The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 119, Zhuo Fan’s Determination

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[What boasting!] Jian Suifeng was the first to open his mouth in shock.


Ten years to go beyond the Seven Houses? There never was such a precedent in the entire Tianyu Empire, let alone rising enough to fight the strongest of the Seven Houses, Regent Estate.


Zhuo Fan’s words were borderline fantasy.


But from the looks of the rest, this arrogance was something they were used to. Given enough time, they got used to Zhuo Fan’s egomaniac nature. So much so, they became numb to how many surprised he gave them, to some extent.


Besides, compared to those shocking and incredible things he did, boasting would hardly mean anything. In fact, he might actually pull it off!


They were skeptical, but also expectant. Looking forward to seeing how far this little freak could go.


Furthermore, their interests aligned, for now.


“Ai, to safeguard both of our Houses, we have no choice but to work together and protect Drifting Flowers Edifice. It would’ve been best if we talked about this yesterday… Now that the two Houses are in agreement, with none of us having any legitimate reason to intervene in that contest anymore…” Long Jiu shook his head.


Xie Tianyang did the same, complaining, “Punk, making that proposition was a bad move. Winning with alchemy is the same as just giving it to Vicious Pill King.”


“You think I wanted to? How else could I have made them take a step back and give Drifting Flowers Edifice a lifeline?” Rolling his eyes, Zhuo Fan sneered, “Moreover, you don’t need to worry about this. All you have to do is to support Drifting Flowers Edifice from time to time and prevent it from being swallowed!”


“Does that mean you have a contingency in place?” They all asked.


Perking the corner of his mouth, Zhuo Fan spoke with confidence, “It’s just alchemy. I will face the Vicious Pill King myself!”


“What?! He is a 7th grade alchemist, how…”


This time they were panicking. A 7th-grade alchemist was considered a peak in Tianyu Empire. Very few people had reached such a level. And Vicious Pill King was the number one alchemist in Pill King Hall. He was better than even an average 7th-grade alchemist, possibly the best in the Empire.


Was Zhuo Fan, with his cultivation, at his age, capable of such a feat?


[Damn it all to hell! What is up with this freak? Alchemy, arrays, he is a master of all! There’s hardly anyone in his generation who is his match!]


[How did all of Heaven’s favor get dumped on him?] Xie Tianyang was close to raining curses. He knew Zhuo Fan’s skill in alchemy was abnormal, but not to the extent he reached a 7th-grade alchemist’s level.


Zhuo Fan sighed, “Don’t look at me like that. I am going to face him, but I too am not certain of success!”


Zhuo Fan knew alchemy needed three things: cultivation, skill, and flame.


Cultivation allowed prolonged control over the flame. Skill referred to the secret refining skills of some clans. Without a good one, no amount of cultivation would help refine a good pill. And flame determined the degree of ingredient refinement.


For high-grade ingredients, a common flame was unable to refine it. An alchemist had to look for a beast flame or a natural born fire!


The stronger the flame, the better the refinement.


His cultivation left room to refine a 4th-grade pill at best. But with the secret and ancient refining skill from Nine Serenities Secret Records, he could go a grade higher.


Regarding flame, he had no clue how strong the azure flame was, but it was strong, no doubt about it. He was confident he should be able to refine a 7th-grade pill!


“And if you fail?” Long Jiu saw Zhuo Fan silent and was beginning to worry.


Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed with naked killing intent, “Then it will come down to a fight. This is actually for the best. Taking the Bodhi Root, the Regent Estate will change their targets to me and Drifting Flowers Edifice will gain some breathing room.”


“But… you will end up chased by the experts of three Houses…” Long Jiu’s eyes trembled, worried for Zhuo Fan’s safety.


A smile leaked on Zhuo Fan’s lips, “Ha-ha-ha, and? We’ll be enemies sooner or later. Messing up their plan earlier is for the best! With me getting their attention, you three Houses will have no trouble making preparations!”


Zhuo Fan’s words moved them. He was using his life to buy them time.


They were now looking at him in gratitude and admiration. Who would dare brave such dangers when a single mistake would be paid for with his life?


“Damn, kid, you’re truly bold!” Even Jian Suifeng had to admire him.


Xie Tianyang slapped his shoulder. He was silent, but his eyes spoke volumes. A burning gaze that seemed to want to melt him.


