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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1341, Storm

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Kunpeng had been watching the sea of blackness growing closer and closer with every inch, with every minute. His worry mounted all the while as it got closer to Zhuo Fan, who was still meditating in complete silence.


Zhuo Fan might be confident it could never reach him or affect him. However, Kunpeng was doubtful. If it were up to him, he’d dragged Zhuo Fan from here and back to Blackwind Mountain. There, at least, he’d have some more time to meditate and contemplate the wonders of the Sacred Domain to his heart’s content.


[Or, at least until Heavenly Sovereign kills us all… what a sobering thought….]


Glancing at Lei Yuting, she was quite calm by comparison, if one ignored the casual twitch whenever she found the sea of blackness speeding up.


In the first day when she arrived, she struggled not to warn Zhuo Fan. She even wanted to take him away from here. Kunpeng believes she came to terms with this being Zhuo Fan’s decision.


Turning his attention to his godchild, Gu Santong, Que’er, and Sword Child, they were far more at ease. Perhaps, it was from the many years and countless dangers they faced alongside their father. At the end of the day, they always managed to come out on top in the end, be it through sheer luck or Zhuo Fan’s genius and strategic mind.


[I guess I should calm down as well, since no amount of worrying is going to change anything. The sea of blackness will eventually arrive and Heavenly Sovereign would continue to pursue the Supreme Stage, wherever he is.]


As if by providence, the answer came, shockingly enough. There was a sudden halt of the sea of blackness for a moment or two, before it rapidly shrink. All that was left was a baren wasteland, with not a trace of life or sign of vitality.


The sudden turn of events made everyone breathe easier, at least at first. Then, a veritable storm far in the distance arrived, which made everyone’s hair stood on end. Even the sacred beasts were trembling at its sheer power. Every thunderous explosion rends space and the ground like it was made of putty.


It dawned on all of them, who it was that was capable of such radical display of unbridled power.


“Heavenly Sovereign!” Grunted Dragon Ancestor. “He just never gives up.”


“If he held on for millions of years, I’m sure a few days wouldn’t deter him.” Sea Ao said dryly.


“What do we do now? Zhuo Fan needs more time and judging by the looks of that storm, we’ll just be throwing our lives away if we try to stall. In fact, we won’t last a second.” Sword Child squinted at the strong waves of power whirling their way, not in the least bit thrilled he’d have to go in there.


“It’s either standing here and wait for Heavenly Sovereign to kill us all, or go there and try and mess with whatever he’s doing. At least we’ll go down in a blaze of glory. At least everyone will know that we’ve fought until the bitter end.” Kunpeng spoke gravely.


“If only Yan Fu had hurried up.” Elder Song sighed. Finding his efforts were for nought was a heavy blow to him, especially since it was in a time when the others needed him most.


“Look on the bright side, at least there’s no more sea of blackness to devour the Sacred Domain.” Dragon Ancestor tried lightening the mood with a tasteless joke.


“Yeah, we just traded one certainty for another, only the first was far slower. We’re all dying of joy.” Murong Xue said flatly, not at all amused, nor were the rest.


“So are we going or not?” Dragon Ancestor ignored the tough crowd. He asked the real question as he took to the sky, his decision obvious.


“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Gu Santong said. “Or dad.”


The others nodded as well, going together towards the heavy explosions and rumbling, knowing they would not be coming back.


As they drew closer to the eye of the storm, the sky turned completely dark, with not a star in sight. They also failed to notice a flash of prismatic behind them.


Heavenly Sovereign was looking to be on his deathbed, from the countless gapping wounds. The black blood seeped without stop, with his aura waning. By all accounts, he should be writing his will not cackle like a madman.


This was how the group found him, wondering how could a dying man be capable of unleashing so much raw power.


[It this really him?] Kunpeng took a closer look around and noticed that there were two prismatic mots hovering around Heavenly Sovereign. Sometimes closer, sometimes farther, as if being drawn and repelled by something he had.


“He has the final paths and is looking to refine them!” Sea Ao gasped. “That’s why he fled! He had a backup plan by taking the remaining paths in the sea of blackness.”


“And here I was hoping the sea of blackness would finish him off.” Lei Yuting grumbled.


“Let’s not waste anymore time. We need to put a dent in his plan.” Kunpeng shouted.


He was the first to fly over, shooting an azure phoenix at the paths. He knew from the past battle that Heavenly Sovereign was untouchable, even if wounded. Thus, the attack pushed one path further away, but not by much. Heavenly Sovereign still managed to bring them even closer towards himself.


“You! Just sit tight and I’ll deal with all of you!” His hoarse voice rumbled as he focused on pushing the paths into him, despite the heavy resistance.


The next moment, everything went eerily calm, the power storm up and stopped. Yet, the sky remained cracked, with a mass of darkness ready to consume them all.


“Since you all so graciously volunteered to come, you’ll be the first to see my new power!” Heavenly Sovereign had no more wounds on him. Even his left arm was there, something inconceivable since it was robbed by the sea of blackness at the very beginning.


His aura, however, was gone. There was not a trace of Yuan Qi that could detect on him. It was as if he was just a mortal. This unnerved them, knowing that this meant he was worlds above them in power. He was now beyond what they could even sense!


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