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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1339, Creation

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“Why do I get the feeling he’s toying with me? Is he doing this on purpose to get a reaction out of me?” Murong Xue asked no one in particular, for the other Sovereigns and sacred beasts were just as shocked. To think he could figure out how to complete a new path just like that? Then again, demonic and righteous paths were truly very similar. They needed but a different perspective to see where they split.


That made everyone pause, contemplating on their next pursuit in cultivation, aligning it with their goals and hope.


Ye Lin was the first to wake up from his thoughts and turned a curious eye to Elder Song, who was now sitting down from having overworked himself in battle. One might think he would keel over from just a nudge. Still, that didn’t stop the rash Ye Lin from bothering him.


“Elder Song, how is it you only joined the fight when one of us was dying? Your prismatic event already ended when Heavenly Sovereign came to check what triggered it. It also gave off such incredible power.” Ye Lin’s question got everyone’s attention, focusing on the old man with envy, amazement, and respect.


The entire Luo Clan’s leadership was focused on the events Zhuo Fan triggered – to glean from them truths and concepts to help them further not only their cultivation, but their knowledge about the world and cultivation.


The first time it happened was when Zhuo Fan inspected the legacies he got from the four Sovereigns in the Nether Sea. It proved to be such a boon to all that they were bumped one entire stage, to the Emperor Stage, in no time.


Thinking back to the grueling work they had to do to advance one stage back in the mortal domain, they all felt sour. Heavenly Sovereign had truly robbed their future. They could’ve gotten this far centuries ago, perhaps even without needing Zhuo Fan to nudge them in the right direction.


Looking at it another way, however, they realized that adversity bred progress when entitlement led to regression. If not for the thin spiritual energy in the mortal domain, they wouldn’t have been forced to seek other avenues of strength. Invincible Sword was the prime example, even able to overcome the mortal domain’s limitation, despite ending up killed in the end.


He plunged the entire mortal domain into the fires of war for one thing only, to progress and grow. What he gained from the Sundering Sword couldn’t be matched with anything else and thus sought to gain the other four divine swords at any costs.


The same applied to every one of them here. While not at the level of Invincible Sword’s dedication and pursuit, they all followed their goals in one way or another. It helped them build character and determination. When they arrived in the Sacred Domain, they didn’t sit on their haunches and waited for the thick spiritual energy to fill the gaps. No, they worked just as hard if not harder.


The fact they were Sovereigns proved as much.


“My attempts to learn alchemy have led me down a dangerous path, not even realizing where I had strayed. I believe all if you know of the many explosions that nearly took my life.” Elder Song sighed tiredly, not bothering keeping the entire process to himself, knowing that each person’s circumstances were different.


The others nodded, looking back with fear at how devastating his power surges became, and always around another prismatic event.


“Even while I was refining, I always tried to make something no amount of ingredients could ever hope to achieve. Yet, one time, I succeeded and failed.” Elder Song went on.


“You mean that translucent pill that saved you? The same one you gave Murong Xue?” Kunpeng asked.


“The very one. It was by no means complete, yet it defied everything I knew about alchemy. How to refine it, what to use, and even when. It led me to understand that I didn’t need fire, cauldron, or even ingredients to make what I wanted.” Elder Song grew excited.


“What? You’re saying that you made something out of nothing? That’s impossible!” Dragon Ancestor denied the possibility at once, knowing how ludicrous it sounded.


“Is it really?” Elder Song raised his palm and a miniature Heavenly Eye formed, making the others shiver as they felt its minute pull. “I’ve made my breakthrough only as I discovered this truth and used not anything else, but all of myself into creating my path. Everything went to making my path and from it, I formed myself again. That’s how I became a Sovereign. I call it the creation path.”


“That’s why your prismatic event was so absurd. It’s because you were closer to Heaven’s Will. The act of creation. The creation of the world and everything in it.” Murong Xue gasped.


“While I can create anything I put my mind into, it takes too much out of me. Mere rest also won’t be nearly enough to recover. My very being is drained. My soul, body, and mind… it is all being drained to achieve what I want. That’s why I didn’t save myself unless I was sure none of you could. It was so that I could fight with you all for longer. Though, we all know the result now.” Elder Song sighed.


“Why the delay then? Why did you join so late?” Sea Ao asked, knowing he could’ve spared them being at the whim of that almighty Sovereign.


“I was helping my apprentice find his path as well, as I’ve been doing since Senior Sea Ao graciously pointed out in my lowest moments. Refocusing on guiding Yan Fu showed me things I’ve never knew. Things I’ve regretfully neglected, aspects about alchemy I took for granted. It was this shift in perspective that led me to complete my path. Now, I hope he will too and rid us of Heavenly Sovereign.” Elder Song finished his tale.


They discussed longer, bouncing ideas between each other after that, each learning greatly from everyone’s experience through the events but also in life.


Meanwhile, Zhuo Fan would casually send a prismatic mote of light every now and then, sometimes fast, otherwise slower, showing steady process in reaching the Supreme Stage.


As for Heavenly Sovereign, none knew when he would be back, but it was certain he would return.


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