It was a hero’s appreciation of another…


“Young Master Xie, please do not hurt him!”


A charming voice was followed by the appearance of a figure in red. It was none other than Peony Overseer.


Xiao Dandan ran back and pulled the baffled Zhuo Fan behind the Peony Overseer.


“Everyone, Song Yu is as stubborn as a mule and offended you before. Please, for my sake, don’t take it out on him.” Peony Overseer cupped her hands.


They suddenly froze, then laughed!


Peony Overseer thought they wanted to get revenge on Zhuo Fan and rushed over to save him. This made them exchange a glance. It was as though they sent out a message though their gaze, and all agreed to play along.


Zhuo Fan was always so cocky that Long Jiu, a senior, looked for any chance to poke fun at him.


Long Jiu coughed before he snorted in anger, “How did Drifting Flowers Edifice get such a rude disciple? I would’ve long slapped him silly if Peony Overseer hadn’t shown up!”


“Uncle Jiu, please don’t take it out on him!” Peony Overseer nodded again and again. Long Jiu was stroking his beard, but his eyebrow danced in amusement at Zhuo Fan.


Zhuo Fan’s heart jumped and knew something was up.


And sure enough, Long Jiu bypassed Peony Overseer and patted his shoulder like a teaching elder, “Punk, you got away this time. But you better watch it in the future!”


Then Long Jiu slipped away, walking faster than normal, afraid Zhuo Fan would settle the score.


Zhuo Fan blinked, still out of it.


Xie Tianyang, having learned by Long Jiu’s example, slapped his shoulder with a proud smile as he blurted, “Punk, better watch it next time! I won’t go so easy again! I am cooler than you! Stronger than you! To think you even dared call me brother hoping you can climb ranks! ha-ha-ha…”


Xie Tianyang was carefree in his speech. If it were any given day, he’d never had the balls to speak to Zhuo Fan in such a way. Whose fault was it that Zhuo Fan took on Song Yu’s face?


Zhuo Fan clenched his fists and fire raged in his eyes.


[Curses! Since when did I have such goddamned brothers? You were the ones acting all familiar with me before, and now you’re messing with me?]


As Zhuo Fan glared at the two’s retreating figures, a charming voice spoke, “Hey, what are you looking at? Can’t take it?”


Zhuo Fan turned towards Long Kui.


She struggled to hold her smile back as she berated, “You’re just a junior just like this lady. You better get your act together when you see Uncle Jiu again. Don’t be cheeky and learn some manners!”


Long Kui stuck out her chin, passing him by with an attitude to match. Worse, when she just passed him, Zhuo Fan noticed a wry smile on her face.


Zhuo Fan was trembling now, close to spitting blood.


[Curses!! Even this wench is joining in? You’re lucky Drifting Flowers Edifice’s people are around, or I’ll be pulling your pants down and tanning your ass!]


[I am a sworn brother with Long Jiu! I am a senior here! You’re the cheeky one!]


Zhuo Fan felt bleak. Long Jie passed by him and he glared back as if to say, ‘What, you’re also going to kick me around?’


Long Jie just shrugged and walked.


Jian Suifeng stroked his beard with a smile, walking after Xie Tianyang.


If he didn’t see it himself, he wouldn’t have believed the freak Zhuo Fan that killed You Guiqi, would have a day like this, all sullen and downcast.


Once all were gone, Xiao Dandan sighed and smiled, “That was dangerous. Lucky I called my master in time to save you…”


“Who told you to?”


Zhuo Fan glared impatiently and howled. [How could they dare think to mess with me if not for you two showing up?]


Xiao Dandan lowered her head, feeling deeply wronged.


Peony Overseer flared, “Song Yu, don’t think you can always rely on Edifice Lord and pick on my disciple! Humph, you think I care for your fate? I only came to save you because Dandan asked me to!”


“Humph, men are all the same, ungrateful! Dandan, let’s go. He isn’t worthy of you!” Peony Overseer pulled Xiao Dandan away.


Xiao Dandan looked back at him, but Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes.


Zhuo Fan thought for a moment then walked to the guest hall. [It is time to lay the cards out for Chu Qingcheng!]


[Exchanging Bodhi Jade Sap for the safety of Drifting Flowers Edifice is a good enough deal for them…]


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