The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1063, A Toss-up

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The cold sword wave stilled anything it passed through, as if stopped in time.




Golden scales rained down like meteors at Baili Jingtian, blocking any chance of evading.


Ye Lin and Ouyang Changqing worked together for the first time, bringing out the best in each other.


Baili Jingtian hardly noticed the danger, still wearing that disparaging smile, “Did you know that the Patriarch’s demands are the harshest? Every time we fight, if even one time we fail to take on a hundred experts of our level by ourselves, we fail his expectation. In regard to those fights, you two coming at me is hardly enough to make me sweat, ha-ha-ha…”


Baili Jingtian’s eyes flashed, feeling the dangerous attacks coming near, and merely waved.




With a rumble, lightning snaked from above, thousands of them forming into a sharp sword energy, smashing down on the ground to destroy it.


Ye Lin and Ouyang Changqing’s attacks were torn to pieces, the overbearing shockwave coming right for them and sending them flying, trailing blood behind them.


They paled instantly, finding that Baili Jingtian’s had the same smile once dust settled. He hadn’t moved an inch. 


Their attacks had no effect whatsoever, but instead, they were the ones to suffer.


[This is terrifying!]


They were mighty youths so how could they be routed so easily? Was this the power of the best disciple in the lands?


The two were overwhelmed at the disparity. Ye Lin was having a difficult time believing that he, a sacred beast inheritor, would lose to another peer again. The remorse in his heart was too much to bear.


He ought to know that while he was the dragon ancestor’s inheritor, the enemy was the Sword Sovereign’s successor, a mere toss-up between them. As for strength, the master led while the disciple grew on his own abilities. 


Dragon ancestor was a sacred beast, making it hard to clearly convey his skills to a human. As for a sacred weapon successor, like Ouyang Changqing and Baili Jingtian, they had understood Sword Sovereign’s essence through the sacred weapons. They were practically direct disciples of another human, making the passing of the techniques flawless.


Ye Lin’s defeat this time meant not the loss of dragon ancestor to Sword Sovereign. It only stated that humans and sacred beasts were different. A sacred beast taking a human disciple would not be able to impart all their skills.


Moreover, these two’s cultivation was also a gulf.


Wiping the blood from his mouth, Ouyang Changqing was not about to admit defeat anytime soon, turning to Ye Lin, “Brother Ye Lin, I almost forgot to tell you. That punk is in the Genesis Stage. We are without a doubt mighty geniuses, but with only Soul Harmony Stage cultivation we’ll only suffer against him. We can’t compare with him in the usage of the world’s power.”


“Makes sense, but could you please stop with the narcissistic praises? You should’ve stopped at calling me a genius. Don’t include yourself as well!” Ye Lin glared at him.


Ouyang Changqing rolled his eyes, “Fine, but now what do we do? I do have a plan, but I need brother Ye Lin to work with me.” 


“Say it.”


“Remember our fight, when the world’s energy went berserk? I want to do it again!” Seeing Ye Lin agreeing, Ouyang Changqing turned serious, “I’ll open a channel, guiding the world’s energy into you, and you must bear with it. Even if you go berserk, all that matters is that you gnaw him to the bone!”


Ye Lin rolled his eyes, “What am I, a dog? Even gnaw? Then again, your idea has some merit. I’ll be sure to do my best in controlling that power and unleash it upon him.”


“That settles it!”


Ouyang Changqing made a sign, “Evoking Heaven Art!”


A great power suddenly gathered high above, turning into countless cold sword energies.


Baili Jingtian laughed, “Ha-ha-ha, you’re only borrowing power that’s not even yours. It might work against an equal opponent, but nothing that can stop a true Genesis Stage expert’s world’s power!”


“You’ll just have to wait and see!” Ouyang Changqing shouted, “Brother Ye!”


“I got it. Transformation, Fire Dragon King!”


Ye Lin roared and the golden flame exploded around him, warping and surging five hundred meters in height.


Ouyang Changqing changed signs, “Heaven Sealing Art, World Channel!”




The power far above flew into Ye Lin, only this time, it no longer froze him but fueled his fire, with the golden flames roaring higher and brighter.


The huge dragon’s expression was heavy from pain as well, but he bore through it even as the strain increased along with the power.


Ouyang Changqing didn’t seal Ye Lin’s strength, but drew the world’s power into him to bolster his. But with this constant flow of power, the odds were it would go berserk once more and take over his mind. The risk in doing it was very high as well.


“Brother Ye, how does it feel? Can you take it?”


“No problem!” The dragon’s eye shone with resolve as he gnashed his fangs.


“Then strike, do it now!” Ouyang Changqing pointed at Baili Jingtian.


Ye Lin roared in anger and threw himself at the enemy with his claws and fangs ready to tear him apart.


For the first time, Ouyang Changqing applauded Ye Lin, “Good, brother Ye, attack! Ha-ha-ha, Baili Jingtian, you’re finished. Brother Ye has my Heaven Sealing Art in him, no matter what you do, all your power will be drawn into him and only make him stronger. Not just your Yuan Qi but the world’s power as well. He’s unstoppable now and you will die!”


Ye Lin roared as he finished, the flames on his body rising higher and brighter.


“Oh, so that’s how it is.”


Baili Jingtian smirked, drawing two fingers out and releasing sword intent from their tips.


Ouyang Changqing mocked, “Baili Jingtian, are you deaf? I already told you, no matter what you…”




Baili Jingtian flicked his hand and a purple sword energy shot for the fire dragon.


A bang echoed out at impact that forced the flames to explode and Ye Lin to cough blood as he himself flew out of the fire dragon. He was now looking deathly pale and blood flew from his pierced chest.


The world’s channel died naturally with the destruction of the fire dragon.


Baili Jingtian was still standing there with his smile.


Ouyang Changqing gapped.


“T-that’s impossible!”


Ouyang Changqing shook his head in disbelief, “Dad clearly told me that once the world’s energy goes berserk, only the Heaven Sealing Sword can seal it, so how…”


Baili Jingtian mocked, “Your dad only told you that the Heaven Sealing Sword can do it? It seems he hasn’t told you that the Heaven Sealing Sword Art means sealing, while the Sundering Sword Art means destruction. The two sword arts are in conflict, leaving victory in the hands of the wielder and their strength. By using the Heaven Sealing Sword Art, no other power can break it, except a divine sword or the Sundering Sword Art. In other words, you’re suicidal if you think you can come at me with it when your mastery is weaker than my mastery of the Sundering Sword Art, ha-ha-ha…”  


Ouyang Changqing stood dumbstruck.


[The Sundering Sword is the Heaven Sealing Sword’s bane? No way!]




In the middle of his daze, a sword wave ran through his chest.


Ouyang Changqing spat blood and fell to the ground.


He, the greatest disciple in the northern lands, couldn’t even take a hit.


[Baili Jingtian is terrifying, a young Invincible Sword!]


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