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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1342, Overwhelming

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For a long minute, Heavenly Sovereign just stared at his left hand. “Well, this is… different.”


He simply made a slow wave. However, what appeared to the others were afterimages.


Elder Song gasped. “How is he doing that? Isn’t Supreme Stage supposed to be including just the powers from the paths used to reach it? Why is he showing some power from my creation path?”


“Oh, so that’s how you made the Heavenly Eye back then.” Heavenly Sovereign caught onto his words while being unnervingly calm as he gauged his new situation.


“For a moment there, to prevent your attempts, after I forced the last two paths into me, I thought it would result in my swift and explosive demise, along with most, if not, all of the Sacred Domain.” Heavenly Sovereign spoke, far calmer than he had been since he tried prying the paths from Zhuo Fan. He came to realize that the bewitching had affected his personality more than he had realized. It had nudged him to do crazy and suicidal things, like what he did just now.


It was a miracle he didn’t die.


“What? There’s no way the paths contain so much power. They couldn’t possibly reduce the world to dust just like that!” Dragon Ancestor denied, for even he couldn’t do that at his level, which was around the Sovereign Stage. Since the Supreme Stage was just above it, it should not be such a drastic and insane gap in power between them. [Could there?]


“When I first caught a glimpse of there being something above the Sovereign Stage, not even I could imagine it would be to this extent. Words can’t even begin to describe it. It’s both relishing and humbling, thinking how I thought myself as the strongest in the Sacred Domain as a mere Sovereign when I only know just one aspect of the world. This stage truly gives me leverage in all!” Heavenly Sovereign moved a finger through the air, leaving behind a rend in space, which stayed there without healing. He had to pinch the two sides close for it to actually begin recovering.


The sky suddenly turned prismatic and the group of Sovereigns and sacred beasts rejoiced.


“Zhuo Fan must’ve done it! He can beat Heavenly Sovereign now!” Lei Yuting cheered.


“Oh, sorry about that.” And the event was cut short. “I’m still getting new to the whole supreme thing.” Heavenly Sovereign crushed their hopes like they were nothing.


The more he displayed his power, it left more feeling ever less hopeful. It left them all knowing they couldn’t hope to delay him even if they wanted to. In fact, they were wondering what Heavenly Sovereign was doing by putting his grand plan of cleansing the world on hold, despite pursuing the Supreme Stage for millions of years and going as far as treating everyone as his pawns.


They weren’t that stupid as to remind him of this inconsistency. Everyone wanted to live and pursue their goals, and they were no different. If the guy liked to show off, then by all means, let him. It would at least buy Zhuo Fan time to hopefully get to the Supreme Stage and save them from this nightmare.


“Little brother, why don’t you come out? It’s rude to stare.” Heavenly Sovereign said to no one in particular, still testing to see what he could do. Sometimes, he flung a purple lighting stronger than ever thought possible, making everything shiver. Or, he swiped his hand and unleashing a visible shockwave of raw power that left Gu Santong’s pride of his mighty strength in shambles.


They saw no one around one moment, then, all of a sudden, Zhuo Fan stood across from Heavenly Sovereign after they blinked.


“Zhuo Fan!” Lei Yuting cried out in worry and joy. Her felling had been on a roller-coaster ever since she saw the raging storm.


He ignored her and the others, only addressing Heavenly Sovereign. “Did you change your mind about cleansing the world? Why didn’t you do it the first moment you reached Supreme Stage? Or, did the power get to your head? Now, you feel the necessity to show off parlor tricks to the ignorant.”


“Who are you calling ignorant? I’ve been alive for millions of years before you were ever born!” Dragon Ancestor did not take the remark kindly, despite knowing there was nothing he could do here.


“Let’s dispense with the clowns first, shall we?” Heavenly Sovereign smiled, calm and collected with his hands behind his back.


“Now wait just a minute! I’m no clown! I am the Decimating Dragon Ancestor! You better start showing some res-“ Dragon Ancestor raved some more, only to find his view shifting from the barren wasteland with Zhuo Fan and Heavenly Sovereign standing there to Luo Clan’s main hall. There, Luo Yunhai was in his seat as he conducted a meeting regarding the people of the Sacred Domain.


“Lei Yuting!” Luo Yunchang was the first to react. “What happened? How are you here?”


“It must be Zhuo Fan, or maybe Heavenly Sovereign? I couldn’t tell as I sensed no action from their part.” Lei Yuting replied, downcast.


“Is he fighting Heavenly Sovereign alone? Can he do it?” Chu Qingcheng asked with worry, Shangguan Qingyan holding her close for comfort.


“It’s unclear as of yet. We’re dealing with a level of cultivation never seen in the history of the Sacred Domain. Anything can happen.” It was Yan Fu who spoke as he entered the hall, having just come back.


“Disciple!” Elder Song gave him an appreciating look. “You’re Sovereign already!” And laughed at the discovery.


“That means Zhuo Fan finished his 10th path!?” Shui Ronghua cheered.


“Moments after the storm started ravaging the area the previously sea of blackness occupied, I finally completed my alchemy path and rushed to Zhuo Fan to help him. But when I got there, he was already gone.” Yan Fu explained. “I can only assume that he either didn’t need my help or was forced to act sooner.”


Kunpeng analyzed, “We won’t truly know for sure until we see Zhuo Fan come back alive, or when humanity gets wiped out.”


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