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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1287, Half Sovereign

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The string of explosions drowned the bitter cries of demise and endless fighting on the battlefield. Both sides couldn’t even hear their own voices.


A million dragons, from big to small, blotted the sky. Their savage claws turned enemies into ribbons. A hundred thousand giants faced them on the battlefield like gods of war, stopping their onslaught.


As wails and cries echoed about, the giants vanished one by one, with some dragons riddled with holes tumbling to the ground.


The earth was soaked in blood, covered in corpses, yet no one cared, each too busy butchering the other side.


The sheer brutality of this war drove all its fighters into a frenzy.




Two black sword waves flashed and two giants fell. Zhuo Fan held his demonic sword as he marched in his Sacred Body. The Sacred Mountains’ experts were nothing to him.


Danqing Shen’s group had nobody who could summon a Sacred Body, but their special Imperial Marks were enough to bridge the gap and contend with early Saints. As for the Luo clan, they were pinned against the weaker forces of the Sacred Mountains.


The Sacred Mountains were filled with experts and the Luo clan was too weak to really stand out.


The rest of the Eight Emperors’ lands’ forces that came for a piece now could hardly find someone to fight.


“Shit, the Luo clan has so many experts in their pockets!”


Watching the endless blood flowing, a Spirit King sighed, looking tense the next second, “What are we even doing here? We can’t do anything.”


Looking at his team, thinking to join the war only to find out it was so brutal, any errant shockwave could blast them apart. 


They were just too weak for this stage.


They were cannon fodder to begin with.


Another man looked around for any opening, but shook his head, “Let it go, brothers. Even the weakest of the Sacred Mountains aren’t for us. Let’s wait for the end and scour the battleflied. Think about all the good stuff they must have on them. They’re easy picking…”


“What are you standing there for? Aren’t you going to lend a hand?”


A shout shook the group, lowering their heads, “Young miss Luo, we have little strength to be of any help.”


“Who said anything about fighting? Help with logistics. Do you have any idea how many healing pills we need, how many wounded need looking after? We need all the help we can get, so don’t just sit there and watch.”


“Uh, logistics?”


The guy’s face twitched, “Young miss Luo, we’re still Spirit Kings. I’m not called North Forest Ravager for nothing. Putting us to work isn’t it a little… We came to fight Sacred Mountains, not…”


“Then by all means, fight!” Luo Yunchang nodded, gesturing at the cruel and bloody scene, “How about taking on the enemy to leave your mark. I’ll even give you a Sacred Mountain for your efforts.”


“Uhm… well…”


Glancing at the space riddled in black cracks and holes, with limbs flying all over the place, he gulped hard, “Leave the wounded to us, and the logistics. The frontlines have sunk into madness!”


The group left at once with lowered heads. 


They were all heroes and wanted to use this historic event to make their names known throughout the lands, but they were just too weak…


Shuang’er sighed as they went, “Sister Yunchang, they just wanted some credit, to spur their careers. Your harsh tone cut them deep.” 


“Humph, they’re too cocky to be able to do anything. He’s just some local boss, yet he calls himself the North Forest Ravager. He came here to bite something and I saved him and his group from a meaningless and ignorant death.”


Luo Yunchang sneered, glancing at Zhuo Fan, “He’s not like Zhuo Fan, knowing his worth; laying low or taunting accordingly. A leader must be flexible, it is how the Luo clan conducts itself. Amaze the world in one fell swoop, if you have what it takes.”


Shuang’er nodded.


[Big brother Zhuo is nearing the peak and he will make his appearance…]




With the lashing of a huge golden tail, the six Mountain Lords fell back five steps.


The huge golden dragon roared in mockery, “Ha-ha-ha, Old fools, the Sacred Mountains are done for and so are you. You have nothing!”


He Yunshan looked around at the battlefield dominated by dragons and spiritual beasts, while his forces were thinning out faster and faster.


Zhuo Fan and the Luo clan were fierce as well, giving him a chill. They had it bad enough against spiritual beasts and dragons, united in an unprecedented alliance, but Zhuo Fan’s force made it even worse, dooming his Sacred Mountains.


He just didn’t understand why these beasts would join up. They never had any contact.


“Old He, flee!”


The elder with the long beard said. He Yunshan looked back to see the others nodding.


“Where there’s life, there’s hope.”


The long bearded elder grabbed his shoulder, “We lost the Sacred Mountains, but it won’t matter. We need to stay alive and kindle the hope of our disciples to make a comeback. Old man, we have lost, so let’s go. What’s done is done.”


He Yunshan’s lip shook, clenching his fists. He gave a firm nod and shouted, “Sacred Mountains, retreat!”


The six were the first to flee. The disciples had long since lost their will to fight and fled as well.


“Leave none alive, after them!” Zhuo Fan was not about to give them any chance of hiding. He roared and took the lead in going after them. The rest followed in a mad race.




The Dragon Sovereign whipped his tail to launch himself behind the six elders and claw at them.


“Ha-ha-ha, you think it’s that easy?”


“Dragon Sovereign, don’t be cruel!” He Yunshan gnashed his teeth, roaring to hide his fear.


The Dragon Sovereign was the mightiest of the dragons, a peak 12th level spiritual beast, a half Sovereign.


The Seven Sacred Mountains worked together in the last war to squeeze a win with their arrays and strength. This time, they had lost much strength and couldn’t fight back.


They had no chance against the half Sovereign.


The Dragon Sovereign cackled at his empty threat, “Cruel? You call me cruel when there’s not a shred of friendship between us? Did you forget how you slaughtered my people by scores? Now you just want to flee?” 




The Dragon Sovereign flicked his tail and the sky cracked apart.


The six faced the harsh blow and tried to block it. This time, they had nowhere to go.


They would soon be surrounded and would either die from Dragon Sovereign or from the mob. What a cruel irony, die from the same tactic they used on them.


The six lamented their doom, in despair…




A huge sword wave crashed into the huge tail, deflecting it.


The Dragon Sovereign tumbled many times before he adjusted. He saw blood on his tail.


“What? There are still half Sovereigns among humans?”


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