercise in Futility

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Lei Yuting and Ye Lin frantically launched attacks on the celestial eye in a desperate attempt to free Zhuo Fan, but their efforts yielded no results. Soon, the others joined in, delivering a relentless assault under the amused and cocky gaze of Heavenly Sovereign.


To Heavenly Sovereign, these individuals were inconsequential, mere pawns in the grand scheme. In his eyes, Zhuo Fan was the sole variable capable of altering the course of events. With Zhuo Fan incapacitated, nothing stood in the way of Heavenly Sovereign reshaping the world to reflect his perfect and pure vision.


Even as he felt a shudder run through him upon sensing the fading Heavenly Eye, it didn’t perturb him; instead, he anticipated it. Turning his gaze towards Zhuo Fan, he observed the darker aura enveloping him, approaching but still distant from Heavenly Sovereign’s own. This moment had been eagerly awaited, offering a glimpse into Zhuo Fan’s progress in fusing the paths. Fortunately for Heavenly Sovereign, Zhuo Fan remained far from reaching his level. [Now that all the cards are on the table, there’s no point in holding back and wasting time.]


With a sly smirk, Heavenly Sovereign remarked, “Little brother, I was wondering why there was not a trace of fused paths on you, even after holding so many. But now I see it was a ruse to let my guard down. A shame it didn’t work.”


Zhuo Fan, panting as he distanced himself, wrestled to suppress the surging dark power resulting from the tentative fusion of the four paths he possessed. Although this option presented itself, he hesitated to embrace it fully. For him, this didn’t feel like the right path to attain the Supreme Stage—a mere forceful ascent to power. Zhuo Fan knew well the perils of wielding power beyond comprehension, having narrowly escaped the consequences of overusing the black thunderflame in a previous battle with Sea Ao.


Despite the crisis, he had no alternative. To withstand the onslaught of the Heavenly Eye, he needed a power boost, even if it meant tapping into the fused paths. Yet, he refrained from going all the way, returning the paths to their natural state.


Zhuo Fan quipped, “What can I say? You bring out the worst in me, big brother.”


Brushing with death didn’t deter Zhuo Fan from smirking at his worst enemy, relishing the opportunity to get on others’ nerves. He knew that those who lashed out in blind rage often left themselves vulnerable.


Growing weary of Zhuo Fan and the others, Heavenly Sovereign declared, “I can’t say it’s been fun, but now it’s time to end this.”


He aimed for Lei Yuting, perhaps the weakest among them, intending to draw her path closer and inch himself toward the Supreme Stage.


Zhuo Fan urgently sent a command to the others, “Now!” anticipating Heavenly Sovereign’s choice. The group swiftly unleashed their most potent attacks, incorporating the unique signatures of their paths just as Heavenly Sovereign approached Lei Yuting. Even she contributed, releasing a black shadow at him.


Zhuo Fan, far from idle, launched four attacks, adding a black mist to the mix. The four contrasting attacks blended midway, adopting a dark tone and releasing an imposing pressure. Upon colliding with the other four attacks, their combined power surged, turning nearly pitch-black before engulfing Heavenly Sovereign’s face.


The aftermath left a gaping hole in the sky, hurling Lei Yuting far away and inflicting severe injuries. As the dust settled, a battered Heavenly Sovereign emerged, appearing worse off than when struck by the sacred beasts. Clinging to life, his gurgling voice through a ripped throat conveyed no surprise or despair. “That was a very good try, if I do say so myself. Way to coordinate your attacks there. But let’s be honest here, did you really think it would work?”


One moment, he bled profusely; the next, he reverted to his normal self, though his tone had changed. “Hmm, I don’t know what you pulled this time, but it must’ve been quite close to finishing me off by the looks of it.” He glanced down at the pool of blood staining the earth below.


Zhuo Fan taunted, “Again with the reincarnation path? Don’t you know anything else?”


“Not even you can deny its upside. It kept me alive against you, didn’t it?” Heavenly Sovereign smirked and targeted Lei Yuting once more.


“He may reset his state to before the attack, but won’t know what happened. This time, use the same attack twice in a row!” Zhuo Fan sent.


The others swiftly coordinated their attacks, unleashing another dark assault on Heavenly Sovereign, reducing him to the same desperate state as before. This time, they didn’t wait for him to recover, following up with the same attack, hoping to vanquish him once and for all.


Heavenly Sovereign scoffed, “The same trick won’t work on me twice, little brother, even if I might not recall it. I thought you knew that.” Utilizing Child Sovereign’s elusive movements, he effortlessly evaded the second attack, reappearing unscathed.


“Can’t blame me for trying, can you?” Zhuo Fan shrugged, well aware of the futility from the outset.


“While I certainly can’t, it doesn’t mean I’ll let you go unpunished.” Heavenly Sovereign flared his aura to the extreme, his entire body adorned with lacerations as blood spilled, though nothing a state reset could not mend.


Observing everyone, from the sacred beasts to the Sovereigns and Zhuo Fan, thrown off balance, Heavenly Sovereign nonchalantly chose Murong Xue, utilizing Blink to pluck her from the midst.


“It’s time I end this charade, starting with you! Your sanctimonious aura is getting on my nerves,” Heavenly Sovereign declared, his hand closing around her throat, rendering her struggles futile against his deadly grip.


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