The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1064, Rush

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“Yin Yang Ghost Claw!”


Yan Mo released his aura, fighting with a prince just off from the main fight. Yin and yang flames formed into an eerie claw that raked the air.


The prince gazed coldly, waving his finger and shooting a sword wave to crush the claw like it was nothing.


The sword wave wasn’t finished, slashing Yan Mo’s chest and making him cough blood as he flew through the air.


“Yan Mo!”


Wu Qingqiu cried out in worry just as Baili Jinggang arrived before him and smashed his punch into his clarity domain, “You have the time to mind others when fighting me?” 




Second only to Ye Lin, the strongest body in the western lands was Wu Qingqiu.


However, Baili Jingtian’s unstoppable punch connected to Wu Qingqiu’s chest, snapping his ribs. Wu Qingqiu was flung through the air and landed hard, with blood splattering everywhere.


They weren’t the only ones, with everyone else suffering the same fate against the nine princes. All these renowned disciples ended up crushed in less than a second.


None could get up, too damaged and too paralyzed to move.


The ten princes of Baili were unstoppable in power and potential.




Murong Xue bled from the mouth with a frown, her knee hitting dirt. Looking around, she found that the ten princes were dominating the fights, leaving their opponents on the ground. Even Ye Lin and Ouyang Changqing, the opposing lands’ strongest, were no different–looking on with despair and dismay.


[We’re finished!]


Murong Xue’s heart sank in defeat and she shook her head. She should’ve known that the ten princes were beyond any of them could hope to match. Baili Jingtian alone was like a second Invincible Sword, crushing them all the same even without the other nine princes.


Compared to them, her side were weevils. 


First came defeat and then came robbing their future and their lives.


Murong Xue sighed and closed her eyes. Regardless of that foul man’s shrewd planning, it was Baili Yutian who had taken initiative and now held the advantage. 


[Now we have lost and the four lands lost as well.] 


[The people are going to suffer once more…]


“Brother, these guys were nothing. How do we handle her though?” Baili Jinggang’s cold eye surveyed the area and as he brought a shivering Chu Qingcheng over to Baili Jingtian. 


Baili Jingtian gave her a long look, “Miss, there’s no need to fear us. We won’t hurt you. We only want to find your husband. Where could Sir Zhuo be at this moment?”


Chu Qingcheng shivered and lowered her head.


Baili Jingtian looked at his brothers with puzzlement.


[Don’t tell me she’s been scared out of her mind.] 


He’d seen his fair share of cowards, but never one who turned like this and was a cultivator as well.


They were only a bit rough on them, that was all, not yet having resorted to killing. 


[So what’s got her so terrified?]


“Brother, this must be her nature.”


Baili Jinggang said, “When we struck, the girl had just stood there and shivered. She didn’t even fight us when we brought her, like a cripple. Why would Zhuo Fan, a deceitful and arrogant bastard who even fooled the Patriarch marry a dull wife like her?”


Baili Jingtian was stumped.


[She’s dull?]




Ye Lin spat blood and forced his weak body to sit, “Don’t touch my sister-in-law! She lost her mind and knows nothing. Just take me if you want!”


“What good will that do? Who are you to Zhuo Fan anyway, that you could draw him out?”


Baili Jingtian mocked and turned to the shivering Chu Qingcheng, “She may be a dumb wife, but Zhuo Fan did have them escort her. That proves he’ll come for her. She’ll make a good bait. Brothers, take her back.”


“Yes, sir!”


Baili Jinggang bowed with the others and grabbed her hands to leave, but then paused, “Brother, what about them?”


“They may be insignificant bugs now, but who’s to say what the future holds? Especially those two, having the potential of a Sword King. Get rid of them.” 


Baili Jingyu’s face was cold as jumped in the air. He drew two fingers and unleashed booms as his power shot from them.


The people on the ground closed their eyes.


The pride of western lands was going to fall here of all places, away from home. Ouyang Changqing gnashed his teeth, roaring, “I can’t accept it! I’ve yet to marry sister Xue! I’ve yet to be the best in the lands. I can’t die, I won’t!”


“You? Become the best? Humph!”


Baili Jingtian scoffed, “At best you’re nothing but your old man’s successor, the best in the northern lands. The best in the lands shall forever be with our clan, so just wake up already. Oh, sorry, it looks like you won’t even be dreaming soon. Take this little pity you got from me and use what precious seconds you have left to dream then, ha-ha-ha…” 


Ouyang Changqing’s lips shook.


“Changqing, I’m here to save you. I knew sensing the Evoking Heaven Art here that it was you who did it. Ha-ha-ha, I’m so glad there’s still time!” A sudden voice shouted.


“Elder Lu!”


Ouyang Changqing looked at the old man leading two dozen others and showing their mighty Genesis expert aura.


Ouyang Changqing was overjoyed, “We’re saved! Twenty elders are here and in Genesis Stage. They…”




Thunder rattled the air with every explosion of lighting and the elders were broken apart under the thunder sword waves. They couldn’t even scream as they turned to ashes.


Baili Jingtian put down his fingers and mocked, “Young master Ouyang, did you not hear me? I’ve trained against crowds from a young age, against a hundred. Aren’t you a bit naive thinking twenty Genesis Stage bags of bones could save you?”


Ouyang Changqing felt like crying, roaring, “You freak, have you no respect for your elders? Killing kind old men without provocation, is this how you’ve been raised? What has the Baili clan even taught you?”


“The Patriarch said to cut the tongues of the chatty ones.” Baili Jingtian darkened as he glared at him.


Ouyang Changqing closed his mouth, shivering in silence. Murong Xue shook her head with a bitter smile. 


[The pompous fool is wild even in death.]


Baili Jingtian drew his fingers again and built power in them as he put on an evil smirk, “There’s no need to harbor false hope as the Sea Bright Sect has hardly any people left alive. No one will be coming to save you. So just accept my judgment and go to hell, ha-ha-ha…”


Baili Jingtian flicked and the sword energy came crashing down. It held so much power the stones were eaten away, robbing the breaths of the wounded on the ground.


They were all doomed.


They knew it but none could do anything to stop it.


“Elder brother, farewell. Forgive me for not protecting my sister-in-law.” Ye Lin closed his eyes in remorse.


“Zhuo Fan, I am ashamed to be your brother.” Wu Qingqiu and Yan Mo lowered their heads.


“There are too many monsters in the world. I am unable to be the best in the lands…” Ouyang Changqing felt his heart twist in defiance.


“Central area’s might can’t be repelled. The people are going to suffer…” Murong Xue sighed.


In the moment of their deaths, all that went through their minds were their regrets. But then, “Divine Eye of the Void’s 5th stage, Thunderflame Wall!”


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