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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1340, Miracle

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Lei Yuting flew through the air, her mind elsewhere.


The past month had been quiet, too quiet. There was no sign of Heavenly Sovereign being alive or dead. Though, everyone knew things were far from over. The sea of blackness gained further ground nearing the place where Zhuo Fan and the others battled Heavenly Sovereign, where he was currently meditating on their paths.


She regained hers just five days after Murong Xue, not caring why he could do the things he did, just worried that he had to push himself above and beyond to rescue them and the world. At the very least, Lei Yuting was grateful she could be there to help him, especially in the last battle. Though, she doubt she could make much of a difference in the final showdown. Regardless, she would never abandon him. She didn’t do it when he was numb and locked in his own body from the pain of loss, and she wouldn’t do so now.


Lei Yuting was coming back from Blackwind Mountain, having gone to talk with the other girls, assuring them that everything was fine despite the tumultuous events triggered by the insane battle of survival.


Now, she was on her way to Zhuo Fan and the others, who were keeping vigil just in case. They were eager to glean new insights from Zhuo Fan’s actions and from those around them. Since they only pursued their goals, to further their cultivation and discover the world and themselves, they had no conflicts. Nothing the other knew or had was mandatory in speeding up their progress. They would either share their experiences or not. Either way, their way forward was their own alone to tread.


As Zhuo Fan came into view, Lei Yuting’s thoughts cleared and her mood brightened.


“How is he? Has there been any change?” She landed next to Kunpeng and the other sacred beasts, inquiring about the situation while she was gone.


The wisened and shrewd beast in the form of a man said, “Only a couple days ago he gave back Elder Song’s path, but he’s still meditating. I can only assume it is to complete the tenth path, but who knows how long it will take and if we have the time.” Kunpeng sighed.


“At least we now have hope of defeating Heavenly Sovereign once and for all. No more gambling, no more staking things on a hair-brained plan, but actually winning with overwhelming superiority.” Sea Ao spoke with relief and confidence.


“Yes,” Kunpeng nodded. “We were right to put our hopes on Zhuo Fan. But the entire affair showed me that the rest of humanity has the same potential of overcoming any adversity. The Sacred Domain never had such a character rise up before. Though, that’s because they were always nipped in the bud by their own people. The Sacred Mountains would rather stifle humanity’s growth as long as it kept them in power.”


“In a way, when Heavenly Sovereign sealed a part of the Sacred Domain to make the mortal domain, he was setting the stage for his own undoing. It’s ironic how he did it to seal us, sacred beasts, from interfering when he was affected by the bewitching. It robbed those people of the rich spiritual energy, leaving them to find other avenues to strive for supremacy, even if their goal is to mostly to throw their weight around. Still, sometimes, good seeds do emerge.” Sea Ao declared.


“I don’t really care how it all turns out to be some kind of poetic justice. I just want Zhuo Fan to be alright and not go through further pain as he did before. Even now, we almost lost Miss Murong.” Lei Yuting brought them back to the situation at hand, showing that no matter how things had happened, it mattered more on how things would continue. Would Zhuo Fan survive, or would he die? Would humanity perish or live on?


Lei Yuting, and the girls, had the first question more on their mind than anything else.


Elder Song stood up from among the other meditating Sovereigns, making his way over. “With a bit of luck, that won’t be a problem.”


His vague smile left the sacred beasts and Lei Yuting puzzled.


She asked, “Why do you say that, Elder Song?”


“I didn’t delay joining the battle just because I wanted to help my disciple, given the unique circumstance of the occasion. It was to also nudge him into completing his own path, to aid us in defeating Heavenly Sovereign as soon as possible. Hopefully, before Heavenly Sovereign does any more damage to the already dying world.” Elder Song gave a worried glance at the dangerously close sea of blackness, knowing it would reach them in a couple of days, if not sooner.


“But as these things can’t be rushed, I had to take a cautious approach. It’s all up to him now.” Elder Song finished with a smile of pride on his face.


“All we can do now is wait, for Zhuo Fan to gain the last path first or Heavenly Sovereign to come at us with the intent to kill us all. Or maybe, he wouldn’t even have to once he reaches the Supreme Stage. He could just snap us out of existence like we’re eyesores, heh.” Dragon Ancestor chuckled as he recalled how useless he was by himself in the last battle, certain the next might very well be his doom.


“Why can’t you see things from the upside?” Kunpeng grumbled.


“What, I’m being realistic here. It’s been an absolute miracle things went as they did, with Zhuo Fan’s reckless plan actually working. I mean, putting his hopes on the Luo Clan’s people to reach the Sovereign Stage while he just happened to complete the paths disguising the prismatic events to hide the truth from Heavenly Sovereign. Don’t tell me that sounds perfectly logical to you, because I ain’t buying it!” He raved.


Now that he put it like that, they had to agree. All of this was just ridiculous in how it played out. At least, they were happy it worked.


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