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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1334, Sitting Duck

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“So you see, little brother, I win in the end. I made sure of it that everything will go my way no matter what petty tricks you might pull.” Heavenly Sovereign couldn’t get enough of his own voice, laughing like victory was assured.


“Now!” Zhuo Fan sent.


At his order, the sacred beasts unleash their powers, to combine into the black thunderflame before it reached Heavenly Sovereign.


“Again? Haven’t you learned your lesson already?” Heavenly Sovereign mocked.


“I’m of the belief that I did. Why don’t you take a look behind?” Zhuo Fan smirked.


Heavenly Sovereign flinched and glanced back, seeing the Heavenly Eye pulling Elder Song ever closer to his death, which marked his victory. Place between, he could not avoid the attack.


He cursed, “Neat trick, but you forget that is nowhere near enough to change things. I can just take it and reset my state.” Then he smirked, knowing that nothing would change the outcome.


“Guess again.” Zhuo Fan grinned as he had already given the order to the others to attack, making sure to coordinate with them as well and unleash a fused path attack like before, ready to hit him at the same time as the sacred beasts’ black thunderflame.


He was sure this was going to work, smirking as he saw Heavenly Sovereign gnashing his teeth in frustration.


“Fine! Let’s see what you’re made of!” Heavenly Sovereign roared.


Despite what Zhuo Fan had hoped, the man was just that determined to get to the Supreme Stage and cleanse the world. He would let nothing stand in his away, even if that meant at his expense. He would have his wish even if it were the last thing he ever did.


Under the shocked gazes of all, the two attacks hit head on, cracking the air around and rending space to reveal darkness beyond.


They, themselves, were forced back from the aftermath of the gargantuan explosion. Their senses were all going haywire from all kinds of power surges going about.


Waiting for the dust to settle, they picked themselves up and looked around to assess the damage. The ground around them was flattened and turned into a wasteland, with not a blade of grass or even a roach left alive.


“It didn’t work!” Que’er cried, staring at the sky with wide eyes and at the peeking Heavenly Eye through the heavy dust clouds.


The others snapped to attention. Heavenly Eye’s presence proved that Heavenly Sovereign was still alive somehow.


[Maybe not for long.] Zhuo Fan hoped.


He commanded the others to unleash another such attack, to end the battle and their feud.


As the new attack arrived, Heavenly Sovereign appeared from behind the dust looking to be torn to pieces, with just his torso and head intact, only to groan and cough black blood, resetting his state in a split second to before.


He didn’t get to grasp what had happened to him, for the second attack came, taking him by surprise.


“Change of plans.” Zhuo Fan sent. “The sacred beasts will attack Heavenly Sovereign while we will go after the Heavenly Eye. I refuse to believe he can split himself. There has to be a limit to his power and how many times he can reset his state, but we must first get Elder Song to join forces with us.”


The others nodded and went to work once more, hoping that this time they would get to save their newest Sovereign addition.


They heard Heavenly Sovereign cursing as he came into view again, just as wretched as before but still hanging on. The next second he reset his state and blinked for a moment to assess his situation, time enough for the black thunderflame to hit him square on.


Even so, he had sensed the another attack, far more power, was going for his Heavenly Eye. It had forced him to use blink in his now damaged state.


Heavenly Sovereign was about to use Void Wall, like many times before whenever he was attacked. Unfortunately, this time, he didn’t even get the chance, hitting him square on.


“Damn it!” Zhuo Fan swore. Things weren’t going anywhere but in Heavenly Sovereign’s favor. All they could now was hit him as they wished but they couldn’t save Elder Song. Heavenly Sovereign would always do something and block their attacks or just take it head on.


But this time, it was clear damage was done.


Heavenly Sovereign came out of the attack looking damaged and bleeding from the countless deep wounds on him, but as time passed, there was no sign of him using the reincarnation path to heal himself.


“I see, you can only reset your state just moments or a second back. That’s why this time, you can’t do anything but let the wounds stay.” Zhuo Fan grinned, but then soured as he looked at the Heavenly Eye.


Elder Song was about to be swallowed.


“Ha-ha-ha, that may be so, but you still lost. With his path added to mine, there’s no way any of you have any chance of beating me now!” Heavenly Sovereign spewed blood with every laughter, gloating despite the wounds and the increased blood flow.


While he was rejoicing at the gamble he took and Zhuo Fan was frantic to cope up with a new way to save Elder Song. A second Heavenly Eye popped up in the sky out of nowhere, right across from the other and pulling at Elder Song in its direction.


To the gawked looks of all, even Heavenly Sovereign, Elder Song grunted and coughed blood and viscera as he walked out from between the two eyes’ influence, since they canceled each other out right where he was, joining Zhuo Fan’s side with a weary look on his face and his hair turning white.


“How in the nine hells is that possible!?” Heavenly Sovereign actually squeaked seeing his prized art being copied to perfection. Something Zhuo Fan should never be able to do.


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