The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1058, One Sword Versus Three

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Murong Lie swallowed hard as he and the rest felt their spine tingle, “Everyone, there’s only sixteen of them, with ten being kids. But why then do I feel like the whole central area is bearing down on me, like an endless army coming for my life?”


“Isn’t the Invincible Sword a one man army? We wanted to keep this moment for later but he came knocking on our door. No matter how feeble we feel, we have to do this regardless!”


Ling Yuntian glanced at Ouyang Lingtian, straining to speak, “Go, Lingtian, do as Sir Zhuo said and get the Heaven Sealing Sword back.”


[Why don’t you go die instead?]


Ouyang Lingtian’s mouth twitched, his heart sinking, but still shot for the Invincible Sword. Murong Lie, like a good friend, held the Decimating Sword as he followed, “Brother Ouyang, I’ll join you!”


The others followed in silence.




The highest powers of the four lands gathered before the Invincible Sword, blocking his path.


The Sword Kings halted their destructive stroll as well, yet gave these oldies supercilious looks.


[You have some nerve trying to fight Patriarch, insignificant bugs!]


Murong Lie knew too well how strong the Invincible Sword was. What came as a true shock, however, was finding out what Invincible Sword was holding, their fear mounting because of it.


He was not holding the Sundering Sword.


He was so strong without even the help of a divine sword, so how much of a monster would he be then if he wielded one?


“It’s been ages since I saw this old coot, and I see he’s gotten stronger still. Is there no end to his growth?” 


Murong Lie and the others felt like crying, “They say he has the power of a land, but now I fear he’s almost as strong as two. Would it still be possible to gang up on him with two and a half lands of soldiers? Will it kill him?…”


The hopes of everyone reached rock bottom.


Invincible Sword looked smug as always, at the top of the world, “I’ve been in northern lands for many days now and should’ve at least pay your sect a visit. Alas, that child, Jingwei, had me wait for a bit longer and prepare you a nice surprise. That’s why I waited even though you all lost your Heaven Sealing Sword, only showing up now. I haven’t scared you, have I? Ha-ha-ha…”


Baili Yutian laughed, shaking the skies. The Sword Kings looked smug at their dreaded looks.


The leaders clenched their fists and just sweated.


“Thank you, Invincible Sword.”


Ling Yuntian bowed with a forced smile, “Your name shocks the world. There’s no living being who hasn’t heard of your might. My sect is filled with boundless honor with your visit. If it were just to say hello, there was no need to fight your way in. We would’ve gladly welcomed you. Why must you steal our divine sword and barge in, lowering yourself to such petty actions? I’m afraid it will make others mock the mighty Invincible Sword, staining your name, ha-ha-ha…” 


Invincible Sword’s eyes flashed with anger.


Bali Yuyu stepped forward with a glare, “Ling Yuntian, you dare insult my Patriarch? I’ll put you in your place here and now!”


Bali Yuyu exploded with power and was ready to strike. Ouyang Lingtian rushed to protect Ling Yuntian.


But Ling Yuntian didn’t care, “Miss must be Frigid Rain Sword King of the Nine Sword Kings, right? Ha-ha-ha, nice to meet you. Wasn’t your act of stealing our sword ten days ago under the Invincible Sword’s orders? While I have nothing to say if Miss denies it, you are still under the Invincible Sword. Anyone could guess that your actions were sanctioned by the Invincible Sword into playing thief…”


“You…” Bali Yuyu flared but the Invincible Sword cut her off, “Yuyu, get back!”


Bali Yuyu gnashed her teeth, her stare boring into Ling Yuntian. Alas, she had to give and fall back.


Ling Yuntian turned to the Invincible Sword with a bow, “Sir runs quite the tight ship. I take my hat off to you, having them cater to your every whim, ha-ha-ha…”


“Sect Leader Ling, and what’s that supposed to mean, that I’m a thief?” Baili Yutian squinted.


Ling Yuntian spoke, “You’re not? Then isn’t the Heaven Sealing Sword on you right now?”


“While it is, a divine sword always finds its way in the hands of the able while slipping from those unworthy. If you can’t keep it, you lose it, just like your precious sect,” the Invincible Sword chided.


Ling Yuntian nodded, “True, the weak can’t hold a divine sword, bound to lose it at some point and it’s only their fault. Although, this and that are different. We’re all practitioners here, and my sect is willing to accept the loss of the divine sword in open combat with sir. Yet you used tricks to get it from our sect. Ha-ha-ha, it can either be that your cunning mind is sublime, or that we’re just too naive to fall for it. Be that as it may, sir’s name will take a plunge either way. The ignorant might even say you feared us holding the Heaven Sealing Sword, resorting to trickery then open combat. Is that all the mighty Invincible Sword amounts to? Guess you’re only as strong as our sect to resort to stealing. Ha-ha-ha…” 


The Invincible Sword narrowed his eyes into slits, his face darkening by the second.


“You’re saying I can’t take your divine sword in open combat? Humph…”


The Invincible Sword huffed, “Every time I come for a fight you do nothing but cower behind your shell, or the divine sword would’ve long been in my hands. What would’ve been the use of tricks then?”


“Yeah, though we refused your challenge since we enjoy peace and quiet and not chaos. Nonetheless, stealing our sword is quite a heavy stigma…”




Invincible Sword cut the air with his hand and then his palm flashed to reveal an icy-blue longsword. Everyone gasped. 


Invincible Sword then threw it. Ouyang Lingtian moved fast and reached out to have the divine sword fall in his grip once more. 


“You now have the Heaven Sealing Sword, but only temporarily. With your broken barrier, you can no longer hide. You can’t do anything even with the divine sword but keep it warm for when I take it. Then any complaints you have will be moot!” 


Ling Yuntian bobbed his head, “Of course, the Invincible Sword is indeed direct and frank, the best in the world, ha-ha-ha…”


Ling Yuntian laughed then turned his head, “Sir Zhuo’s appeal to ego plan is a success. This coot got the Heaven Sealing Sword yet gave it back. Now we have three divine swords, bolstering our chance of success against this obnoxious monster!”


The men nodded, the three divine swords pointing at the sky. Gold, red and blue flashed from them and shot into the heavens.




The predominating purple lightning was now cut in half, replaced with golden flames, scarlet glows and blue traces from Murong Lie’s Decimating Sword, Shangguan Feixiong’s Soaring Sword and Ouyang Lingtian’s Heaven Sealing Sword. They used their power to wrest control of the heavens from the enemy. 


The Sword Kings frowned, glaring at them.


[These rotten bastards actually used mind games to fool Patriarch. How revolting!]


The Invincible Sword didn’t care, glancing at the half lost skies with a grin, “Three swords against one should be impressive. I’m thrilled that yours truly can enjoy fighting three divine swords, ha-ha-ha…”


Baili Yutian flicked his sleeve and a crackling long sword appeared in his hand, pointing it at the sky.


The sky exploded as even more purple lightning boomed everywhere, overtaking the previous losses, swallowed by the flood of lightning. The golden flames, red glows and blue streaks couldn’t hold on at all, torn to pieces.


The skies were dyed purple once more.


Murong Lie, Shangguan Feixiong and Ouyang Lingtian shook and coughed blood. Shangguan Feixiong had it worse, not being on a Sword King’s level gave him the worst wound.


The other two stared at Invincible Sword with blood dripping from their mouths in dread. Only the Invincible Sword could wrest back dominance from three swords…


[This monster is too damn strong…]


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