The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 107, Drifting Flowers’ Whisper

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Under the cover of the inky black night, Zhuo Fan advanced like a cat through the sentries and arrived at the inner courtyard.


But for some reason he stopped, brows furrowed.


Taking the map out again, Zhuo Fan flitted his gaze from the map to the layout again and again, “Someone changed it!”


The inner courtyard had a 5th-grade array, Shifting Defensive Array. It affected every corner of the courtyard and messed with the layout.


Going by the map’s explanation, the Drifting Flowers Edifice shifted once a month for protection. So much so that not even the disciples knew of the new layout!


But Qin Caiqing was an Overseer and knew the basis behind the shift, pointing the crucial locations out on the map.


Now that he was here, Zhuo Fan saw there had been another shift, with those locations were no longer valid. He was now forced to search everywhere for the Treasure Pavilion. 


“Curses! Things only get worse!”


Zhuo Fan sighed as he stepped lightly, while also letting Blood Infant out to help move things along.




Blood Infant flashed through empty rooms after empty rooms until feeling a sudden powerful force. Zhuo Fan squinted, [Profound Heaven expert!], and made Blood Infant vanish. 


In a sparse room – with a bed, a table, and a chair – a yellow lamp burned faintly on the table. Zhuo Fan recognized the old man meditating on the bed as being Xie Tianyang’s 8th elder, Jian Suifeng.


The door creaked and Xie Tianyang entered covered in sweat, gasping for breath as he slumped in the chair.


Jian Suifeng opened his eyes and watched Xie Tianyang, pleased. “Tianyang, you’ve been working hard as of late. It won’t be long before you surpass your elder brother.”


“Humph, my dad always says elder brother is a genius that comes by once a millennium. Not even a Radiant Stage cultivator can beat him, so how can I compare?”


Xie Tianyang was filled with fighting spirit, “I am content as long as I can surpass that punk.”


Jian Suifeng smiled, “You mean… that freak Zhuo Fan?”




Xie Tianyang’s eyes flashed with sorrow, “8th elder, my only regret in life is that I was powerless in Blue Expanse City because I didn’t train harder. I let Ning’er down when she needed me most! I hope the next time will be me who will protect her, not Zhuo Fan!”


Jian Suifeng sighed, “Tianyang, you are too talented and the Abode Lord won’t let you marry a second rate clan’s daughter”


“I know that, just…”


Xie Tianyang chuckled in the end, “If there’s one good thing that damn punk taught me, it is that might makes right. There’s nothing in this world you cannot do. You all kept saying how treacherous You Guiqi was, but didn’t he find his end in Zhuo Fan’s hands? With enough strength, I will be deciding my bride, and dad can do nothing to stop me!”


Laughing, Xie Tianyang left the room.


“Tianyang, where are you going?”




Xie Tianyang was firm in his decision, his eyes proud, “Of the Flowing Space’s Nine Forms I only know four. I will be practicing the fifth!” 


“What, you know the fourth?!”


Jian Suifeng watched the leaving Xie Tianyang with pride, “Watching Zhuo Fan’s battle must have motivated him. If he keeps this up, it won’t be long before he’s in the Profound Heaven Stage, ha-ha-ha…”


Blood Infant slunk back out. Zhuo Fan shook his head, [Didn’t think Xie Tianyang took me as a rival. This is good, with his power, I can rest easy knowing he can protect Ning’er!] 


Zhuo Fan moved Blood Infant to another room. But it was just another empty room.


From the map, Treasure Pavilion was always shifted close to the Edifice Lord’s chambers. It wasn’t near this empty one. [But then, where can her room be?] 


“Sister Dandan, give me a kiss, just one!”


“Young Master Yan, please don’t…”


“Ai, your fiancée, Lin Tianyu, is already ruined by that brat. He can’t make you happy, so let me.”


He suddenly heard two voices and moved Blood Infant inside the room, hoping to eavesdrop on some clues.


But Zhuo Fan was shocked when Blood Infant entered. [I beat the crap out of this disciple, but he is now mostly recovered. Pill King Hall’s number one alchemist sure deserves his fame, healing his protégé to such an extent in a mere three days.]


Only a 7th-grade alchemist could do that.


