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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1337, Thrashed

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Zhuo Fan wasted no time to get everyone’s path then rushing out to meet Heavenly Sovereign. He no longer stalled in fusing the paths. However, he didn’t do it completely. He was merely leveraging the power the paths gave him, to get the most out of the dark energy they released when combined.


His power surged higher and higher, trumping Heavenly Sovereign just as he reared his right hand that glowed scarlet. He recalled his fist and launched a mighty punch at Heavenly Sovereign’s face, leaving him shocked at how easy it was to cave his face in.


Heavenly Sovereign, however, was plunged into the ground and left behind a bottomless hole.


Zhuo Fan darted right into it, not giving him any reprieve.


Tense seconds passed before the ground shook like a raging sea. The Sovereigns even thought the earth beneath their feet would collapse, leaving the Sacred Domain with nothing but the sky to survive. Though, it was questionable if there would be any survivors after such a calamitous battle.


One time, the ground bulged and stayed that way, forming another mountain range in an instant, Sometimes, the ground caved to leave behind a gapping ravine, where one could see lava flowing at the bottom from one end to the next.


It was jarring to see what the pinnacle of power could unleash in the Sacred Domain, and to make matters worse, they weren’t even at the Supreme Stage.


It truly was beyond comprehension just what the final stage could offer.


Once they had their fill of ruining the landscape for everyone in the world, the Sovereigns and the sacred beasts waited. Some took some healing pills before they could finally stand. Even so, they gawked as Heavenly Sovereign when he burst out of the ground, folded from some heavy blow to the gut.


That did not last long though. He returned to his previous state, just to get dunked into the earth a second time.


Zhuo Fan shifted and went for his side with a scarlet punch, but Heavenly Sovereign shifted as well, right behind him and struck with a 12th Heaven purple lightning.


Zhuo Fan didn’t even bother dodging. He let the Demon Transformation Art do its thing and absorbed the devastating blow. However dampened, the impact of the attack was still there. He was sent flying into the same pit he helped create just moments before.


Heavenly Sovereign hovered there for a moment, grunting as her aura was weakening with every exchange. [The nine paths brought him closer than ever to the Supreme Stage, but he still refuses to go after it fully.]


He glanced at the now half Sovereign audience, wondering if he should go after a hostage. The thought had crossed his mind many times throughout the fight, but he quieted it just as fast.


At their stage, they knew there could be no compromise. A moment of opening was enough to determine one’s death.


He could try to take someone hostage, but Zhuo Fan would never possibly allow it to happen in the first place. Even if he did, Zhuo Fan and the rest were determined to see his end.


Zhuo Fan flew out of the rubble, brushing away the dust and the rocks around him. He was wounded as well. The battle certainly took its toll on him, but he still had the strength advantage by the looks of it. This greatly annoyed Heavenly Sovereign, who saw nothing that he could use against him.


He tried everything, from Void Walls to Mirage World and all the skills he grasped from the paths he had fused. However, Zhuo Fan was relentless. Sometimes, he could draw blood from him, but he never had many chances to do much harm. Heavenly Sovereign was always taken by surprise in one way or another with his quick movements and swift dodges.


Heavenly Sovereign kept resetting his state after every major blow, powered by all the nine united paths. Leaving those wounds there was more deadly. Naturally, he would not reset if he could. He would do nothing when it could be tolerated, out of worry he might get hit with a devastating strike right after the reset.


“Heavenly Sovereign, I can do this all day. You can go ahead and use them as hostages, but you know that it won’t change my mind. Today’s the day you die and nothing you do is ever going to change that.” Zhuo Fan gave an infuriating smirk, especially since he was right.


Heavenly Sovereign was getting beaten up, slowly but surely, to his death, while Zhuo Fan was hardly even breaking a sweat. He was in top form from start to finish. There seemed no end to his power.


“Don’t get too full of yourself, little brother!” Heavenly Sovereign fumed in frustration and empty denial, knowing he was right. Just what could he do to turn the tables? What?!


He was so frantic in coming up with a way to win that he forgot his initial plan. Only as his eyes darted around everywhere for a way out of this mess that it all came back to him. It was when his gaze lingered on the sea of blackness creeping ever closer.


[Of course! How could I have forgotten!? I have allowed him to drag me into his own pace but not anymore!]


“Ha-ha-ha, you’re wrong. There’s always a way for me to win, and I’m going to take it even if it costs me everything!” Heavenly Sovereign cackled, having gotten his solution.


Zhuo Fan was on guard, ready for anything. “Then show me!”


But Heavenly Sovereign left him and the others shocked still as he fled, He shifted constantly until he entered the sea of blackness.


“Please tell me that he got sick of getting beaten and chose to die with dignity, on his own terms.” Ye Ling said, turning to Zhuo Fan as he hovered over to them, only to collapse as he landed, coughing out blood.


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