As the disciple recovered, so did his lust. He was now on the bed holding Xiao Dandan’s hand without letting her go. His mind had to be in the gutter.


[Humph, perverted couple, none of you are worth a dime! I don’t have time to waste on you!] Zhuo Fan snorted inside.


Yan Fu suddenly pulled Xiao Dandan into bed and loomed over her, “He-he-he, fair lady, stay with me tonight.”


“No! Young Master Yan. The ladies of Drifting Flowers Edifice give themselves to their husbands only on their wedding night.”


“What Drifting Flowers Edifice? It will all belong to Pill King Hall sooner or later anyway!” Yan Fu’s eyes became malevolent as he eyed Xiao Dandan with suspicion, “Are you still pining for that impotent fiancé of yours?”


“N-no!” Xiao Dandan cried.


“Then what are you waiting for? Let us enjoy ourselves.” Yan Fu started to roam his hands around as Xiao Dandan’s gave off powerless protests, “Young Master Yan, don’t! I need to pay my respects to my master each evening!”


[Pay respects?]


Wasn’t her master Peony Overseer? That meant following her would lead him closer to Treasure Pavilion.


Zhuo Fan stopped in his tracks and his heart burst with rage when he saw Yan Fu about to take advantage of Xiao Dandan.


[Goddammit! Get the f*ck down, bastard! Don’t ruin my plans, she still needs to visit her master!]


Blood Infant entered Yan Fu in a flash.


Yan Fu just loosened his waistband but then felt a sharp pain in his stomach. With a waning face, he plopped on the floor!


Xiao Dandan was still shivering even after he collapsed. She put him on the bed and covered him with the quilt. Then left after wiping her tears.


Perhaps because of the fear she was in, she did not question why Yan Fu had blanked out and left.


Zhuo Fan snickered as he sent Blood Infant on her trail.


Yan Fu was no one important. He didn’t want to earn Vicious Pill King’s rage because of the brat. So, he only allowed the Blood Infant to suck up enough of Yan Fu’s blood to knock him out.


Following Xiao Dandan, Zhuo Fan soon arrived at a large building. The lamps were lit and the fragrance of women drifted for over a hundred meters.


Blood Infant followed Xiao Dandan, who rushed to the door where she knocked.


Zhuo Fan was startled and sent Blood Infant inside. He found not only a woman but also a man.


She was very bold and, despite her veil, her chest was covered by a thin cloth while leaving her back bare open. Her promiscuous eyes landed on the man.


He was a middle-aged man, with a split mustache that stared hotly at the woman’s chest!


[How is this a Seven Noble House? It’d be better changing its name to brothel. Why is it that everywhere I go, I end up seeing these things?]


Zhuo Fan shook his head and sighed. But he was still a man and couldn’t help but sneak another peek.


“Elder Lin, do you love me?” The woman giggled.


Bobbing his head, the man was drooling, “I love you with all my being, Peony Overseer. I, Lin Zitian, love you dearly and would even die for you. I only hope that Overseer would allow me a glimpse of your delicate features!”


He reached for her veil, but Peony Overseer dodged with a giggle, “Elder Lin, you must first make me yours before taking my veil!”


“I will, I will most certainly make you mine!” Lin Zitian was overcome with lust, as if he never saw a woman in his life.


Peony Overseer rolled her eyes, “Then, do you agree to my marriage condition?”




Lin Zitian frowned and his face fell, “Peony, don’t make it difficult for me. All of Seven Houses know how dreadful Vicious Pill King is. Asking me to face him is the same as wanting my life.”


“Humph, Lin Zitian, where has all that love you proclaimed gone? Didn’t you say you’d die for me?”


“I am willing to die for you, but not a worthless death.”


“All men are cheaters. Get lost!” Peony Overseer’s anger flared and roared, tears welling in her eyes.


Lin Zitian shook his head, leaving slowly. When he got to the door, he sighed, “Peony, I know Drifting Flowers Edifice’s situation and what you’re thinking. But Drifting Flowers Edifice is hopeless, no one is willing to offend the Pill King Hall for you. If you have no safe place to turn to, look for me in Merry Woods.”


Lin Zitian left slowly, leaving Peony Overseer in tears…


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